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Issue 21

Discussion in 'The Alias Newsletter' started by Azhria Lilu, Dec 7, 2002.

  1. Azhria Lilu

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    Nov 18, 2002
    Derbyshire, UK
    The Alias Newsletter - Issue 21

    Monday, August 19th 2002

    In this issue:
    1. Season 2 Spoilers
    2. Last episode: Q&A
    3. Ratings
    4. Alias Online Adventure
    5. Screencaps
    6. Quotes of the Week
    7. Site of the Week
    8. Affiliates
    9. Final Thoughts

    1: Last newsletter for a little while
    Season 2 Spoilers have been updated – for example, name of episodes 3
    and 4 in season two! So check them out at

    2: Last Episode: Q&A
    I wanted to slap the guy asking Sydney so many inconsiderate questions
    (he was from the FBI / DSR). He knew how Danny died and didn’t need to
    make her repeat it. However, it was needed so that the episode truly
    could be a “clips episode” – most flashbacks to previous episodes and
    explaining how things worked. The episode wasn’t as great as others
    because their wasn’t as much new stuff but there were plenty of good new
    lines (see http://allalias.com/guide/quotes/season1/episode17.htm ) and
    some good memories from previous episodes.

    Summary: http://allalias.com/guide/summaries/1-17.htm
    Quotes: http://allalias.com/guide/quotes/season1/episode17.htm

    3: Ratings

    Q&A came in fourth:
    “At 9 p.m., NBC pulled ahead with a second "Law & Order: Criminal
    Intent" taking a 7.9/13. CBS began its film, "Three Blind Mice" (6.5/12)
    to take second. On FOX, two repeats of "Malcolm in the Middle" were good
    enough for third, 4.5/8 as ABC's repeat of "Alias" was fourth, 2.6/4.
    The WB's "Angel" was last with 1.4/2.” – Zap2it.com

    4: Alias Online Adventure
    ABC has created an online Alias game where you go on online missions.

    Start playing: http://abc.abcnews.go.com/primetime/alias/adv.html
    Our step-by-step guide: http://allalias.com/guide/misc/webgame/guide.htm

    Talking with Weiss:

    5: Screencaps
    We’ve got a small screencap section that is small and will remain small
    until we get more server space.

    Currently, it only has screencaps from the season 2 previews and some
    from a trailer of Almost Thirty Years (the season one finale)

    6: Quotes of the week
    “Shhh – yo-yo’s sleeping” – Weiss (Vaughn’s friend at the CIA)

    “Do you think I’d throw just anyone in my trunk?” – Vaughn to Sydney

    7: Site of the Week
    Yes, another self promotion! This week’s site is the AllAlias.com Alias
    Forums. They’re now doing very well and now is the perfect time for you
    to get in on the action. Talk with other fans of Alias about Alias plot
    lines, share thoughts, and even talk about things that have nothing to
    do with Alias: http://aliasforum.omahost.net

    8: Affiliates
    We currently have nine affiliates and more are being added all the time.

    Browse current affiliates: http://allalias.com/site/affiliates.htm
    Apply to become one: http://allalias.com/site/affiliates.htm

    9: Final Thoughts
    As it gets closer to Alias, the up-to-the-second countdown to Season 2
    has moved to http://allalias.com/countdown.htm as it seemed to be
    interfering with the main page.

    I’ve been noticing I’ve gotten some spam from someone called
    “aliasnewsletter” – please know that this email does not come from me
    and please report all such email to Char-@allalias.com - the only
    email you should get from this newsletter comes from “Charlie Sellew”
    and is a newsletter issue or something Alias-related.

    Be sure to visit the forums ( http://aliasforum.omahost.net ) and have a
    great day!


    - thanks for reading The Alias Newsletter! -

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