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Issue 25

Discussion in 'The Alias Newsletter' started by Azhria Lilu, Dec 7, 2002.

  1. Azhria Lilu

    Azhria Lilu Rocket Ranger

    Nov 18, 2002
    Derbyshire, UK
    The Alias Newsletter - Issue 25

    Monday, September 23rd 2002

    In this issue:
    1. Emmys
    2. Two more auctions
    3. New Official Site
    4. Show off your graphic design skill…
    5. … and your writing skills
    6. Emmy Articles (predictions)
    7. Alias DVD – sort of
    8. Become an Alias character
    9. Book Signing
    10. Quote of the Week
    11. Affiliates
    12. Final Thoughts

    1: Emmys
    It was a disappointing day at the Emmys for Alias. Out of its 11
    nominations, Alias won two Emmys, both technical: best art direction for
    a single camera series and best cinematography for a single camera
    series. You’ll be able to find some Emmy articles later today at
    2: Two More Auctions
    Auctions “off the backs” of Emmy nominees will be auctioned off at
    http://ubid.com in the name of the

    And ABC will be auctioning off show merchandise from Alias and other
    shows at
    . The money will go to charity.
    3: New Official Site
    You can check out the new official Alias site at

    Among other things, you can vote for who you think Jennifer Garner
    should fall in love with.
    4: Show of your design skill…
    We will be holding an "AllAlias.com Banner Competition".

    What: Submit your banners. Winner will have banner displayed on
    AllAlias.com (as the main banner at the top of the pages), the banner
    will be used on top site lists for a little while, special member title
    for winner if they are a forum member, and mention on AllAlias.com, link
    to their site if they want.

    1. First date you can submit banners is September 28th 2002 - no banners
    will be accepted before then (you will submit them by emailing me)
    2. Banners must be related to Alias
    3. Banners must be 468 x 60
    4. Out of the banners recieved, a panel of AllAlias.com staff members
    will choose a few for everyone to vote on. The voting period will be
    about a week, and after that the banner with the most votes will be the
    winner. There will be a first runner up award. In addition, other awards
    may be given out by the panel of staff members.
    5. By submitting a banner you agree to allow us to use the banner
    without compensation
    6. Banner must say "AllAlias.com" on it

    Animated banners ARE allowed.

    Ask questions and get more information at
    or by emailing me at Char-@allalias.com

    Remember, no submissions until September 28th. Good luck and thanks for
    your interest! d
    5: … and your writing skills.
    First of all, Credit Dauphine will deeply be missed in the Alias fan
    fiction community.

    Just a reminder that you can post your fanfiction and it will
    immediately appear so others can read and review it here:

    Be sure to start posting your fanfiction and reading other’s fic today!

    6: Emmy Prediction Articles
    You can find them at http://allalias.com/main/articles/emmy.htm along
    with the results articles.

    7: Alias DVD – sort of
    100,000 copies of the official Alias companion, “Alias: Declassified”
    will come with a DVD featuring interviews with the cast and more.

    7: Become an Alias Character
    Just a reminder that you can become an Alias character in our Alias RPG,
    or Role Playing Game. Find more information and reserve your character
    at http://aliasinteractive.cjb.net

    8: Quotes of the Week
    "And the winner is" (not Jennifer Garner) :(
    9: Affiliates
    We currently have nine affiliates and more are being added all the time.

    Browse current affiliates or apply to become one:

    10: Final Thoughts
    Thanks for reading this issue. Be sure as you go through this week that
    you take time to remember those we lost one year ago this week.

    http://AllAlias.com - All Alias. All the time.

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