Interview with Bob Orci (SPOILERS!)


Dec 9, 2002
New York

This has been the hardest year the writers have had to put together, according to executive producer Bob Orci. "I mean, I thought the last years were hard. This year is really hard. In a way, we know where we're going. Normally, when you do a puzzle you would come up with a picture first, then you'd cut it up into little pieces. This year we kind of cut it up in little pieces first. Even though we do have a plan for the end, getting there is a hell of a chore. But that's what keeps it interesting for us."

Interesting is an understatement. Sydney's big discovery, that her memories were somehow surgically removed and may be stored somewhere, will spur the action in a race to find out what those memories contain.

"Complicated further by the fact that her memory was surgically removed. And what she discovers is that she was an accomplice in removing her memories," said Orci. "Literally, she did not want to remember. Now she's acting against her own will and against the warnings of her father, who knows that she would never have done that unless there was a very good reason to do that. So she is potentially doing something that she didn't want to do."

The triangle of Vaughn, his wife and Sydney will become even more complicated because the wife will be around for the foreseeable future. Despite themselves, Vaughn and Sydney will find their attraction "undeniable, and it's going to become more clear as the episodes go by."

All the other major players will have their moments, as Sloan "is going to continue and continue to appear to be good to the point where I think it's going to be a real question," Dixon will get in touch with his darker side, and we'll discover that Sydney's mom "had some interaction" with Sydney during the two years she was missing. And then there's Mr. Sark, "who is really going to be coming into his own this year."

Orci believes the secret of Alias "is that even though it's a spy story that supposedly deals with the politics of the world, the stories always end up being very much personal and very much,' How do they affect our characters?' And with this story, it couldn't be more obvious. She's looking for herself over her own wishes."

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