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:cool: I drink tanker loads of Pepsi. I do so from a glass with ice. I came up with a method of making Ice that may intrest someone.

Small throwaway plastic cups {like for water coolers}
Fill with water and freeze
Peel off the plastic cup and place the bergs in a bowl on the freezer
I just grab a chunk and chuck it into a glass and it lasts and lasts.
Saves me a bundle on bags of ice since my icemaker went kaput.

Pepsi note: Try this-
Get some of that frozen juice {the kind with the resealable cap}
drop a spoonfull of it right out of the container frozen into your drink-its great! It's also good on Ice Cream!


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I used to be a big Diet Pepsi fan until they switched our machines at work from an independent vendor to the local Coca-Cola franchise. Now I'm a Diet Dr. Pepper fiend. :P

It took me a few seconds to visualize your ice cube idea. I get it now!
It creates a really big ice cube for your glass instead of using several smaller ones. I may have to try that idea once Spring comes around and we start having outside functions again.