Indie 'Grandson of Batman' Movie in the works?


Code Monkey
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Well, here is a little tidbit I was not expecting to find coming out of West Virginia.

It seems that one Robert Perez, a carpenter/actor, is working on a independent Batman movie where the caped crusader retires & moves out of Gotham for the country life. The Dark Knight's grandson eventually finds the Batmobile in grandpa's garage and takes on the mission of fighting crime. The 'star' of the movie will be the Batmobile used in Batman Forever.

Wait, what? :confused:

OK, calm down... they are not destroying the new Batman franchise already with this cheesy plot. The key word above is 'independent' as in a indie movie. As in you will have a better chance of seeing a short 10-minute film of this on YouTube then released on DVD let alone a theater. As in... somebody has some cash to burn.

The Charleston Gazette newspaper ran an article about the car that will be used in the movie. In between talking about Batman and the car the reporter slips this one in.... "Because of copyrights, the film will be based on a hero only similar to Batman. "

So, no, there is not a new Batman movie coming that deals with his grandson. No, Batman is not moving to West Virginia.

If you're interested in reading about the modifications they are doing to the car then check out the full article.