Internet Money


An Old Friend
Works like a giftcard.
You purchase amounts at a bank or vending machine.
No names
No social security number
No credit check
No insuffucient funds
Works just like money but has a card number for use on the internet.
Rechargable like a Walmart gift card

The technology exists. Why doesn't someone do this?


Creative Writer
probably due to anti-criminal laws the banks have to work with.

banks are legally obliged to monitor its customers accounts. if a person regularly puts money into their account, it has to follow normal patterns, otherwise the bank is legally required to report the customer and get them investigated to see if they are a criminal.

or at least in the UK !!!

bank accounts must not be anonymous therefore. although a bank isn't obliged to report all your normal behaviour to the relevant policing authorities and the police need warrants to access your accounts with good reason.

gift vouchers work with amazon itself, you can transfer funds to someones paypal account for use online, switch/solo/vida/access (UK choices) are cards which can be used online when you tie online banking into your normal account

it makes sense really, not allowing anonymous transactions, even though theres still the cash option going round! but online banking is electronic and covered by specific laws, no swiss bank account options there for standard accounts!

(used to work in a UK banks main HQ and so learning the anti-criminal procedures a bank has to carry out at their expense is quite unnerving)


An Old Friend
I still think there should be a way to purchase online anonymously.

I don't want my personal info all over the internet. I dont even put it in my computer.
The government has done enough damage already.