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Season 2.0 kicks off with teaser trailer and "What is the Sentinel Chronicles" series re-cap starting this Saturday.

Atlanta, Georgia, September 14, 2009

The first of several promotional trailers for the second season and "What is the Sentinel Chronicles?" series re-cap for the Atlanta based independent web series known by the same name will begin appearing on video web hosting sites such as, and Saturday, September 19 2009. Each of this season's six episodes have an approximate run time from between 3 and 8 minutes.The episodes, as well as the trailers will be streamed in standard definition.

The remainder of the second season will begin appearing online starting on October 31st, 2009 and run through the end of January 2010 with the season finale. The second episode will premier November 6th, the third on November 26th and the fourth on December 21st. The fifth and final episode for this season will be released January 25th 2010.

The Sentinel Chronicles (or Sentinel 2.0 as it is being referred to as of late), is a umn, micro-studios/ANDtv* production. Is executive produced by the visionary genius of Lawrence R. Johnson and is the result of the crazed musings of writer/producer J.Welin and his staff of writers, actors and production personnel. Sentinel tells the story of cloning, assassination and warring factions in the mid 21st century. Its a dystopian look into consumer culture, technology and religion run rampant. Sentinel draws its inspirations from films such as Starship Troopers, Blade Runner and Children of Men, television shows like the re-imagined Battlestar Galactica and Stargate:SG 1and the PlayStation game Killzone. The second season picks up with a plot line overview, detailing the assorted factions, corporate manipulation and unique experiments in social engineering. The season continues to unfold with origin episodes of its most brutal clone models Jonas and Cerino (played by Roger Herrera and Joe Hardy Jr.). In the fourth episode the season changes gears focusing on the individual perspective of one of its leading female characters Sgt. Dickerson. Dickerson (recently promoted to Commander played by veteran actress Josie Burgin Lawson) is presented in a faux news interview setting . The final episode starts with a recruiting commercial for the female dominated faction, the Northern Alliance and ends with a plot twist that the audience will not see coming. The majority of the season is told from the eyes of intrepid journalist Hannah Dixon (played by newcomer Madeline Brumby). Flashbacks, intense combat sequences, and personal reflection help to clear up the murky waters left behind from the first season. Unlike the first season, which was sparse in the production department Sentinel has added a modest army of production staff and writers to bring the story to life since its last season ended this past January. This installment includes the writing talent of Tom Drake and Chad Zemel who is also making his directorial debut with the project. The make up, props and onset special effects department is headed up by Delinda Bullington and rounded out by the superb talent of Nina Kyle. Additional production assistance and inspiration were provided by the dedication of associate producers Joe Hardy Jr., Skip Huffman, Josie Burgin Lawson, Landon Brown along with the first time director Sara Smith . Sentinel 2.0 is a unique experiment in the new genre of web based series. With most independently produced series on the internet being centered around infotainment and sitcoms the sci-fi genre is hopelessly under represented by independent community. Sentinel seeks to break the barrier of possibility by the indie no/low budget filmmakers in this new era of web based entertainment.

* Underground Media Network, Micro Studios

for more information please visit or or email

About umn, micro-studios

umn, micro-studios and Armed and Dangerous tv (ANDtv) are the independent multi-media production resources operated by J.Welin. umn, micro-studios and ANDtv are in the most accurate definition: an independent multi-media studio. It controls all of its production gear, props,post production facilities and the majority of its wardrobe. umn, has in its nearly ten years produced a wide variety of media projects in several formats to include print and video. The most notable projects previously produced by umn, micro-studios were: "2019: Assassins' Assassin" in 2007(which is the basis for the Sentinel project), 2019: the director's cut also in 2007 ( a joint venture with long time friend and producer Robert Berris of Jive Turkey Films) and ARMEd aNd Dangerous Tv 2006 (the Atlanta Radical Media Experiment) a politically motivated sketch comedy showcase of Atlanta acting, witing and musical talent in a short form web concept. All of these projects are viewable at the above listed profile.

