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Issue 26

Discussion in 'The Alias Newsletter' started by Azhria Lilu, Dec 7, 2002.

  1. Azhria Lilu

    Azhria Lilu Rocket Ranger

    Nov 18, 2002
    Derbyshire, UK
    The Alias Newsletter Special Issue

    Sent out on Saturday, September 28, 2002

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    NOTE FROM CHARLIE: I’m sending out this special issue because if I sent
    it out with the Monday/Tuesday issue, the newsletter would be way to
    long because of all of the season premiere stuff.

    In this Special Issue:
    1. The wait is almost over (for those in the US)
    2. Jennifer Garner on Leno
    3. The Best of Alias
    4. Banner Competition
    5. Articles & News

    1. The wait is almost over (for those in the US)
    For those in the United States, the wait for Alias is almost over –
    unless you, like me, live in the Twin Cities (Alias will be aired at
    11:35 PM on Sunday in the Twin Cities)

    Up-to-the-second countdown: http://allalias.com/countdown.htm

    Happy Birthday, Alias!

    1. Jennifer Garner on Leno

    Jennifer Garner comes on wearing makeup but wearing a more everyday-girl
    clothing. She says, “Joan is in her own ball of wax”, referring to Joan
    Rivers and her mistaken thought that the Alias pilot was going to be
    released as a movie.

    They show a clip of her walking quickly past the Tonight Show
    interviewers and only answering one quick question and leaving during
    the second. Jennifer explains how she was late for the Emmys because her
    limo broke down. Apparently, with all her makeup on, she requested the
    air was turned on in the ABC-sent limo, but then the limo started making
    funny noises and stopped. They (Jennifer Garner and Scot Foley, her
    husband) were stranded in a gas station – and she was wearing millions
    of dollars worth of diamonds. “It was so fun – we bought candy”, said

    Scott, she says, is obsessed with open houses. They just bought a new
    house and hired a designer Flying is another passion of Scott, she says.

    Jay brings up a dream she keeps having where there is an intruder in the
    house. They showed a funny clip of Jennifer trying to do a stunt, but
    that was the end of the interview – they didn’t talk about the show much
    (well, NBC doesn’t want Alias to actually win for it’s time slot).

    Almost right after the JG interview, they aired a promo for NBC's
    competitor for the timeslot (Law & Order: Criminal Intent).

    3. The Best of Alias
    Who should get together? What is your favorite Alias quote? Which
    character (if any) to you love to hate the most? Vote for your answers
    and discuss these topics at the Best of Alias Awards:

    You must be registered to vote.

    4. Banner Competition
    Our banner competition is now open!

    Read more about it:

    Submit your banners (now open!): Char-@allalias.com

    4. Articles & News
    You can find some more Alias articles and such over at

    Have a great Alias countdown!


    http://AllAlias.com http://aliasforum.omahost.net

    thanks for reading

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