Interview with Terry Dowling


An Old Friend
Unfortunately, a lot of our North American readers will probably not be familiar with Australian Terry Dowling, which is a shame as he is easily one of this generation’s best horror, fantasy and science fiction authors. Yet – for some inexplicable reason – he is virtually unpublished in the U.S.

Besides being the acclaimed author of award-winning books such as Rynosseros, Wormwood, The Man Who Lost Red and An Intimate Knowledge of the Night, he is also a reviewer, a musician and songwriter - with eight years of appearances on ABC's Mr. Squiggle & Friends, Australia’s longest running children’s series - and a Communications lecturer at a large Sydney college.

The awards he has been honored with include the Bram Stoker (1987), the Ditmar (12 times) and the Aurealis (3 times)

Now, I hear a lot of you asking, “This is all fine and dandy, but what does it have to do with adventure games?”

Well, besides being a huge supporter and fan of Just Adventure, Terry Dowling is also the author of a few games that are critical favorites in the adventure community – Sentinel: Descendents in Time, Mysterious Journey: Chameleon and Schizm.

And that information is what we will use as our starting point…