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I was watching a guy's iPad on the tram the other week (no sound - he had headphones on). It was showing some sort of sci-fi series or film which looked interesting. Unfortunately I had to get off the tram after a few minutes, but I thought I might try and look up the show later. Unfortunately, to this day, I have been unable to identify it from the short clip I saw.

That's where you guys come in. If I describe the scenes I saw, is anybody able to say, "Yes, that is such-and-such show, episode whatever...?" It could have been a film, but looked more like a TV episode to me.

This is a huge long shot, I know, but here goes...

The character that appeared most was a tall, middle-aged guy in a white shirt, who several times revealed brightly glowing "angel's wings" which dazzled / stunned / hypnotised any onlookers.

There was also a fairly evil old(ish) looking guy who had wisps of yellow smoke coming out of his mouth occasionally, as he spoke. He was talking to a girl in a bar or club, who was wearing a purple(?) top. She was looking, in what appeared to be mostly disgust, at his evil wispy yellow breath.

There was a young guy with long dark hair. He didn't do much apart from talk to one or two people in an enthusiastic manner.

The guy with angel's wings later held hands with a woman, next to a grave, and they started 'getting busy' together, shall we say. A guy nearby(?) dropped to the floor, dead I'm guessing. I'm not sure if that was connected in any way.

Does any of this sound familiar to anybody?

I kinda wish I'd tapped the guy on the shoulder now, and said, "Hey, nice tablet you got there, dude... What's that you're watching?" ...but that might have come across as weird, rude, and/or got me chinned.

Thanks in advance for any answers / clues / guesses, which help me ID the prog.


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Can't help you, but it does sound interesting! I believe you're in the right place to find out; if anybody can flesh out the mysterious movie or show, you'll find that person here amongst our fantastic fellow Cool Sci-Fi citizens.....


I looked at a trailer vid of No Heroics on YouTube. It was definitely not that. But thanks for the suggestion.

The show I saw looked American, not UK-made, judging by the buildings, cars and clothes. The girl in the bar looked sort of Buffy-like, but with dark hair. It did not appear to be a comedy.

I never actually saw the angel-dude and his mysterious hand-holding lady friend getting busy. The camera panned away. Then this guy came running through the cemetery (presumably where they were making out) and fell flat on his face, and stopped moving.

I'll be amazed if I ever track this show down. I'll probably end up watching it by accident in 10 years time or something... and then freak out.


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If not a comedy, then that rules out the US series The Tick also (there was a live-action version of the show besides the animated series). Thinking, thinking....


I looked at the Skellig link. I agree it looks interesting, but that wasn't what I saw on the bloke's tablet.

The angel-dude's wings appeared to be made of energy, or at least glowed incredibly brightly. You could not see actual feathers, as such.

I thought it may have been Castiel from Supernatural, after finding details of that show. But the angels wings in that appear in shadow, rather than blinding light.

The scene in the bar with old 'yellow-breath' and the girl talking, did have a slight Buffy / Angel feel to it, but I didn't see any vampires anywhere. Perhaps he was a demon, or the Devil perhaps?

I'm stumped, I really am. It's killing me. If I ever see that guy and his tablet on the tram again, I'm asking him... even if he thinks I'm a total nut job. :D