IE - security warning, bad email

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i received this email in my hotmail account from and it came with a .zip file. note the spelling mistakes, the incorrect (slightly) format and know that any microsoft updates can be done at microsofts own site using windows built in updating software this email is dangerous, if you get it, don't enact on it

Dear mister,Unfortinately we must inform You that in Microsoft program equipment,Microsoft Internet Explorer v 6 our experts of security and developementdepartment have found a new critical vulnerabilty. It allows hackers toexploit your system, upload virus or trojan through the Internet, in generalknown as bad-source program, set up it and steal some information, which canbe valueble.To prevent a such situation, we strongly recommend you to update youMicrosoft Internet Explorer v 6. Please download our patch. It may saveyou from fraud and make you and us sure that hackers wouldn't exploit youMicrosoft Windows.We are sorry for inconvenience a hope you understand that there is a realchance of damaging your computer.Your faithfully,Diana Bernwood,Microsoft corporation, security and development department, post office.© 2005 Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved.