Issue 5

Azhria Lilu

The Alias Newsletter
Issue 5
Monday, April 15, 2002
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Next Episode: The Solution
In order to catch Khasinau and get closer to finding her mother, Sydney
and Vaughn set up an undercover transaction for a Rambaldi artifact with
Khasinau's representative, Mr. Sark. But Sydney's cover may be
compromised when a SD-6 agent is sent in to thwart the sale.

Meanwhile, Will is enticed to continue his investigation of SD-6 when he
learns the identity of one of his kidnappers...and Sloane is forced to
make the most difficult decision of his life when his terminally ill
wife, Emily (Amy Irving, "Traffic," "Yentl"), tells Sydney that she
knows about SD-6...
Previous Episode: The Solution (copyright ABC)
In the safehouse in the Arkhangelsk forest, Sydney sleeps against Noah's
body...their bliss interrupted when Khasinau's soldiers storm the house.
Escaping through a secret crawlspace below the floorboards, they get
away on a motorcycle -- seconds before the cabin is riddled with

Meanwhile, Vaughn confirms that K-Directorate has hired a known assassin
-- a.k.a. "The Snowman," for his favored use of an ice-pick as a weapon
-- to take out Khasinau. He suggests that by following the hit man, they
can find Khasinau.

When Sydney returns to SD-6, Noah makes her an interesting proposition.
While working undercover, he opened some secret bank accounts and now
wants to run away, leaving the spy world behind...and he wants her to
come with him. She refuses, insisting that she must find her mother
first. But Sloane has uncovered Noah's questionable banking practices
and wonders if the agent is still loyal...
Jack is visibly upset; he tells his daughter that the information on the
data-core is useless for tracking down Khasinau. However, it does
contain video files of Laura recorded after her car
crash, and supposed death.

Sydney watches the grainy video, and learns the unpleasant truth about
her mother. Laura Bristow -- using her real name "Irina Derevko" --
answers questions from Khasinau and another man. Derevko states how she
came to America for the purpose of seducing Jack Bristow. During their
years of marriage, she had gone through his briefcase and monitored his
conversations, reporting everything back to the KGB.

The other man on the tape, Igor Valenko, looks familiar, so Sydney
investigates. She discovers that this man once worked undercover at the
FBI under an alias..."Calder." She concludes that he was the agent who
was, allegedly, chasing Laura Bristow before her fateful crash, and that
he also must have faked his own death.

Sydney uncovers that Valenko currently does business with a bank in Cape
Town, South Africa, and she speculates that he might still be connected
to Khasinau. Using her input, Jack outlines a mission to Sloane -- to
send Noah and Sydney to Cape Town to recover bank records to create a
trail. Sloane is reluctant -- he no longer trusts Noah, and expresses
concerns about Jack defending yet another male figure in Sydney's life
-- but ultimately, he agrees.

Following a separate path to Khasinau, Vaughn travels to Bogota to meet
with a man who once worked with The Snowman. This agent -- scarred and
disfigured from an encounter with the assassin -- had formerly declined
to help the CIA, but time has changed his mind, and he now offers to

With a mixture of curiosity and dread, Jack finally summons the courage
to watch the recovered video of his wife. Although he already knows the
truth, he is crushed to see her treachery in such light...

Using Marshall's ingenious op-tech, Noah and Sydney break into the South
African warehouse and successfully hack into the computer using a
wireless modem. They download all the files onto a laptop, but a
sophisticated security system thwarts their mission...When they return
home, they learn that the hard drive's memory was wiped as they escaped.

One evening, Will and Francie finally confront Sydney about the
mysterious, unexplained plane ticket to Italy. Under pressure, she
confides that the bank has been doing business with extremely private
and sensitive clients as of late...and this is why she must keep secrets
from her own friends.

Just when Sydney is beginning to trust Noah again, she is surprised to
learn that he has accepted another deep cover assignment. Before he
departs, he again pleads with her to run away with him. She finds the
offer quite attractive...ultimately, she must decline, once again...

After further tinkering, Marshall is finally able to recover low-level
sector information from the reformatted drive. According to the records,
Valenko is in Mackay, Australia. Dixon and Sydney are immediately
dispatched to capture him, hoping that this will bring them one step
closer to Khasinau.

