I honestly think that Vaghn could be an bad guy, ( along w/ the dad thing, I dunno.) But still I have a theory-------

Vaughn got recrutid to like the CRF, KGB, SD-6, or the Covenet (but he might be most likly in the CRF, because Vaughn is French, and it's a french bad guy group thing.) ANYWHO: He had an alias of Micheal Vaughn and was assinghned to go to the CIA, while still being a spy (like Lauren *evil flashbacks*) Once he realized that he was working with the "chosen one", he continued the assinghnment and planned to kidnap her and treat her like sloan did Nadia *more evil flashbacks*
Utill he met Syd, and fell in love. Vaighn must've tried to be smart and try to slip away
from his old group and you know, try to forget about it........ But now, the CRF (or others) are onto him, and going to kill him, and now he hasd to tell Syd, so it won't be a surprize when they kill him, or her.

But Vaughn will most likly die, or be in freakin' coma for half the stinking season, so we'll probably be blank till next year.
i totally agree if i saw lauren n e where near vaughn id :banghead: :cuss: :eekhair: :jawdrop: :madfire: :wtf: :angry2: :o_O: :devil: :ninja: :nuke: :mad: :superangry: basically iod go homocidal manic on her! but how can n e one seevaughn as evil? hes prefection and evil isnt part of it... hoepfully jj will ssave us !