Issue 46

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Issue 46

Thursday, May 8th, 2003

In this issue:
1. Summary: Second Double
2. Summary: Countdown
3. Columns: Second Double
4. Reaction: Second Double & The Countdown
5. Quotes: Second Double & The Countdown
6. Music: Second Double & The Countdown
7. Look Back at the Look Backs
8. Much More News
9. Final Thoughts

Ready? Let’s begin!

1. Summary: Second Double

Francie tells Sark that the CIA believes Will has been compromised.
Irina, informed by Sark, refuses to allow Francie to kill Will but
supports his set-up. Francie hypnotizes Will and burns the mark of the
second double on his retina.

Jack, suspecting Will of stealing footage of the Tuscany raid and of
being the second double, has him arrested for espionage. Jack then shows
Syd and Vaughn a digital recording found in Will's posession — it's of
them fooling around in Syd's apartment. Later, Syd tells a frightened
Will that his ocular scan shows an accumulation of proteins, convincing
evidence that he's the double. Syd asks him in what room they kissed but
Will can't remember the specifics because Francie has selectively erased
his memories. Syd then blows her cover to Francie, believing Francie
needs to be protected.

. When Will's fingerprints are found on the detonator that killed Diane,
Dixon pays him a visit in the CIA holding cell. Will cannot convince
Dixon of his identity and Dixon nearly chokes him to death. Will is soon
trasferred to a prison camp on orders from the Department of Justice.
Sark tells Francie that she'll have to kill Will in order to maintain
her cover. Jack confronts Kendall, who went behind his back to the DOJ
to secure Will's transfer.

The CIA has located Dr. Hans Jurgen, the creator of the Project Helix
equipment, and believes he may know the identity of the second double.
In a Berlin sex club, Sydney, clad as a dominatrix, ties Jurgens up
while Vaughn takes pictures. Under threat of blackmail, Jurgens swears
he doesn't know the double's identity but says the DNA data is stored on
a European server farm.

Will's convoy is attacked. As Dixon fights off the attackers, Will
escapes. He desperately calls Syd, who wants to help. Will, however,
says he can't trust her, that she's destroyed his life and he wishes
they never met. Syd is still determined to help and mentions the server
farm. Will says his research showed that Markovic owned land in
Marseilles, and that might be the server location.

Irina, speaking to a contact, asks for the blueprints to a government
storage facility. She then mentions to Sark that NSA security is based
on a keycard. Sark admits he authorized the assault on Will and that
Will is now at large. He suggests that if they get to Marseilles first,
they could exchange the real double's DNA, which would prove Will's
innocence, for the NSA keycard.

Jack determines Will's fingerprints were placed on the detonator after
it was wiped. He arranges for Syd to go to Marseilles behind Kendall's
back, knowing that he'll lose his his managerial position and be
replaced by Kendall. Sloane unexpectedly confronts Jack at a restaurant.
He says he forgives Jack for his SD-6 betrayal, to which Jack replies
that their friendship ended when he recruited Syd. Sloane admits that
was a mistake and asks Jack to partner with him in the next phase of the
Rambaldi quest — and promises that Syd won't be involved. Jack declines.
Sloane, undeterred, says they will work together again.

In the Marseilles facility, Syd's objective is to secure a killswitch
worn by the security chief and prevent the deletion of data. Vaughn
poses as a drunk, allowing Syd to breach security. She finds that Irina
has already killed the guard and possesses the killswitch. Irina tazers
Syd and destroys the data. She's copied and transferred it to a secure
location, however, and will give it to Syd in return for a favor.

Will, believing he can trust only Francie, calls her. She picks him up
and they drive off.


2. Summary: The Telling

At the CIA, a depressed Sydney confers with Vaughn. Marshall begins
receiving top-secret info — Irina is uploading the double's DNA, as she
said she would. Syd then tells Will that he's been cleared because the
downloaded DNA doesn't match his, it's from one H.E. Doren.

While Syd is unwinding at an ice rink, Irina shows up to call in her
favor. Syd attacks but Irina throws her down and reveals the whole of
her plan. Sloane had 23 Rambaldi artifacts, she says, and the CIA had
24. They had to be put together in order to work so she proposed to
Sloane that they work together to defeat The Alliance and raid the CIAs
storage facility, which is in an NSA lab in Nevada. Her favor — she
simply wants Syd to raid a warehouse in Zurich where Sloane hides the
Rambaldi artifacts.

Sark and Francie meet, and he calls her Allison. He says they can't
reverse the doubling process because Markovic's lab has been destroyed.
Sark says they'll get her back and they kiss.

Will investigates and finds the name Allison Georgia Doren on a list of
children involved in Project Christmas. She was supposed to have died in
a car accident as a child. Will calls Doren's parents and finds that her
body was never identified.