Vaughn receives a call from the source in Bogota. The Snowman has been
spotted in Mackay, Australia, and he desperately wants to alert Sydney,
to warn her, but he has no way to contact her.

When Sydney enters Valenko's mansion, she finds no bodyguards...and a
trail of dead bodies. She stumbles into the kitchen and finds The
Snowman standing over a fresh corpse -- and she fights the assassin in a
brutal bout of hand-to-hand combat. During the melee, she impales The
Snowman onto his own ice-pick, and he lies bleeding on the floor. She
pulls back the mask and discovers his true identity... Noah... who
mumbles a sad good-bye to her as he dies...

Quotes & Notes
· Sloane (to wife): "Now come on sweetheart. Your a pain."
· Sloane: "Sydney wasn't intimate with Tippin. She is with Hicks."
· Marshall/Noah/Syd laughing together
· Syd: "Sloane accepted the mission I purposed."
· Syd: "...but I refuse to let the FBI get in my way again"
· Syd's mom (on tape): "Every night for ten years I searched his
briefcase... He was blinded by his emotions. I can tell you one thing.
Jack Bristow is a fool."
· Jack (to Dr. Barnett): "I was wondering if you have some time later
this afternoon"
· Dr. Bartnett: "I'll make time"
· Syd: "Why are you looking at me like that? Did you break something of
· Syd: "I've signed dozens of nondisclosure agreements. A few months ago
my job at the bank changed."
· Will: "Francie thought you were having an affair".
· Syd: "Hey Marshall"
· Marshall: "Sloane didn't tell you? There was not data on the laptop."
· Noah: "I'm leabing tonight. And we can leave together."
· Sydney: "Sometimes all I want to do is disappear."
· Marshall: "Mr. Sloane."
· Sloane: "Marshall. Tell me what you did."
· Marshall: "I found Caldorder"
· Sloane: “Dixon, could you give us a minute?”

· Sydney: OK, I believe this is the final goodbye.
· Caller: Joey’s Pizza
· Sydney: Wrong number

· Michael: “Sydney, you can talk to me. Off the record.”

· Sydney: “This is weird. I don’t see any guards.”

· Sydney: “I gust saw three guards. They’re dead.”

Sydney kills Noah (he’s in black mask)
· Dixon: “Sydney”

Upcoming Airdates
Here are the ROUMORED names of upcoming episodes:

4/21 - Alias - The Solution (originally "Rendezvous")
4/28 - The Big Picture Show - The 6th Sense
5/05 - Alias - Episode 21 – “A Dark Forest”?
5/12 - Alias - Episode 22 - Season Finale – “A Missing Piece”?

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This week’s Alias Quote
“Sydney, you can talk to me. Off the record.”
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Selected fan fiction
Then The Morning Comes

By Elise Koerner

She didn’t know what exactly had happened last night, her memories were
vague and she couldn’t be sure if what she did envision had truly
occurred. It was three in the morning now; she had been up for hours.
Sitting on the cold tiled floor of her bathroom was not something that
she ordinarily did, but then again, what happened last night was far
from ordinary.

The few things she knew for sure weren’t good. There she was in a
meeting with Vaughn. Sitting on those black crates and sipping the tepid
coffee that they both used to avoid the mounting tension between them.
She had just stupidly told him she cared, she had placed her hand over
his and he hadn’t moved away. She didn’t know what possessed her to kiss
him, but whatever it was, it could easily be blamed on the moment. It
was the first moment since Danny’s death that gave her a reason to live.
Will and Francie were good friends but she had a deep suspicion that
they couldn’t fulfill all of her emotional needs.

Maybe Michael Vaughn could. G-d, she loved his name. She loved the way
that it rolled off of her tongue when she said it into the mirror, all
those long hours that she spent thinking about him led up to this
seemingly perfect moment. There he was, looking at her with his deep
eyes, his eyes had been trying to tell her something, but she was
obviously unclear of what they were saying. As she had leaned in to kiss
him, he pulled away. He didn’t say a word, but she knew he had lost all
respect for her. He, out of no where, retorted, “This is neither the
time nor the place”

Why were those words so cold? Why did they sting so much? Why did she
care? She had turned her head away, tried to feign a smooth cool
attitude, much like the one she exuded SD-6. She never acted together in
front of Vaughn. She was always angry at him or so in love with him that
she couldn’t see straight, and a lot of the time it was both…

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