Issue 37

Azhria Lilu

Nov 18, 2002
Derbyshire, UK
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Issue 37

Tuesday, January 28, 2003

In this issue:
1. Latest Episode: Phase One: Summary
2. Latest Episode: Phase One: Quotes
3. Latest Episode: Phase One: Music
4. Latest Episode: Phase One: What did you think?
5. Latest Episode: Phase One: More
6. Next Episode: Double Agent
7. Article of the Week
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9. Quote of the Week
10. Feature of the Week: What is next for Alias?
11. Affiliates
12. Final Thoughts

1. Latest Episode: Phase One: Summary

In a comfortably appointed 747, Sydney poses as a call girl and models
lingerie for an unnamed fat man. She gets close to him, surprising him
with a choke hold and demands to know the location of Server 47. He
tells her, and she knocks him and downloads data from the terminal. She
searches the plane for a parachute and fends off a guard — but the fat
man appears brandishing a gun and fires at Syd …

At the CIA, Vaughn pulls Sydney aside and says that it isn't working
between them because he's going crazy with passion and worry for her.
She agrees but they rationalize their chemistry is helping bring down
SD-6. Weiss interrupts and they end the conversation. Kendall reveals
that Sloane is MIA and has been replaced as head of SD-6 by Anthony
Geiger. Syd and Jack's new mission is to get close to him.

At SD-6, Sydney introduces herself to Geiger, professes loyalty and,
under his quetioning, tells him that she felt it was her fault that
Sloane had Danny killed. Later Sark tells her that he's nervous about
Geiger, who has looked into Sloane's secret files on Server 47. Syd then
tells Jack that this mysterious server could have crucial information
about the Alliance that could make them vulnerable.

Vaughn locates the Server 47 — it's on a continuously airborne 747 that
lands only to refuel and is guarded by a man named Macor (the fat
man).As payment for spending his life on the jet, he's supplied with an
unlimited number of call girls. Syd's mission is to gain access to the
server in the main cabin by playing a high-priced hooker.

Vaughn and Weiss observe Sydney's conduct via a monitor from a cargo
plane flying at a lower altitude. They watch with disbelief as Macor's
shot misses and as Syd picks up a gun and fires — puncturing the plane's
hull and depressurizing the cabin. Macor is sucked out and drawn into
the jet engine. Struggling against the vacuum, Sydney manages to find a
parachute and jumps to safety.

In L.A., Will tells Francie that he must quit her restaurant because he
got a job as a travel writer. She's genuinely happy for him and an
innocent kiss turns romantic. Later on, they tell Sydney.

Kendall is reluctant to move on the info downloaded from Server 47
because the risk is too great if it's incorrect. Sydney suggests they
verify the security code at the SD-6 computers with what's in the new
info. If it matches, then the info is accurate.

Meanwhile, Geiger notices a strange email that Sloane had written and
runs a program that tracks keystrokes. The email reveals that Sloane
knew that Jack and Syd were double agents working against SD-6!Geiger
confronts Jack. Jack calls Syd and tells her to come down to SD-6, but
to take surface streets because the highway is jammed — a coded phrase
meaning he's been compromised. Geiger tortures Jack with electrocution,
hoping to find out who Jack's working for.

Sydney is frantic because she can't help Jack and knows Kendall will
think a rescue is too risky. She tells Will and Francie to leave town
because someone is looking for her. She then meets with Dixon and
reveals to him the truth about SD-6 and her role as a double-agent. She
asks him to hack into SD-6's innermost server and make visible to the
CIA the code that will verify their info. Dixon is dubious but
acquiesces. When the CIA receives the code, Kendall orders a global
assault on all Alliance and SD cells.

A CIA team overruns SD-6. Sydney finds Jack just in time and shoots
Geiger. As the CIA gains control of the facility, Sydney and Vaughn see
each other amidst the carnage and kiss passionately!

Later Sark, who has escaped unharmed, phones Sloane and informs him that
Phase One is complete. A pleased Sloane asks him to check in on their
"new asset." Sark phones … Francie. But it's a double. She's murdered
the real Francie, who lies on the floor with a bullet in her head!

2. Latest Episode: Phase One: Quotes
“What was wrong with the black one?” – Sydney Bristow
“Do you think it’s comfortable to wearing clothes like this?” – Sydney

“…When all I want to do is kiss you” – Michael Vaughn

“What is this? The flirting corner?” – Weiss

“We sorta made out” – Francie

“You know the weird part? The really weird part? It wasn’t weird” – Will

“Hey, no one can resist pigs in a blanket” – Marshall

“Don’t talk to me” – Dixon

“Hey! Guys! Hear what I said? Asses?” – Weiss

“Good. Move on to Phase two. Check in on our new asset. Se if everything
is on schedule” - Sloane

More quotes:

3. Latest Episode: Phase One: Music

Artist: AC/DC
Song: "Back in Black"
Label: Sony

Artist: Lenny Kravitz
Song: "American Woman"
Label: Virgin America

Artist: Groove Armada
Song: "Hands of Time"
Label: Jive Records

Artist: Bill Withers
Song: "Use Me"
Label: Columbia Records

4. Latest Episode: Phase One: What did you think?

A lot of things changed on Sunday. Respond to the changes here:

You can also check out what hundreds of other fans thought of the

5. Latest Episode: Phase One: More

Server 47 is the one Sydney needs to access on the plane, the one that
is the main The Alliance computer, which was on a 747 plane.

