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Issue 18

Discussion in 'The Alias Newsletter' started by Azhria Lilu, Dec 7, 2002.

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    Nov 18, 2002
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    The Alias Newsletter - Issue 18

    Monday, July 8, 2002

    In this issue:
    1. Spy Museum
    2. Esquire Pics
    3. Season 2 starts shooting this month!
    4. Jennifer Garner is Breakout Star of 2002
    5. Sites of the Week
    6: Quotes of the Week
    7: Affiliates
    8: Final Thoughts

    1: Spy Museum
    I noticed this article in PARADE, a Sunday mini-magazine in my local
    newspaper and typed it up because I couldn’t find the text at Parade’s
    website. Feel free to re-distribute it, but please credit me and Parade,
    of course.

    Typed by Charlie – http://AllAlias.com

    [Start Article]
    At a time when questions are being raised about the effectiveness of
    U.S. intelligence, the new International Spy Museum in Washington, D.C.,
    opening July 19, provides visitors with an opportunity to reflect on the
    world of espionage, past and present.

    “The museum gives visitors a glimpse into the world where spies
    operate,” says Peter Earnest, 68, its executive director. “It exposes
    visitors to a variety of spy devices and uses interactive technology to
    test their powers of observation.”

    The emphasis is on the human factor in intelligence. “The exhibits are
    about real people telling real stories – they show what spying devices
    have meant in the hands of the individuals who used them,” explains
    Milton Maltz, 72, chairman of the Malrite Company, which funded the $38
    million museum. And there is a touch of irony in the participation as a
    museum advisor of Maj. Gen. Oleg Kalugin, 68, former chief of KGB
    Foreign Counterintelligence, America’s enemy in the Cold War.
    “Intelligence” says Kalugin, “provides the hidden part of history, the
    back side of communication, the machinations behind historic decisions.”

    An exhibit called “Spy School” gives visitors a crash course in which
    they develop a cover identity and learn the importance of careful
    observation. Photographs of seemingly normal streetscapes and other
    scenes challenge you to analyze potential threats. You can scrutinize
    satellite photos – an Iranian port or al-Qaeda training camps. In films,
    retired intelligence operatives share their experiences; touch-screens
    and videos teach you about disguises and bugging devices. In addition,
    more than 200 real-life spy gadgets, each with its unique story, are on

    “But the most powerful tool is the human brain,” says Earnest, a former
    CIA operative who feels the public must understand the role of
    intelligence in shaping history and current events. History exhibits
    include the “Sisterhood of Spies,” in which a mirror in a boudoir
    displays phantom images of female spies, such as Mata Hari, who tell
    their stories and fade away.

    Both intelligence failures and successes are presented, such as Pearl
    Harbor and the inflatable tanks and other deceptions that mislead the
    Nazis about the Normandy invasion. The ‘War of Spies” chronicles the
    selling of secrets by spies who “turned,” such as the CIA officer
    Aldrich Ames, who sold secrets to the Soviets. A film titled Ground
    Truth gives an assessment of intelligence today, from the war on
    terrorism to corporate espionage. Before exiting the museum, you can
    visit the “Ops Center,” where a former intelligence officer will
    personally answer your questions.

    “We don’t know what’s next,” says Kathleen Coakley, vice president of
    exhibition development, “but I hope we awaken the visitor to the
    question: ‘Could I ever do this if need be?’”
    [End Article]

    My thoughts and pictures next to the article: One of the gadgets, a KGB
    shoe that records conversations, dates back to the Cold War. I,
    personally, was disappointed the shoe wasn’t a phone (as it is in Get
    Smart – a great classic TV show). Other gadgets include a German watch
    that takes pictures that dates back to the 1950s and a KGB gun hidden
    lipstick that was found in the mid-1960s.

    2: Esquire Pics
    VaughnEtc., the sister-site of VartanEtc., has got the pictures of
    Michael Vartan in Esquire – you can check them out here:

    2: Season 2 starts shooting this month!

    Yep, you heard me correctly! The Yahoo! Group Jennifer Garner found this
    tidbit from the South Florida Sun-Sentinel:

    A: Is it true that Sydney's supposedly dead mother will become a major
    character in the new series of Alias? If so, who will play the part?

    Q: In the casting surprise of the year, the role of Laura, the long-
    lost mother of Sydney Bristow (Jennifer Garner), goes to beautiful
    Swedish star Lena Olin. Some insiders were startled that the
    classically trained actress, an Ingmar Bergman discovery, would sign up
    for a Hollywood action series. However, Olin has always split her time
    between the classics and such popular movies as 1988's memorable The
    Unbearable Lightness of Being (in which her character insisted on
    wearing a bowler hat while having sex) and 1993's Romeo is Bleeding, in
    which she played an assassin who could crush a man to death between her

    The 47-year-old Olin will join the Alias cast this month, when shooting
    on the second season begins. For Olin, this will mean a temporary move
    to Hollywood from the rustic home near New York she has shared with her
    husband, Chocolat director Lasse Hallstrom, and
    their two children ever since they immigrated to the United States
    eight years ago.

    3: Jennifer Garner is Breakout Star of 2002

    From Access Hollywood’s website ( www.accesshollywood.msn.com )

    Breakout Star:
    "People are gravitating more and more to Jennifer Garner from Alias.
    She's so attractive that guys love her and she's this high-kicking cool
    chick for women to kind of admire."
    Thanks to the Yahoo! Group JenniferGarner for the news.

    4: Sites of the Week

    There are three new Jennifer Garner Fansites and I thought I’d feature
    them all together:
    http://sydneybristow.cjb.net - Also related to the character Sydney
    http://JenniferGarnerFan.com - the name says it all
    http://www.torn-world.org/radiance/ - from the maker of The Alias

    9: Quotes of the Week
    “…licked my face!” - Sydney

    “Let me make one thing very clear, Mr. Hassan. The extent to which I am
    willing to service you is when I offer you a soda”- Vaughn

    10: Affiliates
    AliasJunke: http://www.genniebailey.com/alias
    The Alias Addiction: http://www.torn-world.org/alias
    The Alias Revolution: http://www.geocities.com/invisible_playerette/
    Alias HQ: http://geocities.com/alias_tv/

    I am also affiliated with Spy Games & Files and Records, both of which
    are either closing or changing/redoing; although both have been doing so
    for quite a long time.

    11: Final Thoughts
    I hope everyone, weather you are American or not – had a great Forth of

    Please remember to vote for us!

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