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Issue 42

Discussion in 'The Alias Newsletter' started by Azhria Lilu, Jun 17, 2003.

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    The Alias Newsletter
    The newsletter of http://AllAlias.com

    Issue 42

    Monday, March 31, 2003

    In this issue:
    1. Summary: Endgame
    2. Quotes: Endgame
    3. Music: Endgame
    4. More from: Endgame
    5. Preview: Countdown
    6. Preview: Second Double
    7. Extra: Jennifer Garner brings friend to Oscars
    8. Much More News
    9. Quote of the Week
    10. Final Thoughts

    Ready? Let’s begin!

    1. Summary: Endgame

    Dixon apologizes to Sydney for taking the shot that killed Emily and
    says he has requested reassignment. In hiding, a vengeful Sloane, no
    longer interested in the Rambaldi quest, tells Irina that he wants to
    know who murdered his wife.

    At the CIA, a restless Sydney suggests to Elsa Caplan that she be
    hypnotized, for lack of any other leads. Elsa angrily refuses and is
    upset that Syd thinks she isn't doing enough to find her husband Neil.
    Meanwhile, Irina gives Neil an encrypted database of DNA taken from 10
    million people, with the expectation that he can find one specific

    Working at home, Syd significantly gives Vaughn a drawer in her bureau.
    While poring over records, Syd notices 3 calls to Caplan's house at odd
    hours and traces them to Gregory Ivanov, a reporter working for an
    organization known to give cover to Russian SVR agents. After Ivanov is
    put under surveillance, she discovers that he has just received a fax
    that says "endgame." Later Elsa admits that Ivanov was her handler and
    that she married Caplan in order to monitor him. She also implanted in
    his arm a cyanide pill, and the meaning of the fax is that the pill has
    been activated and will kill her husband in 42 hours. She tells Syd that
    she really does love Caplan.

    According to Elsa, the pill has a tracking chip that's activated by a
    code that she knows. If they can get a locating device from a
    blackmarket contact in Moscow who deals in SVR contraband, they can
    enter the code and find Caplan. Jack doesn't trust Elsa, given her
    similarities to Irina, and refuses to act on the information even though
    it could lead them to Sloane. Syd secretly tells Elsa that she'll get
    the device herself. Elsa gives her the code.

    Caplan attacks Irina in an attempt to escape. Sloane shoots him in the
    leg and threatens to waste him, but Irina says Caplan is still needed.
    Later, Sloane contacts Francie with a request.

    Dixon confers with his wife Diane about his reassignment. He wants to do
    it for the sake of their marriage. She pledges her love and loyalty to

    Jack has Syd trailed. She notices the agents and pulls into a drugstore
    where a group of Sigma Gamma sorority girls shop and chat. As Syd phones
    Vaughn and relays a coded message, she buys random items — wrapping
    paper, tape, a wig. She ducks into a back room and, using the purchased
    goods, disguises herself as a one of the girls, and joins them on the
    way out. Vaughn, meanwhile, decodes Syd's message. She's going to

    Jack confronts Vaughn. He intercepted the message and refuses to send
    Sydney backup. In Moscow, Syd, disguised as a cowgirl, meets the
    blackmarket dealer in an ersatz honky-tonk bar. Before he'll listen to
    her, she must prove her worth by riding the mechanical bull for 8
    seconds, which she does. She then pays fifty thousand dollars for the
    locating device. Syd calls Vaughn and tells him to meet her in Saria,

    Francie, who has altered Will's phone, calls him at the CIA and asks him
    to pull up a recipe on a Web site. As he does it, she somehow uses him
    to hack into CIA computers and downloads the surveillance tape of
    Emily's death. Sloane then identifies Dixon as Emily's killer.

    Vaughn and Syd arrive at an office building in Saria and overpower the
    guards. They find Caplan, who says Sark is in the area. He also tells
    Syd that he's an NSA agent and he knows that his wife is a Russian
    operative. Sark eludes Vaughn as Syd extracts the suicide pill.

    Back at the CIA, Caplan and Elsa reunite. Convinced of their love, Jack
    has granted Elsa defector status. Syd says the data Caplan has decrypted
    gives them leads on Sloane. Unswayed, Jack says that Syd will be
    transferred if she disobeys him again. Marshall finds that the satellite
    footage from Tuscany has been downloaded from the CIA computers — and
    that it was an inside job.

    At dinner with his wife Diane, Syd, and Vaughn, Dixon announces that he
    has rescinded his transfer. The group leaves the restaurant and Diane
    gets into her car to pickup the kids, saying she'll meet Dixon at home.
    As she drives off, the car explodes. Francie leaves the scene.

    - ABC

    2. Quotes: Endgame

    “If I had a shot I might have taken it” – Sydney

    “I know what Emily meant to you. I’m sorry.” – Dixon

    “The backpack is getting a little ridiculous” – Sydney

    “I’m telling you because I love him” – Wife

    Sydney: She turned herself in.
    Jack: She’s not the first.

    “When you first told me the truth I said I didn’t know who you are. I’ve
    always known who you are. I just didn’t know what you did. You’re the
    most decent man I know. Whatever you decide, I’ll be with you.” – Diane
    (Dixon’s wife)

    “Where’s your bathroom?” – Sydney

    “If I had my way you’d never see your son again.” – Jack

    "Just because you are comfortable with my daughter doesn’t mean you are
    comfortable with me" –Jack

    “Marshall! English! Please!” – Jack

    "I’m not giving you a drawer."-Weiss

    3. Music: Endgame

    Artist: Luce
    Song: "Good Day"
    Label: Nettwerk records

    Artist: Turin Brakes
    Song: "Rain City"
    Label: Astralwerks Records

    Artist: The Breeders
    Song: "Cannonball"
    Label: 4AD/Elektra

    Artist: Bering Strait
    Song: "Porushka-Paranya"
    Label: Universal-South Records

    4. More from: Endgame


    6.8/10 (second in timeslot)

    5. Preview: Countdown

    As noted last week, season two episode 20 will be called “Countdown”.

    Sadly, it will be four weeks until this episode airs.

    6. Preview: Second Double

    Season two episode 21 will be called “Second Double”. You can react to
    this here: http://forums.allalias.com/?act=ST&f=143&t=2680

    7. Extra: Jennifer Garner brings friend to Oscars

    From TeenHollywood.com:

    Daredevil and Alias star Jennifer Garner made her longtime best pal's
    (Katie Gage) dreams come true last Sunday by taking her to the OSCARS
    instead of her husband.

    The stunning actress thrilled her pal, who was in Los Angeles for a hen
    party before her wedding, by telling her that she was to be her guest at
    the Academy Awards.

    Garner's actor husband Scott Foley says, "She's an old friend from Jen's
    childhood and it was like her dream to go. I'll get to go another year."

    8. Much More News

    As always, you can check up on our archive of Alias news at

    And cast-related news here:

    9. Quote of the Week

    “You were neither. You were a turkey. You were the only Turkey who was
    spared in celebration of the harvest” – Jack

    10. Final Thoughts

    Thanks for reading this issue and have a great week!

    Also, don’t forget to preorder the Alias DVD set:


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