Introduction: Skyheart


Hello everyone.

I've been following Hero's Journey for quite a while, and finally decided to take the plunge and join the community. I suppose I'll introduce myself.

I've been playing video games since I was a kid, and I'm sort of an old-schooler in that respect. Super Nintendo is still my favorite system because the RPGs had wonderful stories and didn't rely on new-fangled graphics to make money. I've played quite a few MMORPGs: Everquest, Dark Age of Camelot, Ragnarök Online, Horizons: Empire of Istaria, Final Fantasy XI, City of Heroes, Guild Wars, and even a bunch of the cheapo free ones like Graal (a looooong time ago), Priston Tale, Conquer, Dofus, and (most recently) Rappelz. I was heavily involved in a role-playing guild for Horizons (until the game came out and we realized how bad it was), and have started a few small guilds in other games as well. The sad thing is that, eventually, all of these games grew stale. There's always something missing.

And this is where Hero's Journey comes in. Upon discovering it, I realized that it has all the things I was looking for in those other games: Characters that look the way you want from the very beginning, and that will stay that way until you want to change them. A story-based experience that is constantly evolving. A game where role-playing is not only encouraged, but rewarded. Personal quests. Enemies that scale to your level if you want to solo. In short, a fully-realized, creative fantasy world. The best part? Even my wife, who is hardly a gamer at all (I've only gotten her into simple, free MMORGPs), is interested in playing this game. My excitement is palpable.

Apart from the whole gaming thing, I'm a 23 year old graduate student who's always been a major fantasy nerd (ok, I've never been LARPing, but I have friends that do!). I'm both a logophile (lover of words) and a bibliophile (lover of books), which is part of why a game like HJ appeals to me so much. I like the outdoors. I have a hamster.

That pretty much covers it.
Salutations, and welcome!

We're a bit nutty here, as you may have noticed through lurking, but we're a friendly bunch of fools and dreamers! Once more, welcome, and enjoy yourself!

As for the SNES and RPGs: very yes. I played all the greats, Chrono Trigger, Final Fantasy 6, Super Mario RPG (an utterly hilarious and fun game), and my personal favorite game of all time, the obscure masterpiece, Earthbound.

You seem like a classic geek gamer intellectual, and I have to say there aren't nearly enough of us in the world. I look forward to seeing you in Elanthia at some point, either as a regular old gamer, or hopefully as a GM!

*bows low*
~Dune Walker~


Greetings! Nice to see there are still more people out there with an interest! God knows it's lagging even here. So come in, discuss, argue, debate, or hell, even pontificate, we just need more talk about the game. Period. No pressure :P

I loved the SNES RPGs also, but I've been into the genre ever since Dragon Warrior for the original NES introduced me.
A warm welcome to you, Skyheart, and your hamster.

We are in a PR lull (understatement) from Simu right now. But, rest assured, there are many busy bees, including myself, working hard to release Hero's Journey.

Enjoy your stay.
About that lull... do the higher ups understand just how frustrated people are in the lack of info? Can't we get thrown a bone, even just a small one? Even just "these are ideas we kicked around, we may not even use them, they're just concepts, nothing is certain, but ogle at the pretty concept art anyways" kinda stuff?

I mean, heck, even if I get my GM position, I'm going to be wanting to pester people about being able to give juicy tidbits to the thronging masses. They're so eager for anything it seems a shame not to oblige with harmless little hints and ideas.

It appears to be a near 100% cutoff from the public eye until that time when the PR flood gates finally open, whenever that finally is. *shrug* Steph holds the keys to that castle.

They're going for the shock and awe approach I suppose. Make as big a splash as possible for your efforts at a critical time. Smart business-wise, painstaking for us life-less nerds who are raving about a game that is still a ways from being done!

Also, I need to stop getting things off topic... uhh...

Welcome once again Skyheart! Enjoy the meandering and diverging discussions of our mad ramblings! Or at least my mad ramblings.