About J.Welin

J.Welin, 37, is an independent video/filmmaker and multi-media producer who spent most of his young life traveling the world as an army brat. After he graduated from Taegu American High School (located in Taegu, Korea) he went on to serve in the U.S. Army. After he was honorably discharged he attended Indiana University switching majors twice and settling into a course discipline of journalism and philosophy. In the late 1990's and early 21st century he spent his time as a radical journalist covering violent anti-capitalist/globalization demonstrations across the planet. In 2002 and he moved to Atlanta and after a few years of disillusioned activism began pursuing a career in independent film/video media production. His first release entitled "Direct Action: the UGLF's Greatest Hits" was entered into the Lost Film Fest 2005. "-Greatest Hits" was a violent and unrelenting look into world of direct action taken by the Urban Guerrilla LIberation Front a splinter group of the ELF(Environmental LIberation Front) resisting consumer culture, the Bush administration, capitalism and advocating class warfare. J then went on to publish a widely distributed pamphlet/magazine by means of online proliferation and pdf files known as "the Wrench". In 2006 he launched a trilogy of stop motion shorts known as "Attack the Cat". Later that same year with the aid of his long time friend Robert Berris, wrote and produced the ARMEd aNd Dangerous tv project. In has career J has worked on over 50 paid and unpaid commercial and independent productions. In 2007 while working as a chef he dreamed up the Sentinel concept and hasn't looked back. Currently he is developing a spin off to the Sentinel project as well as season 4 and is working on a zombie/vampire project.

Sentinel 2.0 sees the return of all of the first seasons main cast with one exception that being Mark Ashworth. Mark played the main clone Leviticus 371. Look for him to return in Season 3 and in the upcoming spin off project due out in the spring of 2010.

Sentinel 2.0 Cast and Crew Credits Roll

a umn,micro-studios production

an ARMED and Dangerous tv presentation

Executive Producer - Lawrence R. Johnson

Produced by -J.Welin

Associate Producers- Skip Huffman, Josie Burgin Lawson & Joe Hardy Jr.

Line Producer Landon Brown

Created By - J.Welin

Written By - Chad Zemel, Tom Drake, Skip Huffman, Bill Pacer and June Letourneau

Supervising Director- First Unit(Make up, Wardrobe and Props)- Delinda Bullington

Supervising Director- Second Unit (Production and Locations) Sara Smith

Directed by
Episode 1 Chad Sarahina

Episode 2 &3
Chad Zemel, Madeline Brumby, Landon Brown, Albert Lucas and J.Welin

Episode 4

Episode 5
Chad Sarahina

Edited by
J.Welin and Delinda Bullington

Set Design and Props
Nina Kyle

Madeline Brumby
Joe Hardy Jr.
Roger Herrera
Lawrence Johnson
Josie Burgin Lawson

Guest Starring
June Letourneau
Bill Pacer

Latrice Lewis
Brian Stretch
Peg Thon
Greg Worley
Skip Huffman
Mary Presswood
Jenna Kanell
Dariues Hunter

Additional Appearances by
Delinda Bullington
Deangelo Byers
Hillary "Suki" Grant
Albert Lucas
Nina Kyle
Holly Stewart
Jamie Mcintyre
Greg the Warehouse Guy
Landon Brown

special thanks to
The Starlight Six Drive in Theater Atlanta, GA
Leprechaun Promotions, Norcross GA
Detonation Films
Robert Berris for emu wrangling


Hmmm I have yet to see the second one but this one doesnt look good. Also bad acting too. But I am sure I will add it to my netflix anyways.

Thanks for posting Zach

Formerly Amizzle
he Sentinel Chronicles :The Story of One of the Internets first SciFi Web Series

For writers and film makers the internet has allowed us an unprecedented opportunity to proliferate our work. It has allowed us to share our creativity to a level previously unheard of. Though it may not have made us all best sellers or box office tycoons it has given readers and viewers wherever the connection will take it a chance to share our creative vision.

My name is J.Welin and though I started my creative path as an artist I soon went on to writing and then into film making. 3 years ago I envisioned a dark comedy short that went on to become the basis for one of the internet's first (in the modern era- meaning since the advent of youtube) independently produced webseries and the first of its kind in my current hometown of Atlanta, GA. I set out to do what had not previously before been done -well at least not locally. It was never about fame or fortune- it was about the glory of doing something new.

