"I'm not being a husband to her."

Nov 18, 2003
After the scene that followed (and ruined!) the scene we were all waiting for...

"I guess we're not getting that coffee then, huh?"
"No we're not."
"Okay. I'm going to go..."

The next day, in the Rotunda...

All of the regular CIA officers are together in the meeting room...Syd, Vaughn, Jack, Weiss, Dixon, Marshall...another mission is given to Sydney and Vaughn.
Dixon tells them, like every other day at the CIA, "Sydney, Vaughn, plane leaves in 1 hour, you'll have plenty of time to read over the mission and optech on the flight over." Sydney and Vaughn exchange their usual uncomfortable, tense, longing, glances, because again, they will be in the field together. Sydney goes to her desk. A few moments later, Vaughn comes quietly behind her with a cup of coffee.

"This would have been much better 12 hours ago, but at least I can use it as a peace offering, since I was hoping to convince you to hear me out." Sydney sighs.

"We don't need a peace offering, I'm not mad at you, I understand."

"But it's obvious that I hurt you. Again."

"I don't blame you for being there for her. It probably would have been wrong for you not to."

"Look, you've been through the same, if not more, than Lauren has." Vaughn sighs and looks away. "She's my wife, at least she thought she was, and I've just told her I don't want to be her husband. And then her father killed himself. Sydney, she's not more important to me than you, but I brought on some of this myself. I'm the first one who hurt her, and her father's the second one."

"I understand."

"Okay, but it's important for me to know, that YOU know, I'm being there for her. I'm not returning to her. I'm not being a husband to her." Sydney looks at him in relief, but still looks doubtful.


"This didn't help at all did it?"

"Vaughn, Lauren's the one who needs you right now."

"She knows that this doesn't fix anything. She knows...she knows, how I feel about you." Sydney looks into his eyes finally. "Have a little faith in me."

Sydney, almost transfixed: "Okay."

-I like to redeem Vaughn anytime I deem necessary! And this is definetly one of those times. I hope I hope I hope that something like this happens next episode. I HOPE Vaughn lets Sydney know that he will eventually go through it anyways.


Apr 26, 2003
i hope it goes this way for the new eppie!!! :)

"i'm hopeful" lol :D

great start...are you going to continue it or is this a one parter?


May 8, 2003
i like it!! it was a good start just make it longer at one time and more and more but other then that really good
Feb 13, 2004
o man if only if only

if jj could take a few hints from you the world would be a better place

haha can i get a pm when you update?


Vartan's Lover
Mar 12, 2004
Awww I love it!!! :shamefullyembarrased: I wish this would happen on the show, but NO JJ has to be an a$$ and get our hopes up just to let us down. Please continue we need some s/v action to get us thru for TWO MORE WEEKS (didnt they say there was gonna be an episode every week until the end of the season nevermind JJ probebly made that up to)

but I am not bitter :angelic:


:woot: Sin


Mar 14, 2004
Wisconsin USA
Thank you for adding onto the scene that broke my heart. If it were to go like this, I'd be a very happy person. If you update, can I get a PM? Again...I really enjoyed it.
Nov 18, 2003
Like my last story, I kind of just like to throw in these little dialogues when Vaughn needs some redeeming (which he needs a lot of this season!) I don't know if I'll continue, I kind of like to see what the show does next. But I would like to write something where Vaughn leaves her for good, before he finds out she's evil. We'll see!
Nov 18, 2003
Vaughn slips next to Sydney in the parking garage, walking in sync with her.

"Going home?"

"Yup." Sydney itries to sound polite, but her voice is guarded and strained.

"HOw about that coffee?"

"Vaughn, I really don't think that's a good idea. You should go home to your wife."

"Lauren is with her mom right now."

"Oh." Vaughn notices her hurt at being second choice. "I've got to get home Vaughn. I'm tired."

"We had a talk." Sydney stopped and looked at Vaughn. "I have a responsibility to her, because she is still my wife, and I care about her. But when we started talking, I realized that she believed we would still be...us. And it was only fair to tell her that our marriage would continue."

"You told her that?"

"I can't say I'm glad I did. I mean, it's true, very much true, but I regret that I have to tell her this now. I didn't like it, and I feel terrible."

"I understand, Vaughn."

"Do you? Would you, if you were her?" Sydney is lost for words. "I'm sorry, we shouldn't be talking about this."

"No. I mean, it's okay."

"It would just be worse, tio convince her everything was fine now. I mean, she had to know that it wasn't anyways."

"Right, of course." Sydney looks very uncomfortable and Vaughn realizes that he needs to stop talking about Lauren.

"And then I thought about you." Sydney looks up, surprised. "Sydney, you've lost so much. I've watched you go through this whole mess, this whole, crazy, insane, unbelievable mess. And here you are." Vaughn shakes his head. "Here you are, the same old you. Yo'u're amazing Sydney. The only thing is, is I wish I could make you smile more." Sydney smiles, but begins to cry. "That was almost it."

"It's harder now, Vaughn. I never imaged that things could get harder. You know, before all of this, SD-6, my mom, everything. I thought, 'This has got to be it. I'm ready to be happy now.'"

"But I know you're not."

"No I'm not."

"Well, I know I can't fix the past 2 and a half years, but I can take you out for a night. You know, like normal people do, in reality." Sydney smiles again, knowing how far from reality they are.

"I miss trips out for ice cream. And walks. And martini's."

"Would you like a martini? I can get you a martini, forget coffee."

"Vaughn, I want to." Sydney stops. "God, I want to. But I don't know if I can handle this. I don't know if I can do this, knowing what it means, but not knowing if this is, you know, real. It might be just a night. It might not be real." Sydney sighs, knowing she is losing control of her emotions. "I'm not the same, Vaughn. I'm not as strong as I used to be. I've lost some of that."

"But you ARE. You are still incredible and strong. You are still the woman I love."
Sydney's eyes widen as she hears this.


"I know, in my heart. I can't be with Lauren. I told her, I told her that I thought I could be happy. But I'm not. Everyday, you are my priority. Every mission I'm not on with you, I feel like I should be there, to make sure you're safe. I know it's more for me than for you, but, still, it gets me by." Vaughn moves closer to her. "I've decided. Please, don't doubt that. I know we need time, I know it's confusing and Lauren, she'll still need my support. But that's it, support. Nothing more, Syd. Do you trust me?" Sydney nods.

"Being with you, right now, would be...it would be really nice." He extends his arm, as to escort her and she slips her arm through his.

"How about a martini, party girl?"

"Mmmm, coffee will do. Coffee is all I think we can handle right now. We can move up to martinis, they're dangerous." Vaughn smiles, puts his arm around Sydney and they walk to the stairs. Camera pans out, with a pretty little song playing, like they always have on Alias. Eventually the camera shows them walking down a lit city street, Vaughn still with his arm around her shoulders and Sydney leaning onto his shoulder, smiling.
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