Is it or isn't it? wierd phantoms on cam!

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while out casually snapping shots today testing out a camera i bought secondhand for capabilities i came home, slipped the images onto my pc and whilst browsing through and removing the naff ones this image jumped out at me!

i don't remember aiming the camera, the viewfinder is a total joke on the camera i was using (Aiptek DV2) and even looking over the camera i didnt' see this with the naked eye.

now i may have relatives down the road from Loch Ness but i am not superstitious or fanciful over real world happenings. not photoshopped, not planned, make of this image what you will :)


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The funny part is... that does look like the pictures we've seen of Nessie in the fog! :P

BTW: What the heck is a Aiptek DV2? That's a nice looking picture.


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Aiptek DV2 is a naff little 1.3mega pixel dv camera with swing out low light lcd screen. takes interpolated pics at 2nill pixels and video at 10fps with sound. takes a compact flash card, i have a 512meg one in there that can record approx 2hrs of video on it (playback in media player classic)


Aiptek DV2 Digital Zoom Camera / Camcorder

"." Measuring only 3.3" x 2.7" x 1.6" the new Pocket DV 2 captures your life's moments in the palm of your hand. Featuring a 4 in 1 design, the DV2 functions as a Digital Video Recorder, Digital Voice Recorder, a High Resolution 1.3 mega-pixel Digital Camera, or even hook it to your PC to be used as a webcam! It offers a 1.4" Color LCD Display, and if the 16 MB built in SDRAM isn't enough, you can add up to a 512 MB CF card. Upload images and video to your PC via the USB cable. You can even playback video on your TV or VCR. Features True 1.3 mega pixel high resolution CMOS sensor 1.4" TFT Color LCD Display Playback photos and video on TV / VCR Internal 16MB Flash memory Expandable Media- supports up to 512 MB Compact Flash card 4-in-1 Solutions : Digital Still Camera, Digital Camcorder, PC Camera, and Digital Voice Recorder System Requirements Microsoft Windows XP / 98SE / ME / 2000 Pentium 266MHz (or equivalent) processor or higher DirectX 8.0 or above 32MB of Ram (64MB recommended) Video card with 4 MB of RAM for minimum 24 bit (True Color) display CD ROM or DVD-ROM drive Available USB port

no zoom, no power supply as i didn't buy it with a lead to pc (secondhand, £15, the 512meg CF card cost £27 new off amazon!)

i don't use the low light lcd screen on it when taking pictures, at the top oif the swing out bit there is a wierd combinations of glass/plastic like a cheap reverse magnifying glass so i know if i am framing the images right. unfortunately wearing glasses i never focus on it being that close to me, so take my pics at random :)

i only really know exactly what i have taken when i get home and shove the CF card into a reader and transfer to my pc to view.

i'm not saying my blood went cold, my hair stood on end, or anything like that. it was more like i rolled around in my chair laughing, going "haha! check that out, freaky or what!"

the real tense bit was when deciding whether to publish the image on the web and face upto scorn, laughter, or maybe freaky people hanging out outside my property chanting or offering o buy the magical camera off me !!!!

we aren't talking "i saw an image of jesus in my potato chip" here, but this is just as wierd :)