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Issue 2

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    The Alias Newsletter
    Issue 2
    Wednesday, March 27, 2002
    The official newsletter of http://AllAlias.com

    1. Roger Moore gets married, Michael Vartan still single
    2. Daredevil production
    3. ABC doing will with this week’s Alias replacement: the Oscars.
    4. Upcoming airdates
    5. This issue's Alias quote
    6. This issue's Alias cast or character bio: Roger Moore
    7. This issue’s fan site: Magnetic
    8. Fanfiction: “The Choice”, part 2 & 3
    9. Fanfiction: “A Family Affair”, part 1
    10. AllAlias.com Affiliates
    11. Final thoughts
    Roger Moore gets married, Michael Vartan still single
    SD-6.com quotes Variety as saying that on March 9th, Roger Moore and
    Kristina Tholstrup got married in Copenhagen. Variety also noted that
    Roger will continue to be on the show semi-regularly.

    SD-6.com also reports via the daily news that Michael Vartan is still
    single and that he is “afraid that’s the way it’s going to be for a
    while”, yet he hasn’t given up hope, saying, I did have a girlfriend out
    here for a very long time-and I might be lucky again. Someday.”
    Daredevil production
    Jennifer Garner is set to star in the 2003 production of Daredevil,
    which began production on Monday.
    ABC doing will with this week’s Alias replacement: the Oscars.
    ABC has been replacing some Alias reruns with specials. Last Sunday, the
    74th annual Academy Awards did very well, with more viewers than those
    of NBC, CBS, and FOX – combined. It also allowed them to win the week in
    ratings by one full point. Although it was a very long Oscars (going in
    to Monday morning on the east coast), and in fact the longest Oscars
    ever, it had the fewest primetime viewers than any other Oscars in
    recent history.
    Upcoming Airdates
    Here are the upcoming airdates as posted in sd-1.com forums:

    3/31 - The Ten Commandments
    4/07 - Alias - Masquerade
    4/14 - Alias - The Ampule
    4/21 - Alias - Episode 20
    4/28 - The Big Picture Show
    5/05 - Alias - Episode 21
    5/12 - Alias - Episode 22 - Season Finale

    Top site list one:
    Top site list two: http://www.sd-6.com/topsites/rate.cgi?id=2

    This issue’s Alias Quote
    “super swank” – Marshall.

    Yes, that was a short quote. But one of my favorites.
    This issue's Alias cast or character bio: Roger Moore
    A suave, handsome, unflappable star, Roger Moore specialized in
    lightweight film and TV material, bringing a classy, mildly roguish,
    tongue-in-cheek approach to a series of romantic adventurers. He played
    a bit part or two in Britain before coming to Hollywood, where he played
    leads in a handful of films in the 1950s, mostly notably "Diane" (1956),
    a handsome, enjoyable period drama starring Lana Turner. It was really
    in TV, though, that Moore would first make his mark. First he portrayed
    "Ivanhoe" in a syndicated series in 1957, and then he played Silky
    Harris, a fast-talking swindler, on "The Alaskans" (1959-60). When James
    Garner left the hit series "Maverick", Moore stepped in for a season
    (1960- 61) as Bret Maverick's cousin Beau. Moore enjoyed his greatest
    success on U.S. series TV later in the 60s, though, when he played
    dapper detective Simon Templar on the TV series, "The Saint" (1966-69)
    and teamed with Tony Curtis for more adventures as part of "The
    Persuaders" (1971-72). His career buoyed by his work in these series,
    Moore rebounded into cinema in the early 70s, not having made a feature
    for nine years. He achieved international celebrity in 1973 when he
    again essayed replacement work--he became a highly successful successor
    to Sean Connery in "Live and Let Die", the first of seven "James Bond"
    films he would make into the mid-80s. Moore's last Bond effort was "A
    View to a Kill" (1985). His career was very much as a dashing leading
    man rather than a character star and he subsequently made only
    occasional appearances on film and TV. His most high profile turn was as
    the roguish villain in Jean- Claude Van Damme's "The Quest" (1996).
    This issue’s fan site: Magnetic
    Site address: http://www.lucid-tears.com/magnetic/
    Site Title: Magnetic
    Site Review: Great new clique. Great graphics!
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    version 3!

