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Issue 45

Discussion in 'The Alias Newsletter' started by Azhria Lilu, Jun 17, 2003.

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    Nov 18, 2002
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    The Alias Newsletter
    The newsletter of http://AllAlias.com

    Issue 45

    Monday, April 28, 2003

    In this issue:
    1. Summary: Coundown
    2. Music: Countdown
    3. Reaction: Countdown
    4. Preview: Second Double & The Telling
    5. Jack as a Tragic Hero
    6. Look Back: Favorite Quotes from Season 2
    7. Look Back: More is coming
    8. Much More News
    9. Final Thoughts

    Ready? Let’s begin!

    1. Summary: Countdown

    At Diane's funeral, Vaughn observes a grieving Dixon secretly pop pills.
    Later, he tells Sydney that Dixon is self-medicating and should take
    time off before going back to work.

    Sark suggests that Sloane go to Panama City. Sloane seems distracted and
    declines, but gives him a number to call to get what he needs while
    Irina lays low in Cypress. Sloane admits that killing Diane was a
    mistake. He's going on leave, he says, and hands Sark the reins.

    At the CIA, Marshall gives a presentation on Rambaldi for the benefit of
    NSA task force leader Frederick Brendan and Rambaldi expert Kerry
    Bowman. In his 15th century drawings, Marshall explains, Rambaldi drew a
    DNA profile of Panamanian named Proteo Di Regno. His DNA is the code key
    to decrypt page 94 of the Rambaldi manuscript, which foretells certain
    apocalyptic events. One of them is to happen in 48 hours and may involve
    Di Regno. Syd and Dixon are dispatched to find him and bring him back.

    But Syd and Dixon arrive in Panama City too late. Not only is Di Regno
    dead, his heart has been ripped out. They find that he has a Rambaldi
    tattoo. Syd also finds a latex glove, which yields a fingerprint of an
    assassin named Emilio Vargas.

    Back home, Vaughn requests that Dixon be taken out of the field. When
    Jack refuses, Vaughn does an end-around and calls Dr. Barnett. Marshall,
    meanwhile, makes a love connection when he offers a Kleenex to Bowman,
    who's been moved to tears by a Joni Mitchell song. They discuss Rambaldi
    and find they share common interests. She asks him out for sushi.

    Dixon and Syd find Vargas and defeat him in a swordfight. Dixon exhibits
    exceptional brutality during the interrogation, but he gets info about
    Di Regno and Sloane. Later, Dixon is called in to see Barnett at
    Vaughn's prompting. Dixon says he used necessary force and that he needs
    to be involved in the hunt for Sloane. She's not so sure, however. When
    Dixon confronts Syd later, she denies reporting him. Dixon reveals he's
    been taking Vicoden and that he must take a drug test . Sydney is
    furious at Vaughn, but he stands by his actions.

    Sloane appears in the Himalayas, trekking to a monastery on a remote
    mountaintop. He finds the monk who sent him on the Rambaldi quest 30
    years ago and vents his anger. The monk responds without fear.

    Vaughn later apologizes to Syd; Dixon's drug test is negative. Syd tells
    Dixon he passed the test, but Dixon reveals he switched the results and
    begs her not to tell Barnett. He's lost without Diane, he says. Syd
    covers for him when Barnett calls her in. Meanwhile, Dixon contemplates
    suicide on a bridge.

    The CIA tracks the heart to a truck delivering to a ship docked in
    Cartegena. When Dixon and Syd are sent on the mission, Dixon promises
    that he can handle the stress. At the dock, Syd and Dixon find the
    truck, but the heart has been moved. Dixon brutally beats a dockworker
    who he thinks is hiding info. He reveals a bomb and threatens to blow
    them all up unless he gets answers. Neither Syd nor Vaughn can do
    anything for fear of setting the bomb off. As the timer winds down, the
    man tells Dixon that the heart is on the boat. The timer goes to zero,
    but Dixon was bluffing — he had cut the timer cord. It's 10 minutes to
    midnight, the prophecy has been thwarted … or has it?

