Invited to The Enchaned Forest


An Old Friend
I was invited and joined the Enchanted Forest Forums.

Since my forum went belly up I haven't visited in awhile.

Come look and maybe make some new friends. I'm sure they would love to see you.

I will post a link back here too.

The Enchanted Forest
A place for artist and authors to converge and show off their work
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Our users have posted a total of 124 articles
We have 5 registered users
The newest registered user is SeLvesTr

"So you found our land?" inquires an elf
"Yes" you shakily reply
"Very well, welcome, I hope you brought something worthwhile here!" he says and wanders of towards the Gate of the forest.

Following him you come across this message by the local administrator in the Enchanted Forest:

Welcome to the forum and thanks for registering! Enjoy your stay and leave your mark on paper...

The primary rule is that if you be nice than most likely others will be nice... in other words don't be an *******.

Might as well add that no posting to WAREZ sites... As it is against forumer's rules and so should be against mine...

If you abuse this you will be given a warning and your post will be deleted or edited. Second time will be a two week ban, third permanent. So be careful.

And if you have any trouble registering email me at kiwusek AT Just replace the at with @ and eliminate the spaces. It is just to prevent crawlers from seeing my email and spamming me.

Other than that have fun and talk!

Thanks for the cooperation,