No way!
How did Sydney put her hair up on the plain after getting out of the
underweaer? It was just suddenly put up

Random Notes
The ALIAS logo is normally only at the end - that was weird!
The song “American Woman” was also in a promo for the real Alias pilot

Over the [A]tlantic
Los Angel[E]s

6. Next Episode: Double Agent

Sydney, Vaughn and Jack must determine whether CIA agent Lennox (Ethan
Hawke) is who he says he is after his deep cover mission is compromised.

Everything Double Agent related:

PREaction (what you think will happen – NO spoilers please):

Spoilers (information about what WILL happen, from “moles” inside ABC
and other sources) [note: Unless otherwise noted, NO spoilers have been
confirmed by – they are just claims by the members who post

All spoiler topics:

Including these spoilers (NOTE: I haven’t even read them, I don’t want
to be spoiled. As such, these have not been confirmed.):

7. Article of the Week

From Matt Roush's "Roush Room" at

What packed a punch on Super Bowl night? Alias.

As so often happens, the game itself was a snoozer. The ads (a few cute,
a few gamy) were mostly a shrug. The only thing that lived up to the
"super" billing of a Super Bowl Sunday was an astonishing hour of Alias
— and for reasons that escape me, ABC made us sit through a Bon Jovi
performance, an insipid Penn and Teller stunt and bloated post-game
analysis, not starting the much-touted episode until 11 pm/ET. By this
time, a huge chunk of the audience no doubt had drifted; ABC effectively
wasted the opportunity to introduce a massive fan base to one of the
most entertaining shows of our time.

The Alias episode, cunningly scripted by creator J.J. Abrams, provided
just enough exposition to ground the newbies, after luring them with a
jaw-droppingly sexy entrance by Jennifer Garner. "You think it's
comfortable wearing clothes like this?" she snarled to a lecherous
villain who made her parade in red underwear before he got his. The
ensuing fight to the death aboard a luxury airplane was thrilling enough
to satisfy anyone not sated by all those ads for Matrix and Terminator

From then on, the episode rocketed from one sensational, pivotal turning
point to the next. It was thrilling and shocking, exhilarating and
(ultimately) upsetting.

Relation"shippers" got their fix when Sydney (Garner) and her lovesick
handler Vaughn (Michael Vartan) finally got to kiss. But only after
leading a bloody raid on SD-6 — where does this leave her partner Dixon
(Carl Lumbly) and poor sweet gadget freak Marshall (Kevin Weisman)? —
and presumably destroying the shadowy Alliance.

The final revelations were staggering: Sloane (Ron Rifkin), still in
hiding, had manipulated everyone, apparently aware for some time that
Syd and her father Jack (Victor Garber) were double agents working for
the CIA. He masterminded the Alliance downfall with Sark (David Anders),
and arranged (biggest shock of all) the murder of Syd's beloved roomie
Francie (Merrin Dungey), replacing her with a cold-blooded double.

(Side note for all those mourning Francie, who had just started getting
amorous with Bradley Cooper's Will: While this is a tragedy for the
character, it has to be seen as a boon for the actress. Obviously the
murderer won't get away with this ruse forever, but what a juicy role to
play — right up there with Nina on 24.)

The show's playing field has seemingly changed for good. I couldn't be
more excited. As with 24, I'm now breathlessly awaiting the next episode
of Alias more than I have for months.

Despite ABC's greedy milking and overextending of the post-show, I'm
hoping the promotion and scheduling of Alias on Super Bowl night have a
positive impact on the show's ratings fortunes. Whatever happens, no one
can say Abrams didn't come through with a blockbuster episode deserving
of the special treatment.

And one final observation about ABC: If the network had decided to
launch one of its cheesy reality shows on Super Bowl night, do you think
they would have waited until 11 pm to start it? Not likely.

8. Browse More News
You can browse more Alias-related news that we didn’t have time for here

9. Quote of the Week

“What was wrong with the black one?” – Sydney Bristow

10. What is next for Alias?

Alias has changed. There were a few things that I thought couldn’t
happen until the last few episodes of Alias. Three were Sydney and
Vaughn kissing (it would ruin the tension), Francie being evil or dying
(she brings such good balance and sense of reality to the show), and the
destruction of SD-6 (this had been Sydney’s mission from day one – so
there would be little point to future plot).

All three of these things happened in “Phase One” – an episode that sent
Alias in a new direction. There are so many questions that have yet to
be answered (Where is Will? What is Phase Two? Who is the evil Francie?
What about Marshall? Dixon? Where in the world is Irina in all of this?
And more…)

The fundamental formula for Alias was shattered. However, this may be
fore the best. If everything had continued as it had, yes, we could have
explored Irina more but eventually it would get old.

This brings a new challenge for Alias and the Alias crew and cast. Yet I
have faith that they will to be able to pull off this major change in

11. Affiliates

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12. Final Thoughts

This week is a one that brings new things to Alias – a one we may
remember for a long time.

Have a great week.

Editor, The Alias Newsletter

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