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    This week’s fan fiction – “The choice” Part 2
    “The Choice” – PART 2

    by Charlie ( char-@allalias.com )

    [The next day]

    [Sydney is back at work at SD 6, in the room with all the flat screen
    computers where they get their missions]

    Sloane: Welcome back everyone.

    Dixon: Thanks!

    Sloane: Sydney, are you all right?

    Syd: yes, of course, why?

    Sloane: You normally resond to me when I say welcome back.

    Syd: Oh. Yes. I guess it was just a difficult day yesterday.

    Sloane: I understand. [pause] Anyway, moving on to your next mission...

    Syd: So soon?

    Sloane: We need to move quickly. Those people who shot at you were
    members of HQS - [gets intrupted]

    Dixon: HQS?

    Sloane: A new terrorist group gaining steam in South America. Very
    dangerous. Anyway, we belive they have a vault in the back of a
    bookstore in downtown Minneapolis, called Ruminator books.

    beep beep

    Sloane looks at his computer screen. A message has just popped up - he
    reads it quickly.

    Sloane: We think we may be under survelience. We must all leave one by
    one through exit 76. Exit 76 is located near exit 77, and is normally
    hidden. It is no longer hidden. We are each being notified one by one in
    each room as we think we have a mole. When you leave, do not mention
    this to anyone.

    Leave now!

    Marshall: This is exciting!

    Syd: Shhhhhhhhh

    Everyone gets out. Syd is at home, and is thinking. She regrets yelling
    at Michael.

    She drives to his house, and knocks on the door....

    CHAPTER 3:

    Michael at door: Hello?

    [he sees syd]

    Michael: What are you? You shouldn't - you're exposed - come in - now.

    [syd comes in the door]

    Michael: You know you shouldn't be dooing this!

    Syd: Yes, that may be true, but I also shouldn't have yelled at you

    Michael: That's OK. But why aren't you at SD 6? Where do they think you

    Syd: Home. There was a security breach or something so we all got sent
    home. Kinda freaky after what happend a few weeks ago, you know.

    Michael: Weird. Come in and sit down.

    Syd: I know. Marshall was the only won who was excited.

    Michael: Yes. Well, you need to get your mind off it. Let's watch a

    Syd: Which one?

    Michael: Well, I heard of this movie, Never Been Kissed, and I heard
    that there were some good stars in it. How 'bout that?

    Syd: Sounds good.

    Michael: Good. I'll go make popcorn.

    [they watch the movie]

    Michael: That was good, don't you think.

    Syd: Yeah, I really liked the male lead.

    Michael: Yes, he was good. Now, sorry to bring up that day again, but,
    you know that day when SD 6 had intruders and we talked about maybe
    going to a hockey game? Well, how about Saturday?

    Syd: Oh. Um, OK.

    Michael: Good.

    Syd: Well, it's getting late, I better go. Francie will get worried.

    Michael: OK, see you Saturday.

    [Michael kisses Syd on the cheeks]

    [Syd looks a little shocked, but happy. She drives off in her car...]

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    Fanfiction: A Familt Affair

    “A Family Affair”

