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Issue 1

Discussion in 'The Alias Newsletter' started by Azhria Lilu, Dec 7, 2002.

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    NOTE: Since this is an old issue, some links may be out of date.

    The Alias Newsletter
    Issue 1
    Wednesday, March 20, 2002
    The official newsletter of http://AllAlias.com

    1. Welcome to The Alias Newsletter!
    2. The last episode: Q & A (includes ratings for this episode)
    3. The next episode: Masquerade
    4. Deja Pew
    6. Would you like to help out with AllAlias.com?
    7. This issue's Alias fan site: Project: Alias
    8. This issue's Alias quote
    9. This issue's Alias cast or character bio: Victor Garber
    10. This issue's fan fiction
    11. Poll
    12. Final thoughts
    Welcome to The Alias Newsletter!
    I would like to welcome all of you to the first ever issue of The Alias
    Newsletter. In The Alias newsletter (or TAN), you will find every issue
    somewhat similar to this one. Episode information (if there is a new
    one), news, site info, and more. One of the "more"s is "This
    issue's...". Each issue, we will feature a site, a quote, a cast or
    character, and a fan fic. Now, each issue it will have a slightly
    different look, but this is just the general idea. NOTE: We plan never
    to post non-official spoilers because many people wish not to get them.
    If you would like to know where you can find spoilers, please email me.
    If you have any comments/suggestions or would like to contribute, please
    email me at char-@allalias.com . Thanks!

    NOTE: Issues are VERY long. I am trying to solve this problem!
    The last episode: Q & A
    Detailed summary (from ABC.com): Sydney wears a short-haired wig, and is
    behind the wheel of a big American car, fleeing from a squad of police
    cars...Where is she trying to go? ...And where did she escape from? The
    high- speed pursuit ends on a pier, with Syd surrounded by cops. With
    nowhere else to turn, she slams her foot to the accelerator and plunges
    her car into the water...

    ...We find Sydney chained to a chair. It is a day earlier, and we are in
    the moments immediately following the FBI taking her into custody. FBI
    Special Officer Kendall now questions her, before a team of
    interrogators... The CIA is out of the picture, and the questioners are
    delving into Sydney's background, and her connection to the Rambaldi
    prophesy. They ask her to start from the beginning -- the very
    beginning. She explains how she was recruited by SD-6, trained at Credit
    Dauphine...and in a painful moment, she must also relive SD-6's murder
    of her fiancé, Daniel Hecht. Sydney explains how she learned the truth
    about SD-6 from her father... She then joined forces with the CIA and
    became a double agent. She confirms much of what they already know --
    that her father is in the same situation, and that Arvin Sloane
    recruited her, and brought her into a life of espionage...But which does
    the FBI want to believe more -- Sydney's truth...or The Prophecy?

    Meanwhile, Jack tells Vaughn that her cover with SD-6 will be destroyed
    if she remains in FBI custody much longer...According to Rambaldi, the
    woman in The Prophecy will never have seen Mt. Subasio in Italy. Vaughn
    has a wild scheme to break her out of custody and prove her innocence...
    Vaughn and Jack agree that she must get to the mountain somehow. If
    successful, their action would defy The Prophecy. Through a chance
    conversation, Vaughn learns that Haladki used to be with the FBI. He
    asks Haladki about Sydney's location... but gets no help. As the
    questioning intensifies, Sydney talks about her mother -- a deceitful
    woman who worked for years as a KGB spy... and while being pursued by an
    FBI agent, she went off the road, and disappeared with her car into a

    Sydney goes on to explain how her life as a double agent works: SD-6
    gives her a mission, and then she meets with Vaughn who gives her a CIA
    counter mission. She refers to the explosion at Badenweiler, to
    illustrate how contradictory this situation can be. Jack uses brute
    forceand a deadly threat to force Haladki to divulge Sydney's location.
    The daring plan is put into action... Jack, Vaughn, and Weiss rescue her
    and explain the proposed solution to the
    Rambaldi prophesy. Sydney is angry at first, as her escape now makes her
    a fugitive... but she agrees to travel to Mt. Subasio. When Haladki
    learns of the rescue, he immediately knows who was behind it. He
    discovers that four unmarked cars were taken out, and reports these
    license plate numbers to the FBI.

