Season 5 Is Jack hiding something?

Kendall said that Jack was deep under cover. Jack was with Irina during
that time. Sloane is still alive . Everyone knows it was him that put
Allison there. Why didn't Jack kill him for the hell of it.

The next really big up roar will be with Jack... He's Syd's rock right now
we all know JJ sometime removes Syd's rocks. Vaughn playing house
Will being a lumberjack. Franice is DEAD!!!

What Jack told Vaughn about he and Syd maybe having affair is
understandable. Does he have other motives for not want them
envoled. What happens when Jack finds out Kendall/Dixon knew
she was alive long before he did. :eek:

Jack has changed more than anybody if you ask me. Letting
Vaughn/Sloane help him. I think more than a means to a end.
Yeah, I'm sure Jack is hiding something. He's always hiding SOMETHING, but I think that right now he's got bigger secrets that we don't know about, and that Syd doesn't know about either. If you look at the cartoon of Season 3, Jack is trying to hide the skeletons in his closet. Which means, he definitely has something big that he's trying desperately to hide.
First of all Jack is ALWAYS hiding something, who knows what. I think it'll b big, but in the season opener, he does show his distaste for Vaughn so he has changed alot by kind of turning into a father or even uncle figure for him with him giving him advice and allowing him to come along. But the secrets, I think have to do with Irina's involvement or something else, he's not going to hurt Syd, he's turned into a complete father you could tell by the way he actually took help from a Derevko 2 of the 3, and then when she arrived back he looked like he never wanted to let her go again.
I know I've already written but maybe he knows about Lauren, maybe that's the secret, he worked so hard to make sure both came out alive, and in a public way! That could be it?
jack is always hiding something, but he always is looking out for sydney's interests...i think maybe jack knows more about the covenant than he is letting on...prolly irina told him something about them to help him keep sydney safe...i dunno this is all just a total guess...i doubt he knows about lauren tho b/c he would say something, at least to someone...its too personal for him to just let it go
:blush: Here's a thought. Maybe Jack knows something's not quite right with Lauren. Maybe that's why he hinted to Vaughn not to mess around with Syd. Perhaps Jack is aware of Lauren (maybe thru Irina) and her double identity and is waiting for the 'right' time to expose her?

I do like the theory of Marshall inadvertantly picking up info that could "out" Lauren. Only he could pull it off with bravado.

Waiting to see how this plays out is driving me nuts! :woot:
Has anyone ever thought that maybe Jack is the leader of the covenant?

I know...It really doesn't make any sense (why would he have syd brainwashed?)
It just seems like a plot twist JJ would throw out there. 👍
jenbitt said:
Has anyone ever thought that maybe Jack is the leader of the covenant?

I know...It really doesn't make any sense (why would he have syd brainwashed?)
It just seems like a plot twist JJ would throw out there. 👍
That is a possibility...but hey, anything is a possibility at this point. Maybe Jack will turn out to be the mastermind behind everything and the whole "Irina betrayed me" will turn out to be an elaborate plot. He has done some questionable things namely, using Project Christmas on Syd. I am still kind of questioning his motives in that case. In some other threads people have speculated that Sloane may be Syd's real father. If this is true, maybe Jack has always had other motives for "loving" Syd and Sloane may turn out to be the "good guy". I certainly do not want this theory to be true since I really like the current Syd and Jack relationship, and I don't like Sloane AT ALL!
I've always believed that Jack was hiding something.... and I think that he's hiding the fact that he knew about Lauren. He was surprised to find out Vaughn was married (he probably knew it was Lauren).... and when Syd had her dream in "Conscious" about Lauren attacking her -- she mentioned it to Vaughn and Jack and Jack was real quick to say "you never even met her before" and then he moved right on without dwelling on it..... I know he knows about Lauren. The question is, why is he keeping that to himself? HMMMMMMMM.....
LOL!! right you are! Personally, I don't think he's ever truly revealed himself...he's come close when with Sydney, but he's still hiding a lot!
Possible Jack secrets:
1. He's always known the truth about Irina and her endgame
2. He knows about Lauren
3. He's the head of the Covenant or knows who is
4. He knew Syd was alive all along
5. He is working with Vaughn...pretended to be surprised Vaughn was married
in order to protect Vaughn's cover

I like #5 for many reasons. First, it means Vaughn isn't a spineless wuss and that he's been undercover in his marriage all along. 2nd, it means the 2 guys who love Syd most are allies.

Possibly...Jack's whole conversation with Vaughn about "your kindness kills her" had dual meanings. 1st...the obvious...Jack doesn't want Syd's feelings hurt and 2nd...his subtle way of telling Vaughn not to blow his cover.