Feedback I'm really starting...

This morning's down time wasn't server related but rather billing related. The billing department neglected to tell their NOC (network operations) team that the current bill was paid so the server was disconnected sometime this early AM.

The problem is that the company is based on Australia time and nobody from the billing department is available now until Monday morning their local time.

In short: Billing doesn't flag account as paid, NOC guys get an automatic 'shutdown' notice to disconnect the server, but because it is done after hours & on the weekend (it's already Saturday their local time) there is no way of resolving *their* communications problem until Monday.

Let's just say that their weekend tech support guys are not happy with me at the moment due to the flurry of emails (only way to reach them!) today.

Kevin, You are a behind the scenes magician!

Thanks to you we never know, I am just grateful that you have kept us online.

Today is my day off this week and I am fully enjoying CoolSciFi right now

Again, Thank You!