    ...Wearing a short wig as a disguise, we find Sydney's drive to the
    airport interrupted, when the police quickly give chase...And in an
    ironic moment across town, Will and Francie watch the pursuit on
    television, unaware that their best friend is the subject. After
    plunging the car into the water, Sydney has a burst of insight... and
    breathes the oxygen from the tires. She stays submerged for over ten
    minutes -- long enough get away. Before boarding the plane, she meets
    with her father and reveals how she escaped. And, if Sydney managed to
    fool the police this way, couldn't her mother have done the same...?

    Syd: "Tell them I cooperated - I didn't resist. I don't like these

    "There's and FBI tribunal flying from D.C."

    Syd: "Don't you already have a profile on me?"
    FBI tribunal: "Yes, but we wanted to hear it in your words"

    Jack: "The could conceivably hold her without charges or trial for the
    rest of her life"

    FBI tribunal to Syd: "Could you tell us what happened to him please"
    (regarding Danny)

    Scumball: "What if he was right about Syd?"

    Syd: After what they did to Danny, after what that tried to do to be, I
    became determined" (regarding the destruction of SD-6)

    MV: "The problem is he isn't talking"
    Jack: "He'll talk to me"

    Marshall (in flashback): "they're super swank"

    Jack to Scumball (a.k.a. Haladki): "Just so we're clear - if you ever
    report this conversation, you'll never wear a hat again"

    FBI tribunal to Syd: "Do you believe Rambaldi was a prophet?
    Syd: "Do you?"

    Syd: "Dad?"
    Jack: "Hi honey"

    Jack: "Sydney, where are you?"
    Syd: "I need to see you now"

    Syd: "Mom's alive - I know it."

    NOTE: There were no missions carried out by Syd in this episode.

    3rd place for hour with a 6.8/11:

    NBC took over the 9 p.m. slot, with a 8.0/13 average from "Law & Order:
    Criminal Intent." CBS presented "Beyond the Prairie II: The True Story
    of Laura Ingalls Wilder Continues" and received a 7.9/12 average while
    ABC's "Alias" pulled in a 6.8/11 to come in third and FOX's "The
    X-Files" snatched a 4.8/7 average. The WB's "Off Center" received a
    2.2/3 at 9 p.m. and "For Your Love" closed the evening off for the frog
    network with a 2.0/3. - Zap2it.com

    FOR PHOTOS VISIT: http://allalias.com/alias/alias-1-17.htm

    The next episode: Masquerade

    alert: Contains official spoilers from ABC.com

    While on a case to track the activities of Khasinau (AKA "The Man"),
    Sydney runs into her ex- lover, Noah Hicks (Peter Berg, "Chicago Hope"),
    who broke her heart and left without saying goodbye five years earlier.
    Meanwhile, Sydney tells Sloane that she wants to find her mother; Jack
    is ordered to see CIA psychiatrist Dr. Barnett (Patricia Wettig,
    "thirtysomething") to help him deal with his churning emotions after
    discovering that his wife may still be alive; and Will and Francie
    become suspicious of Sydney-s activities after finding one of her
    airline ticket stubs.

    Deja Pew
    Deja Pew (EW.com)

    Enough with the flashbacks! Jessica Shaw acidly notes that 41 minutes
    were spent rehashing old stuff. But the rest of the episode was a trip

    The first two-thirds of last night's episode were the television
    equivalent of Jennifer Lopez doing a remix of her greatest hits after
    recording only two albums: sort of innovative, definitely entertaining,
    but it ultimately leaves you wondering, Why did they bother? In other
    words, did we really need a complete series recap when ''Alias'' isn't
    even a year old yet? Okay, I guess we should be welcoming those
    newcomers who need SD-6 and CIA spelled out for them. But if I hear the
    line ''I was working for the very enemy I thought I was fighting''
    incorporated into one more episode, I'm going to scream.