    by Elise

    (Syd with Vaughn in a darkened ally)
    Syd- I mean I know she was a horrible person…but (awkward silence)
    Vaughn- I know. You still want to get the chance to meet her
    Syd- she’s my mother technically…but she’s less of a parent to me
    because I never knew the real her. I thought… I thought wrong…
    Vaughn- Sydney, I’m no fan of your mother, I want her dead just as badly
    as the CIA does, but the mother you thought you knew and Laura Bristow,
    they are two different people. You should follow the lead Sloane gave
    you. Maybe… maybe then you can put this behind you.
    Syd- I know you’re right, it’s just I never questioned who she was until
    recently. She was always that loving, college professor, who baked
    cookies with me. I never in a million years would have dreamt that she
    was this horrible, killer, person. Can I call her a person? I don’t even
    know, but I got to go. Thanks for listening to my ramblings… I’m off to
    Vaughn- Be careful ok, come back.
    Syd- I will, Thanks.
    (Syd gets off a commercial jet at an Airport, and then takes a cab into
    a small town, she gets dropped off at a high school, and she walks into
    the main office, the assistant points the nervous Syd down a hallway.
    She knocks on a classroom door, room 122, the door opens)
    Syd- Hello, um, I’m looking for Laurel? Is she here? (No one answers)
    The lady in the office said…(A younger version of Syd stands up, gathers
    her books and excuses herself)
    Laurel- Can I help you?
    Syd- You’re Laurel Kensington?
    Laurel- (Uses a thick Hungarian accent) that depends who are you? I
    don’t really have time for this… I have an English class, can we make
    this quick…
    Syd- I’m Sydney Bristow, I think… (Bites her lip) What’s your mother’s
    Laurel- Laura. Why?
    Syd- My mother’s name was Laura. Laura Bristow. She died when I was
    younger. Someone, they told me you could help me find her, is that true?
    Laurel- Laura Bristow was my mother. She’s my biological mother. She
    died in a car crash many years ago. My father, an older and married man
    gave me up. He offered me to the highest bidder. No one wanted me. He
    sent me to private schools…Germany…Switzerland, England…Paris…You get
    the idea. He’s all that I have. He’s the only one who knows anything
    about my mother.
    Syd- What’s his name-
    Laurel- Arvin Sloane.
    (Scene cuts to small fast food restaurant where Syd is talking with
    Laurel- He’s your boss? He told you about me? That makes no sense. Arvin
    wouldn’t do that.
    Syd- He sends you away. Doesn’t he?
    Laurel- I’m here on business.
    Syd- You’re in high school, what business?
    Laurel- It’s private
    Syd- Do you work for him?
    Laurel- I don’t know what you’re talking about. I shouldn’t have said
    anything. Now, I may have put your life in danger. Erg, Ignore that. I
    shouldn’t have said…
    Syd- you’re new at this right? Arvin just recruited you?
    Laurel- (unsure) no…
    Syd- It’s okay. I never thought I’d say this. Since you’re my sister, I
    guess I have to say it though- Arvin is my boss, not at the bank, at the
    agency. I work there too.
    Laurel- (American accent revealed) Whew! Good to hear- by the way Laurel
    isn’t my real name.
    Syd- One of your alias’?
    Laurel/Mara- Yes. I’m Mara Sloane, aka Veronica Pierce, aka Laurel
    Kensington, and aka Reese Lang.
    Syd- Reese Lang? That’s cute. Hello Mara. I’m Sydney.
    Mara- Where do we go from here?
    Syd- contact Sloane. Tell him L.A. is where you need to be. I’d have you
    stay with me, but I have a roommate, and I don’t want any suspicions
    especially from a newbie.
    Mara- I’ll work for Emily again?
    Syd- What?
    Mara- Every summer I’m a maid at Sloane’s home. I clean and dust and
    Syd- okay, call me when you’re in L.A., Let me know.
    Mara- Before you go off, clue me in. Is this- (whispering) SD-6 as
    dangerous as Sloane says? Is it worth it? Does what you do save America?
    Is Sloane right?
    Syd- (loudly exhales) Listen, Our work can be dangerous, but keep
    yourself out of it if you can. You’ll never lead a normal life if you’re
    too involved…
    Mara- but, you didn’t answer my questions
    Syd- I don’t have all the answers. I got to go, keep in touch Mara.
    (Next day, Vaughn and Syd in ally)
    Syd- My sister, can you believe that, he sent me to see my sister, this
    mini-me, who he’s corrupted already. She… asked me if SD-6 saves
    America. I wanted to yell and shake her. I wanted to say get out now,
    before you can’t. I wanted to buy her a one way ticket far away from
    Vaughn- It’s not your fault. You did everything you could have. You told
