"innapropriate" yet funny scifi comments in the news sites


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I think we should have a thread where we post the comments we find in the reader comments sections of new sites that are scifi related. I've seen a few over the last few months that were pretty funny.

Here is todays gem:

Hope for 33 men trapped underground in Chile as miner's wife gives birth to baby girl named Esperanza

And what on earth makes you think that NASA's expertise in space travel would be in any way appropriate????
- Dave, Gloucester, 14/9/2010 13:23

Silly question. Haven't you ever seen Armageddon??? Fantastic documentary...
- M, Dorset, 14/9/2010 14:08

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Re: "innaprorpriate" yet funny scifi comments in the news sites

It's tough to find funny comments from people who really mean what they say. However Tim, if you can find some good ones, by all means, post them. Good luck with your search.


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Robot to explore mysterious tunnels in Great Pyramid

Mohammed Abbasihttp://www.independent.co.uk/news/s...n-great-pyramid-2046506.html#comment-67481349
ET sleeps a long sleep and these chaps will awake him, honestly one cannot be left in peace on earth!

N_J http://www.independent.co.uk/news/s...n-great-pyramid-2046506.html#comment-67398363
The word "robot" is so over used these days... Can the writer just call it what it is - a remote controlled car with a cordless drill and a camera glued to it.

Rick Dekker
They should install wifi while they're at it.

Why wont the Egyptians just tell us what they were for? Why do they have to be so secretive?

N_J http://www.independent.co.uk/news/s...n-great-pyramid-2046506.html#comment-67359516
Actually I was joking... All Egyptians know what the pyramids are - just a bunch of old pay toilets used for the camel carnivals. The "tunnels" are air vents. But they're not going to tell us that. It would kill the tourist industry.

John http://www.independent.co.uk/news/s...n-great-pyramid-2046506.html#comment-67356845

The problem is that people always expect some great wisdom from ancient peoples, as though they knew and hid some fantastic secret known only to them. Actually people were pretty simple back then and very ignorant. There wasn't some Great Truth that they hid from view for all the intervening centuries. They didn't even use Facebook.

1 month ago in reply to John
Didn't use Facebook? Then they DID have some secret wisdom!

Yeah,far too many ludicrous comments on that one about a pyramid they are going to send a robot up some previously unreachable shafts.