    The monk knows that Emily died; it was necessary, he says. He presents
    Sloane with a scroll. Sloane learns that his journey has just begun.

    The CIA team opens the box and finds the "heart." Dixon apologizes to
    Syd for putting her in a tough position. He says that he came to terms
    Diane's death while on the bridge. Vaughn and Syd relax in a park.
    Vaughn says Dixon admitted he switched the tests, and for that he'll get
    leniency. Syd reveals she knew what Dixon had done and apologizes. They
    walk off, arm in arm.

    - ABC

    2. Music: Countdown

    ORIGINAL MUSIC: Michael Giacchino

    Artist: Lizzie West
    Song: "Prayer"
    Label: Warner Bros. Records

    Artist: Kinky
    Song: "Mas"
    Label: Nettwerk America

    Artist: Aretha Franklin
    Song: "You're All I Need to Get By"
    Label: Atlantic Records

    3. Reaction: Countdown

    What did you think of Countdown? Express your opinion and see what
    others thought at http://forums.allalias.com/?act=ST&f=135&t=3645&

    4. Preview: Second Double & The Telling

    Alias wraps up with a special, two-part season finale. In part one of
    the two-hour broadcast — Second Double — Sydney begins to question
    Will's identity when he's arrested for espionage, under suspicion of
    being a double. Meanwhile Sark and Irina plot to recover the Rambaldi
    heart, and Sloane makes Jack a business proposal. In part two — The
    Telling Sydney finally confronts her mother, who reveals her true
    motivation. Sloane, for his part, begins to execute his new grand plan,
    Will struggles to figure out who's behind his set-up, and Marshall finds

    5. Jack as a Tragic Hero

    Verdantheart, one of the AllAlias.com staff members, has written a
    wonderful essay called “Jack as a Tragic Hero”.

    I would have included it in this issue, but because of its length, I’m
    going to have to link to it:

    6. Look Back: Favorite Quotes of Season 2

    All this week at AllAlias.com, leading up to the season two finale on
    Sunday, we're looking back at season two so far.

    So today, here are the AllAlias.com team's favorite ten quotes from
    Season 2 (in no particular order):

    No Dad. You understand something. You took away my choices in life. You
    programmed me to be a spy. I will never forgive you for this. ~ Sydney,
    "The Indicator"

    There is one way for you to verify if my nocturnal activities are a
    security risk, Miss Kane, but somehow I think we’d both prefer the
    torture. ~ Jack, "The Abduction"

    What was wrong with the black one? . . . Do you think it’s comfortable
    wearing clothes like this? ~ Sydney, "Phase One"

    Legally he’s right. Ethically he’s an ass. ~ Jack, "A Free Agent"

    You may need to think of yourself as an honorable husband, a father
    figure, but I won’t ever see you that man in you--which, frankly, is why
    we have this agreement . . . Never talk to me about your love for Sydney
    again. ~ Irina "Truth Takes Time"

    I’d say you’re setting me up to be killed or I underestimated your love
    for your wife. ~ Irina, "Truth Takes Time"

    "Hi. Welcome. Don't kill me." - Marshall, The Passage, Part I

    Sydney can be stubborn. Where she got that from is anyone's guess. ~
    Jack, "A Dark Turn"

    You’re too forgiving, Sydney. Don’t pretend I’m something I’m not. I’ve
    never been a real mother to you and you don’t owe me a second chance. ~
    Irina, "A Free Agent"

    "You do have an oven, you know. We can reheat it." ~ Vaughn, "Double

    7. Look Back: More is Coming

    We’re going to be looking back all week on AllAlias.com – tomorrow is
    our favorite guest stars – so stay tuned. I’ll try to link to all of the
    look backs in next week’s issue.

    8. Much More News

    As always, you can check up on our archive of Alias news at

    And cast-related news here:

    9. Final Thoughts

    Thanks for reading this issue and have a great week!

    Also, don’t forget to preorder the Alias DVD set:



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