Is gaming good for you?

Is gaming good for you?
Do you feel gaming is good for you? What pros and cons do you see?

I personally like online gaming as it allows me to make friends and play with the friends I already have. It also tends to be a good stress reliever when playing offline (playing online and losing can be stressful)

It does keep me inside more, but I do enough that it is not really a bother to my overall time

How about everyone else?
I play online games for entertainment. But I don't think losing online game is stressful, its just game, right? winning, losing are part of it. Although I get a bi angry when I et shot by a newbie player in crossfire lol.
Gaming is just for fun, I love to make friends over online games. Its good for me. It works as a mood refresher.. lol..
But I get very frustrated when i lose a nfs world race with a noob player. :P
I play games just for fun. Though sometimes I do play strategy games which are good for my brain. But are games good for you well they have their ups and downs so no and yes. Some games help you learn but just using consoles is bad for you.


Personally, I never really got into gaming. I mean, I was into it when I was younger, but I think that was only because I was trying to fit in. I never really liked any of the games that the other kids played, actually I still don't like them :P
My grandma sent me a GameBoyColor for my 9th birthday I think, and it all started there, I got hooked on it, and I'm not the world's biggest gamer, but I do love to play video games from time to time. I think gaming is good for you because it teaches you to focus, complete a goal, sometimes life lessons, and plus, they are fun! Animal Crossing is a series in which you help run a town and make new friends, trade items, all sorts of fun things to do, and with the wi-fi features I've met friends all over the world from playing Animal Crossing.