    You almost got the sense that ABC execs gave series creator J.J. Abrams
    a call to tell him that ratings numbers were steadily going up and could
    he do something that would bring in viewers too intimidated to try the
    show this late into the season. There's simply no way an episode like
    this would have been planned. The flashbacks to Daniel? The montage of
    Sydney is all her different costumes on SD-6 missions? I can watch ABC
    Family if I want to see those re-runs.

    Okay, enough ranting. It's only out of love, people, that I get this
    upset. It's not like I ever would have flipped the channel, but it would
    have been nice to get some new information before 41 minutes into the
    episode. At least I knew something was coming after that first scene of
    Sydney -- dressed like a Boca Raton housewife -- Thelma and Louise-ing
    her car into the Pacific Ocean.

    But before we get to those brilliant last 20 minutes (which, admit it,
    kind of redeemed the episode), the interrogation room must be discussed
    for a moment. The evil Ed Harris lookalike leading the FBI questioning
    wasn't so much scary as he was annoying. How could Sydney think an
    agency of the U.S. government would kill seemingly innocent people? What
    was that, propaganda for the Bush administration? I half expected the
    actors to burst out laughing after that line. If those are the guys
    working for the government, it's a shocker more people in Alias-land
    don't work for renegade intelligence groups.

    In terms of the big escape, how much do we love the Jack and Vaughn
    team? Okay, Vaughn came off a little he-won't-tell-me-anything whiny,
    but Jack more than made up for it with that parking lot confession he
    pulled out of Haladki. (By the way, great CIA agent to give up secrets
    info after two seconds with a gun in his neck. Um, learn much in basic
    training?). Haladki is turning out to be a real pain. He must be stopped
    -- maybe even killed -- if for no other reason than actor Joey Slotnick
    used to star on ''The Single Guy.'' Bonus brilliance points to J.J.
    Abrams for having Francie and Will watching the high-speed-chase on TV.
    It's soooo L.A. to be riveted by any car chase that happens to be caught
    on camera.

    As for that final father-daughter scene by the docks, how genius is it
    that the mother is still alive? Granted, we sort of knew that would
    happen all along, but for the teacher-KGB-mom to be the subject of the
    Rambaldi prophecy is storyline perfection. Hopefully they won't have the
    whole arc wrapped up by the season finale. The search for Mommie Dearest
    and the prevention of the Rambaldi prophecy from coming true should take
    us through at least another half a season. Just one problem: How come
    I'm getting a bad feeling that some cheesy actress like Victoria
    Principal is going to be cast as Syd's mom?
    - EW.com

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    This issue’s Alias quote

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    This issue’s cast or character bio: Victor Garber

    Victor J. Garber came into the world on March 16, 1949 in London,
    Ontario, Canada. He grew up listening to albums of Broadway shows, and
    got his start in acting at age nine, when he played Anna's little boy in
    a community theater production of "The King and I". He went on to play
    Tom Sawyer on stage two years later. His interest in acting continued to
    grow, and by the time he was fifteen, Victor was the youngest member of
    the University of Toronto's Hart House acting group.

    When Victor was sixteen, he quit school (he had been attending London
    Central Secondary School) and moved to Toronto on his own. He worked as
    a mail boy for the Toronto Star and as an usher at the Royal Alexandra
    theater. In addition to this, he sang folk music at local coffee houses.
    He got his first real acting job in a production of "She Loves Me" and
    later got a part in a noon review called "The Lunch Bunch", both of
    which were directed by Peter Mann, who created a group called The Sugar
    Shoppe in 1967. The Sugar Shoppe featured Victor on vocals, and went on
    to a brief period of fame, appearing on "The Ed Sullivan Show" and "The
    Tonight Show". They also had one hit record with the Capitol Records

    When The Sugar Shoppe disbanded, Victor formed a new group, The Shop,
    and spent his time rehearsing and writing songs for them. About this
    same time, he went to Los Angeles and saw Godspell. When he got back to
    Toronto, he auditioned and got the part of Jesus in the Toronto
    production of Godspell. Director David Greene attended the opening of
    the show and hired Victor to play Jesus in the movie version of
    Godspell, although Victor didn't find this out until he read it in the
    paper. It was this performance which brought him to New York in 1972
    (lucky for us Americans!) and also launched his stage career.