In Zurich, Syd and a team raid the warehouse. Rather than Rambaldi
artifacts, they find kitchen appliances stuffed in crates.

While transporting the Di Regno heart, Jack is attacked and captured by
Sloane, who reveals that in 24 hours the final Rambaldi machine, called
"The Telling," will be complete. He speaks almost mystically, referring
to a "change." Jack, venomous, pities the void in Sloane's life. For his
part, Sloane says they're still friends.

Irina calls Syd and says Sloane switched the crates. She doesn't know
where he is but Sark, hiding in a Stockholm club, does. Although Syd
doesn't trust her, she and Vaughn go and do, indeed, find Sark. Weasel
that he is, Sark quickly offers up Sloane, saying that he and Jack are
in Mexico City. Later, from a CIA prison cell, he directs them to
Sloane's hideout.

The CIA team storms an office building and engages in a gunbattle. Dixon
finds Jack. Irina appears, and while she seems to be on Sydney's side,
Syd runs after her while Vaughn goes after Sloane. Syd confronts her on
the skyscraper's rooftop and threatens to kill her. Irina says that
Sloane believes he's been chosen to realize the word of Rambaldi. Only
Syd can stop him, Irina says, because she — not Sloane — is the chosen
one of the prophecy. "I love you," Irina says, and jumps. Holding on to
a bungee cord, she shoots out windows and swings back into the building
to escape.

At home, Will finds Provacillium — the medicine needed to counteract the
buildup of proteins in the double's eyes — at nearly the same time that
Francie sees Will's file on Allison Doren. Having finally discovered the
truth, Will makes a quick phone call to Syd and leaves a voicemail
identifying Francie as the second double. It's too late, though. Francie
attacks Will and she stabs him. He crumples to the floor.

Later, Syd comes home and retrieves her messages while relaxing in the
den with Francie. Keeping a poker face, Syd offers Francie a scoop of
coffee ice cream. Francie accepts, and Syd knows — the real Francie
hated coffee ice cream. Syd goes to her bedroom to get her gun but
Francie confronts her before she can. They engage in a no-holds-barred
brawl. After much carnage, Syd finally shoots Francie and collapses from

Syd wakes in Hong Kong wearing different clothes and appearing confused
and worried. She calls Kendall, who directs her to a safe house. She
arrives there and notices a scar on her stomach. Vaughn arrives and
appears out of sorts. He says Will is okay. He's shaken, he says,
because he thought she was dead. He's come back to explain. Sydney
notices that he's wearing a wedding ring. Reluctantly he tells her that
she's been missing for almost two years.

3. Columns: Second Double

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Spy Dad: -&nbspallalias Resources and Information.

“The Telling” columns are coming soon

4. Reaction: Second Double & The Telling

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5. Quotes: Second Double & The Telling

Sydney: Who ordered this?
FBI: Your father.
“Please… give my back my pants” – Dr. Jurgens (spelling?)

Jack: You went behind my bad.
Kendall: Like that’s anything new around here.

“You have to accept the possibility that the man we had in custody was
not your friend.” – Jack

“Go home. Get some rest.” – Jack

“Syd I love you. I can’t trust you. Not anymore. Meeting you destroyed
me. You want to help me? Prove I’m innocent.” – Will

“I’m aware of the consequences” – Jack

“Sydney I’ve been doing this longer than you have. I’m not cut out for
management anyway.” – Jack

Kendall: Now your just mocking me
Jack: Yes

“There is something I want you to know. I forgive you.” – Sloane

Sloane: When exactly did our friendship end?
Jack: The moment you recruited Sydney over my objection.

“We will never work together again.” – Jack

“Go to hell.” – Irina

“Yeah… I know what legit means”

Will: I didn’t say Jack was involved
Francie: Sure you did. In the car you mentioned his name.

“Stop being as stubborn as I am” – Irina

“Alison, we can’t reverse the process.” – Sark

Sark: You don’t fancy him do you?

“I’ve seen things recently. I’ve seen what’s possible. There’s a change
coming, Jack. Something even I couldn’t imagine.” – Sloane

“My loyalties are flexible” – Sark

“I think that the double is Francie” – Will

“It sucks it turned out this way” – Francie/Allison

6. Music: Second Double & The Telling

Music from "Second Double"

Artist: Macy Gray
Song: "Speechless"
Label: Epic Records

Artist: The Lawyer
Song: "I Wanna MMM"
Label: Time Records

Artist: Glendooz
Song: "Corps a Corps"
Label: Lovecat Music


Music from "The Telling"

Artist: Fleetwood Mac
Song: "Bleed to Love Her"
Label: Reprise Records

7. Look Back at the Look Backs

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8. Much More News

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9. Final Thoughts

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