Issue 33

Azhria Lilu

Nov 18, 2002
Derbyshire, UK
The Alias Newsletter

Sorry for the very late issue, but I had exams and then the service I
use to send out the newsletter was down. Also, there won’t be another
issue for a few weeks because I’ll be away :(

Summary of “The Abduction”:
Sydney tells Will that Devlin would approve of him doing research if he
undergoes a psychological evaluation test. Francie walks in on their
conversation and wonders aloud about the secrecy between Will and Syd.
Later on, Irina tries to explain to Syd why she worked with the KGB, and
calls herself a fool for abandoning her daughter. They hug but guards
separate them.

Sloane threatens Sark with torture, questioning his allegiance after the
failed mission in Kashmir. Sark declares his loyalty to Sloane and
suggests that a leak could have come from within SD-6. Shortly
thereafter, Sloane organizes a mission pairing Sydney and Sark. He
describes the NSA's Echelon Satellite System, which filters
transmissions and indicates threats to national security. Sark informs
the group that Cuvee is in possession of an Echelon terminal and is
moving it from its Paris location via armed transport. They must steal
the terminal and bring it back to SD-6.

At the CIA, Vaughn gives Syd the countermission: she is provided with a
deletion program that she will upload to the terminal, so when SD-6
turns it on, the hard drive will be wiped clean. Vaughn says that
Alice's father died; Syd offers condolences. Meanwhile, Jack tells Irina
that he believes she and Sark are still in league. He offers her a deal
that would relocate her to private prison in Puget Sound in return for a
full explanation of why she turned herself in.

In Paris, Sydney and Sark disable their target, a guarded truck, but
learn that it was a decoy. Sydney gives chase to a man who emerges from
another vehicle and finally grabs the terminal. Meanwhile, Sloane
introduces Jack to Ariana Kane, the head of Alliance
counter-intelligence, who is investigating Emily's mysterious
reappearance. Later, she interrogates Jack, who explains that Sloane
recruited Syd without his knowledge in order to ensure his loyalty.
After Will's taken the psych test, he and Syd talk in a bar. As she
justifies her secrecy by calling it a "gesture of love," Vaughn and
Alice enter. They meet, share an awkward moment and move on.

Back SD-6, Sloane tells the team that a failsafe erased the Echelon
terminal's hard drive. Cuvee, he says, may be able to reverse engineer a
new terminal based on duplicate software that he's stored on a secure
server in London, so he wants Syd to delete it. Marshall says the server
can detect any electronic intrusion, so it must be cracked manually by a
polymorphic algorithm — something only he can do. A nervous Marshall
accepts his mission.

Vaughn tells Sydney that Marshall must be taken into protective custody
after the mission because he has a photographic memory and will recall
the system files even if they're deleted. He is, essentially, a human
reboot. Sydney cautions that SD-6 is Marshall's life, and that the truth
would be difficult for him to handle.

In London, Sydney and Marshall arrive at Royal Albert Hall dressed
impeccably for the London Philharmonic. They sit behind Thatcher Powell,
Cuvee's head of IT security, who is the only man with access to the
secure server. They sedate him, steal the access key and go to the
server facility. While Sydney is trashing a couple of guards, Marshall
is shot with a tranquilizer, which makes him too woozy to hack into the
server. Sydney revives him with a kiss, and he quickly succeeds. They
retrieve the software and return the key before Powell awakens. But they
are observed by a mysterious man in a wheelchair.

After Syd and Marshall split for their return flight, Marshall is taken
into custody — but not by the CIA! At SD-6, Ariana insists to Sloane
that Jack is the prime suspect because he is unafraid of Sloane and is
therefore hiding something.

When Jack visits Irina to discuss the deal again, Irina states that she
has nothing to confess and that she turned herself in to make up for
past mistakes. She also says that she will now allow Jack to debrief
her, in addition to Sydney.
A terrified Marshall is in the custody of … "Suit and Glasses."


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