Sci-Fi Interreflections (2020)


An Old Friend

Interreflections (2020)​

2h 45min | Fantasy, Sci-Fi | 6 October 2020 (Canada)

In a quest for a new, more humane society, a counter-culture revolution takes the world by storm. In the first of the InterReflections Trilogy, we look back to the modern world and wonder how it was we managed to survive as long as we had.

This film was seriously difficult to watch.
I found it really, REALLY boring.
Basically, a talk show.

Peter Joseph is an American independent filmmaker and activist. He is best known for the Zeitgeist film series, which he wrote, directed, narrated, scored, and produced. He is the founder of the related The Zeitgeist Movement.
This film is his continuation of how Zeitgeist movement film series.
I guess he wants to be the next L. Ron Hubbard with Scientology or something?

Just like Hubbard, Peter Joseph uses common sense to push his own agenda.
Many of the 'predictions' in this film have a bit of reality in them.
BUT, Just like Hubbard, he's full of himself.
Granted its classed as a SciFi & Fantasy film. It has the potential to become something worth watching, for entertainment.
Problem is, I don't believe entertainment is Peter Joseph's goal.

I do know this, based on watching this film, I don't really care to see any of the other stuff he writes.
While it has potential, so freakin boring....