    her it was dangerous. You gave her the information that she needed to go
    on. As much as she helped you, you helped her more. She’s all alone. CIA
    had no clue Mara was involved…
    Syd- What do you mean?
    Vaughn- Devlin, um, He has kept tabs on her. He feared that she was
    k-directorate actually. She, well, I don’t know, She might not even be
    your sister…
    Syd- what does that mean?
    Vaughn-Sydney, it means don’t confide in her too much. She’s a girl who
    appears to be your ally, but she could be your worst enemy. She could be
    Sloane’s spy. She could… Look I don’t know what’s she’s capable of, but
    DON’T and I stress DON’T tell her anything vital yet.
    Syd- Fine. You don’t know what you’re talking about. Vaughn… She’s a
    teenager. Harmless, to say the least… I am cautious around her, but I’m
    not stupid. Call me when you have something.
    (SD-6 conference room, Jack, Sydney, Mara, and Sloane seated)
    Sloane- This is not the way I wanted to start my morning. I thought
    Coffee was going to be my highlight. I don’t know why Mara is here, or
    why Sydney and she know one another, but Sydney I know that this
    conversation is a waste of our time. Jack is here because he knows
    Mara- Sydney knows. Laura was her mother. Laura is my mother. It doesn’t
    take a rocket scientist to figure out that that a plus b equals c. we
    are half sisters. We know.
    Sloane- Do you know, Mara. Do you know that your mother is still alive?
    Do you know that Jack is Sydney’s father? Are you aware of how Laura had
    Mara- stop it, she’s dead. I know it. Sydney does too. Don’t you Syd?
    Syd- Mara, I think she’s alive.
    Sloane- Mara, You don’t know everything. Jack and Laura were married.
    Laura faked her death. She came to me under an alias and attempted to
    kill me. We never trusted each other, we used each other. Laura, she
    told me she acted under orders. I believed her. Romance came and went.
    She got pregnant; I divulged privy information to her. She left me with
    her child, Laura left. Jack knows this.
    Mara- Laura didn’t live that life. Laura’s dead.
    Jack- How could you possibly know that for sure?
    Mara- Because I killed her!
    (Silence, Mara takes a gun out of her purse)
    Mara- For my nation, for my honor, shall these words uttered, destroy
    the afflicted…
    Syd- No, No Mara…
    (Syd reaches for the gun but Mara pulls away aims it to her temples and
    clicks, Sloane stares in awe, while Jack tries to grab the gun. Mara is
    successful. Mara utters, mumbles)
    Mara- in the Pinkest times, the White lily reigns. Rimbaldi had the
    right family, but the wrong sister. Mata, No Viva (Spanish translation-
    Kill, Don’t live)
    (Scene closes, all stand in bewilderment)
    (Syd prepares for an unknown mission, she packs a suitcase and cries)
    Syd- Why is everything so hard? ( sydney walks out of bedroom and see's
    Francie- Syd? Are you okay?You look like you've been crying.
    Syd- no, I'm fine. I'm just tired, i have an early flight to New York in
    the morning
    Francie- The bank really overworks you. You should get a raise for all
    the travel miles that you have been putting in.
    Syd- I gotta go. I'm going to catch an earlier flight, Francie.
    Francie- Good luck, I hope we can talk when you get back, maybe take a
    vacation or something, call me ok.
    syd- i will
    ( Syd gets off a plane with Dixion. They are in Budapest)
    Dixion- This is one place I never get tired of.
    Syd- I know what you mean, It's always so nice here. hard to believe
    SD-6 sent us here on a mission.
    Dixion- so in 16 hours we'll have the silver chain that belonged to
    Syd- It makes no sense that his chain would be here.
    Dixion- does anything make sense anymore?
    Syd- I guess We'll just have to wait and see.
    Dixion- syd, look out,
    syd- What?
    Dixion- that guy. he had a gun.
    Syd- I didn't notice. Lets just go to the museum and steal the chain.
    Dixion- Sounds good, but are u going to be able to handle it?
    Syd- Do you think I can handle switching a cheap silver chain with a 500
    year old match?
    Dixion- I think you can, but it's not that easy, as soon as the chain is
    exposed to oxygen it is going to decompose.
    Syd- I'll handle it.
    ( late at night skylight opens in museum)
    Syd- (radios dixion) I'm in.
    Dixion- There are no known sensors, but there are guards that check
    every few minutes. Be careful
    Syd- I know. I see the chain..
    Unknown Woman- What are you doing? ( sydney turns around)
    (to be continued)

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