I'm making a computer game

Alexis Angel

Jan 16, 2005

I'm new here, obviously, and I thought I introduce myself and show you all what I have been up to - making a computer game!

Well before I show you my game, I'd like to introduce myself. :)
I'm Alexis, I'm a fan of Alias and I do voice acting (Just for cartoon movies) and I love to create things. Ok, not much of an intoduction, but anyway, here are some pictures of my game:

It's using an already made game engine used by Tomb Raider (4, to be exact). But I created the objects, characters (Somewith 2,000+ polygons), anmiations and lots of textures.
I just thought you may be interested. If you are please don't hesitate to comment.

Lovely forum here. :angelic: