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Issue 10

Discussion in 'The Alias Newsletter' started by Azhria Lilu, Dec 7, 2002.

  1. Azhria Lilu

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    Nov 18, 2002
    Derbyshire, UK
    The Alias Newsletter Issue 10

    1. Spoilers (regarding Season 2)
    2. News
    3. Quote of the week
    4. Fan fiction – coming soon!
    7. Site of the week: It’s not a site! It’s a chat! (yes, we feature it
    8. Affiliates
    9. Final Thoughts

    1: Spoilers (regarding Season 2)

    These are SPOILERS. Cover your ears, and eyes and scroll down quite a
    bit to avoid them!
    Alias Season Two Spoilers @ AllAlias.com - All Alias. All the time.
    First of all, Michael IS coming back! I have said it before to those of
    you who have emailed me, and I’m saying it again! Wanda (from E! Online)
    has yet again verified this. Also, Emily is probably coming back. In
    fact, she MIGHT even be the man… (with Alias, the possibilities are
    Possible Season Two Spoilers
    Source: Ourselves
    NOTE: These may happen in season two, these may happen at all. They came
    from an not-yet-credible source.
    Syd is assigned a mission that involves her mother. For whatever reason,
    everyone knows that this is a suicide mission for Syd, but no one stops
    her (Jack, CIA, Vaughn). Before she leaves she has a heart to heart with
    SpyDaddy. Then, she has her requisite meeting with Vaughn. When it's
    through, she gets up to leave, then crosses the room and kisses him
    gently. Her last words to him are, something to the affect of "I didn't
    want to leave her never having done that."
    SpyMomski and Syd face off. SpyMomski tells her she really did love her
    and Jack. Syd says she's taking Mom to the FBI. Mom refuses and pulls a
    gun on Syd. SHOOTING HER.
    Jack arrives and Laura scurries away, he sees Syd, but chases after
    Laura. Vaughn is with Jack... he goes to Syd and holds her hand as they
    wait for a helicopter to land to save her.

    Jack stops his wife and holds a gun up to her. Laura begs for
    forgiveness, but Jack doesn't back down. Before he shoots her, Laura
    tells him that it shouldn't matter to him what happens to Sydney,
    because she's not his child. Jack lowers the gun, and lets Laura get
    away. (WTF Laura, that's cold!)
    Jack returns to the roof, where a helicopter is with Sydney inside being
    treated. Jack tells Vaughn thank you and then gets on the helicopter
    with Syd.
    Sydney tells Jack that she is glad that her father is with her. Jack
    nods, but his smile fades, as he knows that he isn't really her father.
    Oh... and I forgot in the first spoiler summary... Syd DOES have a gun.
    She points it at SpyMomski and they talk at gunpoint. In an effort to
    make Mom believe she's willing to hear her out, she puts her gun down.
    Again, the above may happen in season two, they may not happen at all…
    Wanda Spoilers
    Source: E! Online
    Hey, tubers...still finding...it hard...to...breathe...after last
    night's...Alias. How freaking amazing was that?!

    From crimsonsongbird: Wow! What a great episode. What was your favorite
    Every last minute! "One in five, b*tch!" was pretty damn great. What do
    you guys think about Emily and the wine? Could there be a connection to
    the radioactive isotope from last week? The one that was supposed to
    track Sark? Just thinking out loud here while I catch my breath...

    From HJohnson: Now I see why you changed spoilers to "soilers." Holy
    cow! All I have to say is: Please tell us Michael Vartan's Agent Vaughn
    isn't long gone! If he is, I say we plan on boycotting anything by JJ
    Woah, Nelly. Put away the poster board and paint pens! I can assure you
    that Michael Vartan will be back. (I'd also bet my TiVo that Emily's
    still afloat.) Michael is known for screaming from the rooftops how much
    he loves being on the show, and the producers love the Syd-Vaughn
    romance too much to let it go.

    From nikita02: Who is going to play Sydney's mom? She sounded like
    It's not Emily. Bristow hasn't yet been cast, but I promise to fill you
    in the very minute I find out. I heard one name on the list that
    ultimately didn't pan out was Sela Ward's.

    From jrlamour: How can it be almost thirty years for Sydney's mom? I
    thought Sydney was a child when her mother died. She can't be that old.
    Sydmom said she has been waiting for this for 30 years. Sounds like
    Sydney's birth was all part of a master plan. Freaky, eh?

    From cricketclark: Everyone at the vartanetc.com message board is
    furious at JJ Abrahms! Please tell us what happened!
    Take a deep breath and count to 47. I promise you--it will be okay! JJ
    is on your side.

    Well, that's all we know...
    Well, that's all we know about season two, seeing that it hasn't begun
    filming yet. However, if you have any information, please email Charlie
    at char-@allalias.com . Thanks!

    2: News
    Yet another new CBS MarketWatch article is about ABC’s 2002-2003
    primetime lineup.

    The part about Alias:“ABC's showcase hit last year was arguably "Alias,"
    a drama starring Jennifer Garner as a slinky spy in many costumes and
    disguises. Garner was little known to viewers when the show had its
    debut last year but now she is one of Hollywood's rising stars.

    Lyne said the program was "a pop culture phenomenon, right out of the
    box." Promoting "Alias" should have been a crowning moment for Lyne.”

    You can read the full article here:

    3: Quote of the week
    “I have waited almost thirty years…” - Voice

    4: Fan Faction – coming soon
    I have tons of more fan fiction to upload, but I have been really,
    really busy. When summer vacation arrives, expect tons of improvements,
    including daily updates.

    5: How is MV (SPOILER)

    How is MV “different”? Selected responses (ALL speculation):
    · Looks completely different (got this many times)
    · Works for K-Directorate (or some other agency) (got this many times)
    · Is emotionally different
    · Doesn’t like Sydney anymore (I hope not!)
    · Hates the world (I hope not!)
    · Is evil (I hope not!)

    6: Come join others in chat!

    Come join in this very active chat room! The problem is getting there!

    You can find instructions here: http://allalias.com/chat.shtml

    7: Affiliates

    The Alias Revolution (<http://www.geocities.com/invisible_playerette/> )
    - a great general site
    Alias HQ ( <http://geocities.com/alais_tv/> ) - a new site with great
    Alias Junkie ( http://www.geocities.com/aliasjunkie ) - a great general
    fan site
    Alias The Alias Addiction (
    <http://usa.internations.net/hollywood/alias/> ) - another new site with
    good content & layout
    Spy Games ( http://SpyGames.cjb.net ) - currently down, changing URL
    Files and records - currently changing hands, link back up soon

    8: Final thoughts

    Yes, this issue was kind of short. Sorry about this. In two or three
    weeks, I’ll have more time. Sorry.

    Top site list one:
    Top site list two: <http://www.sd-6.com/topsites/rate.cgi?id=2>

    <http://AllAlias.com> - All Alias. All the time.

    --- thanks for reading ---

    --- please visit < http://allalias.com > ---

    Top site list one:
    Top site list two: <http://www.sd-6.com/topsites/rate.cgi?id=2>

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