If You Had A ....? You Could do ....?


An Old Friend
Dec 6, 2004
Gulf Coast
If I had a Molecular Knife,
I could Build Tunnels.

If I had a Holodeck,
I could Design A Spaceship

If I had a Force Feild,
I could Explore The Oceans

If I had a Bag Of Magic Dust
I could Make Everyone Around Me Happy

Now, You try it...


Feb 14, 2015
I'll bite. But rather than gadgets. I'm gonna focus on superhuman abilities.

If I could fly or levitate
I could help NASA assemble the ISS

If I could turn invisible
I could hide in the women's shower at the gym and then hire my services out as a spy.

If I had xray vision
After getting over seeing every woman naked and no longer needing porn, I could hire my services out inspecting planes and spacecraft for microfractures.

If I could move at superspeed
I could be the world's fastest door to door courier.

If I could teleport instantaneously, anywhere,
I could create a travel agency bringing wealthy people to the remote areas all over the world.

If I could teleport instantaneously, anywhere,
I could introduce people to their own gods back and forth in time.

I could go on and on and on with this...


LOL at the Magic Dust.
All a baggie of magic dust would run you in Hollywood is about $100 USD.
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