In the three short years since I began this project I have worked with well over 100 actors, writers, film makers, artists and musicians. Many have gone on to other projects but many have stuck with me creating a community of sorts- a family. The vision has grown from the early days to one of the most unique and eclectic creations known to the planet to a very elaborate and costly adventure in storytelling. The work that we have done has been seen across the globe, on every continent and in over 50 countries. Though not about internet fame or any fame for that fact instead its always been about telling a story, doing what had not been done and about sharing the talent of the cast and crew with the world.

I proudly wish to share with you the existing pieces we have completed and to prepare you for the upcoming next season of The Sentinel Chronicles.

Below are links to our concept work that launched the project, our first and second season and a trailer/teaser for our upcoming season.

2019 is a short experimental film that is the source for this one of a kind pioneering project. The premise is simple how do you commit the perfect murder? employ a clone of the assassin to kill the assassin.

2019: The Assassin

The Sentinel Chronicles Season 1: The Beginning

Season 1 was by all means a very ambitious undertaking in every aspect and drew a lot of early interest in the project. At the time (Fall 2007) it was the first internet webseries in production in Atlanta not to mention one of the very first science fiction projects on youtube. I was overwhelmed to say the least, I had never done a project of this size nor had I done a live action sci-fi project either. Being the writer, producer, director, chief, cook and bottle washer on this project took its toll. The end result was a highly stylized extremely violent peak into my creative spirit. Though the story is difficult to follow at times its still in its own right a masterpiece of the will power and talent of everyone who worked on it. This season took over a year to produce and includes 3 episodes and over 40 minutes of content.

Season 1 Episode 1- "Meeting Your Maker"

The Sentinel Chronicles Season 2 (TSC 2.0)

When the cast and crew sat down to discuss the work we had done on the first season and the suggestion of second season surfaced all of the main cast renewed their commitment. I spent a couple of months working on a story and by a stroke of luck I connected with a very talented writer Tom C. Ricks or as he is known by his pen name - Tom Drake. Along the road through pre-production and scripting we picked up additional cast and crew that helped to improve the look and clarity of the project.

A brief synopsis of TSC 2.0: A closer look at a world where cloning and war have created dark future. Shot in a subjective/documentary style the audience is re-introduced to the main characters and the story line. The plot is guided by the Voice of Free World's journalist Hannah Dixon. She details the world in the first episode with a "history lesson" special report. The season continues with the origins of the Jonas and Cerino characters. Episode 4 is a sit down interview with one of the hero's of this dark future. Episode 5 is a quick finale that reveals a twist in the story and sets things up for subsequent projects.

Season 2.0 Episode 1 "A History Lesson"

TSC Architects of Fear- Season 2.5

Architects of Fear revealed incredible growth in every aspect of the project. The writing, editing, effects and production had finally begun to come of age. Originally meant as a 3 part mini series within the TSC project and as a short film concept to spread the growing phenomenon of this pioneering project. We set to work even before production on 2.0 was complete. Shoot in 7 days over 5 months it was our most costly and consuming project to date. It was completed and submitted to the 2010 film festival circuit. Considered by most as the best work to date we are now releasing it as it was intended along with a fourth episode entitled "Math". We will begin releasing these episodes on youtube on Halloween night (Oct. 31) and every two weeks after wards. Along with these episodes you will be able to get a peek at our upcoming project TSC 3 "Green Winter" as we will be releasing several teasers and trailers leading up to its premiere sometime in early 2011.

TSC 2.5
a breif synopsis : In the near future a special operations team is deployed on a one way mission to destroy the clone threat.

TSC: Architects of Fear Teaser

So catch up on one of the internet's first science fiction action adventure series and tune into TSC 2.5 starting October 31. Support the work of independent writers, artists and talent.

In closing I not only want to thank you for your time and attention and but also thank everyone involved in this project. To all of the cast and crew of TSC it has been a a privilege and an honor to have been able to produce this ground breaking project for the last three years. Thank you so much for the friendship, dedication and hard work.

The Sentinel Chronicles

for more information about this project check the links below

official website coming soon

official facebook page
The Sentinel Chronicles
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