    Since then, Mr. Garber's career has extended to most aspects of acting.
    He can currently be seen every week on the ABC series Alias, as well as
    in the recent movies Legally Blonde, Laughter on the 23rd Floor, Me and
    My Shadows, and Call Me Claus. These are only the most recent of his
    accomplishments, however. He has been nominated for four Tony awards
    (for Damn Yankees, Lend Me a Tenor, Deathtrap, and Little Me), recieved
    an Obie and a Helen Hayes award for his role in Wenceslas Square (in
    which most of his dialogue was either in Czech or Russian), and has also
    won several other awards for his work on Broadway. He has done
    made-for-TV movies such as "Liberace" and "Let Me Call You Sweetheart",
    has appeared in various TV series (like "Law & Order" and "Days and
    Nights of Molly Dodd"), and has of course done other movies for the
    silver screen such as The First Wives Club. He also is a regular
    performer in the Circle in the Square and the New York Shakespeare

    Victor (who hates to leave New York, btw) has a brother and a sister,
    and says he got his sense of humor from his father (who died of
    Alzheimer's Disease before Damn Yankees opened in 1994). His mother,
    Hope, was the celebrity of the family before Victor - her show "At Home
    with Hope Garber" was on television in London, Ontario while the Garber
    children were growing up. He now thinks Godspell is embarrasingly dated
    (check out his hair) and hated filming Titanic because his relatively
    small part in the epic took five months to film. He hates picking out
    what to wear in the morning, and still rides the subway everywhere. And,
    whether he knows it or not, he has become the object of affection and
    admiration for a increasingly large group of Victorites out there.

    - http://www.geocities.com/Broadway/ Alley/7340/bio.html

    This week’s fan fiction – “The choice” Part 1
    “The Choice” – PART 1

    by Charlie ( char-@allalias.com - http://allalias.com )

    Sydney has just come back from a mission in Montevideo, Uruguay. In
    Montevideo, she was sent to find out all she could about Jerry Berkeley,
    who SD 6 said had ties to unlocking the Rambaldi mystery. While she is
    there, talking to an SD 6 contact (Kathleen Shiable), the cafe waiter
    pulls out a gun (end of that episode)

    Syd: Oh my god! DUCK!

    [Syd Kicks the table up in the air with her foot, in the waiters foot]

    Syd: Run -

    [Kathleen and Syd run about three blocks]

    Kathleen: Can we stop now?

    (pause while still running, turning down the alley)

    Syd: No - duck NOW

    [a bullet from a car hits Kathleen - she falls]

    Kathleen: AHHHHHHH! HELP ME!

    [Syd Pauses]

    [Syd sees the truck coming down the road, and starts running]

    Another shot comes from the truck/

    Sydney runs up a scaffolding, leaving Kathleen to die.

    Sydney runs, and jumps off the building to a hard landing the street.

    Before the truck turns the corner, Sydney hides under a manhole.

    [Back at in the CIA talking with Michael]

    Syd: I could have saved her - and I should have.

    Michael: It?s not your fault - they might have killed you/

    Syd: Might have killed me? Then I should have taken the risk! Besides, I
    failed my SD 6 mission, my counter mission, and I got an innocent person

    Michael: Maybe you just need a break from it all?

    Syd: How would I explain that?

    Michael: Well, [gets cut off]

    Syd: I mean, I already had months off after Danny died. Besides, I
    can?t loose their trust.

    Michael: It?s your choice, I can always arrange for you to enter the Wit
    [gets cut off]

    Syd: How many times do I have to tell you?!? I am NOT going into hiding!

    Michael: What ever you say, but look, you need to get back - its late.

    Syd: Who are you now, my mother? Oh yeah, she?s dead.

    Michael: Why are you doing this to me? All I am trying to do is help
    you, don?t you realize that?

    Syd: You realize this first: I am helping you - I got you promoted, you
    owe me. So don?t go around telling me what to do.

    Michael: Wel -- [stops]. I think we both need a break - I am going home.

    Syd: Bye.


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    Final thoughts
    Sorry this newsletter was so long! Hopefully future ones won’t be so
    long. If you have content for The Alias Newsletter or AllAlias.com (or
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