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Skwirlinator, it's appreciated! Some of the images you've uploaded are really excellent.

Thank you for sharing! Hopefully today I'll have a chance to go through them all to check them all out. I noticed you also uploaded some new Rat Fink pics -- I wonder how many visitors even get that reference (yeah, I'm older than most people think :( ). Growing up I used to love reading stuff like CarToons even though I'm a mechanical idiot. :giveup:


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More than a gig of sf&f in computer

I have uploaded some of my movie pics, and animated gifs relating to SF&F. I have two tabs open on the uploader and I alternate. Right now I am sorting my figurine pics between scifi and fantasy but its hard. I haven't even opened 5 or 6 other folders with smilies and weapons etc...
I hope everyone enjoys these as much as I do. I will try to post some sources to the galleries I got the pics from later. :cool: