Issue 30

Azhria Lilu

Nov 18, 2002
Derbyshire, UK
The Alias Newsletter - Issue 30

Monday, November 18, 2002

In this issue:
1. Next Episode “Passage”
2. Latest Episode Summary: “Counteragent”
3. Music from “Counteragent”
4. Quote of the Week
5. Rankings for all of Sunday
6. Articles
7. Make It Better?
8. Winner of the banner competition
9. Affiliates
10. Forums
11. Final Thoughts
1: Next Episode “Passage”
Sunday, Dec. 1 at 9/8c
"Passage — Part I"

Sydney, Jack and Irina must put aside their differences and go
undercover as a loving family in order to seize six nuclear warheads
from an unfriendly nation. Meanwhile, Sloane announces to a suspicious
staff that Mr. Sark will be working with SD-6; Vaughn may be forced to
fire Will from his CIA research assignment; and Sloane is contacted by
an unknown group claiming that Emily is still alive.

Thanks to ABC.

2: Latest Episode Summary: “Counteragent”
Vaughn wraps his bloody fingernails and heads to Irina's cell. She
thanks him for proving Jack's involvement in Madagascar. Vaughn admits
he's sick and asks Irina what Khasinau learned from experimenting on
people exposed to the Red Ball. Irina asks if he loves Sydney, to which
Vaughn replies that he'll tell her if she helps him.

Will tells Sydney that the 1982 standardized test is missing from public
record. Sydney then explains "Project Christmas" and says that Vaughn
thinks Russian intelligence is still running it to recruit American

At the CIA, Sydney, having learned that Vaughn is sick, asks Irina if
there is an antidote. It's in Paldiski, Estonia, she says, at a former
Soviet training base for nuclear submarine personnel. But the antidote
is genetic-specific, meaning Sydney must manufacture it from Vaughn's
blood. With Vaughn now in the hospital and expected to live only three
days, Sydney draws his blood and they hold hands. On her way out, Sydney
meets Alice, Vaughn's girlfriend.

Sloane confesses to Jack that he's insecure about his standing within
the Alliance and that he confessed the Emily issue to Kristof, whom he
must now meet in Tokyo. He tortures Richter, desperately trying to find
the location of Derevko's ops base.

Thanks to ABC

3: Music from “Counteragent”
Season 2: Episode 7 - "The Counteragent"
ORIGINAL MUSIC: Michael Giacchino

Artist: J.J. Abrams
Song: Alias Theme

Artist: Yo-Yo Ma featuring Alison Krauss
Song: "Slumber My Darling"
Label: Sony Classical

Artist: Peter Gabriel
Song: "I Grieve"
Label: Geffen Records

Artist: Sheryl Crow
Song: "I Shall Believe"
Label: A & M Records

Artist: Debbie Weisberg
Song: "Home"
Label: Unsolicited Records

Thanks to ABC

4: Quote of the Week
”I don’t need you to wish me luck you son of a b*tch!” – Sydney to Sark

5: Ratings from all of Sunday
Please note that this list for Sunday as a hole, NOT just Alias’ time

1. "NFL Overrun" (CBS) - 11.9/18
2. "60 Minutes" (CBS) - 11.2/16
3. "Law & Order: Criminal Intent" (NBC) - 11.0/15
4. "The Practice" (ABC) - 10.3/16
5. "The Simpsons" (FOX, 8:00) - 9.4/13
6. "Becker" (CBS) - 8.3/11
7. "King of the Hill" (FOX) - 7.8/11
7. "Movie: Mr. Saint Nick" (ABC) - 7.8/11
9. "Alias" (ABC) - 7.6/11
9. "The Simpsons" (SR, FOX, 7:30) - 7.6/11
11. "Everybody Loves Raymond" (SR, CBS) - 7.5/10
12. "Boomtown" (NBC) - 7.4/11
12. "Dateline NBC" (NBC) - 7.4/11
14. "Futurama" (FOX) - 6.9/10
15. "American Dreams" (NBC) - 6.8/9
15. "Malcolm in the Middle" (FOX, 9:00) - 6.8/9
17. "Malcolm in the Middle" (SR, FOX, 9:30) - 5.9/8
18. "Movie: Master Spy, Part 2" (CBS) - 5.7/9
19. "Charmed" (WB) - 3.9/6
20. "Angel" (WB) - 3.5/5
21. "Gilmore Girls: Beginnings" (R, WB) - 2.6/4
22. "Movie: Mary Higgins Clark's We'll Meet Again" (PAX) - 1.5/2
23. "Movie: Tornado Warning" (R, PAX) - 1.2/2

Thanks to

6: Articles
Here are a select few Alias articles from around the web:

This first one is spoilerish, so skip to the next article if you don’t
want to read spoilers. All I can say is It’s about Weiss and if he is or
is not coming back alive. It is archived here:

The next one if from a list of five of TV’s biggest surprises this fall,
as ranked by Entertainment Weekly. The fact that Alias isn’t a large hit
comes in at #5. It is archived here:

TechTV has an interesting article about the gadgets on Alias, which you
can read here:,00.html

Last (but not least) is a review of “Counteragent” by Read
it here:

7: Make it Better?

I’m interested in hearing from some you (the over 700 subscribers to The
Alias Newsletter) on what you think would make The Alias Newsletter
better. As we continue to grow, I’m always working on ways to improve.
For one thing, I’ve decided to try and always try to come out on
Mondays. This is because I can give you information on the latest Alias
episode. However, it’s sometimes hard for me to make this “deadline”
because of school.

Anyway, if you have any suggestions, please feel free to email me at . I always love hearing from other fans.

8: Winner of the banner competition
Sorry for forgetting to mention this in past weeks, but DivineInferno
has won the banner competition. Devine; remember to claim your custom
member title at the forums :)

You’ll be able to see her banner on display sometime in the next few

9: Affiliates
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10: Final Thoughts
Remember to email me at about how you think I can
improve The Alias Newsletter, and be sure to click the link below to
vote for us :)

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Thanks for reading!

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