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Issue 8

Discussion in 'The Alias Newsletter' started by Azhria Lilu, Dec 7, 2002.

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    Nov 18, 2002
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    The Alias Newsletter Issue 8

    1. Next episode: Almost Thirty Years
    2. Last Episode: Rendezvous
    3. Alias wins against Smallville!
    4. This summer…
    5. Quote of the week
    6. Jennifer Garner on Letterman
    7. Site of the week: It’s not a site! It’s a chat!
    8. Affiliates
    9. Final Thoughts

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    1: Next Episode: Almost Thirty Years

    Summary (thanks to ABC):
    In order to save Will's life, Sydney and Vaughn must destroy a familiar
    looking Rambaldi device, while Jack makes a risky deal with Khasinau's
    representative, Mr. Sark. Meanwhile, the CIA believes that one of their
    own is a mole for "The Man"; the Alliance comes to a decision regarding
    the fate of Emily Sloane; Dixon's suspicions about Sydney intensify; and
    Sydney finds herself face-to-face with "The Man."

    TVGuide.com summary:
    The spy games heat up as the drama winds down its first season.
    “So many pieces from the year come together,” reveals creator and
    producer J.J. Abrams of the top-secret hour, which he feels is “a
    mirror” to the show's pilot. “Only this time, it's Syd (Jennifer Garner)
    and her father going against both SD-6 and the CIA” after a mole within
    one of the groups puts Will in jeopardy. Abrams also hints at “two
    dramatic deaths,” a major wrinkle in the Rambaldi plot, some bittersweet
    justice for Sloane that could cost him his wife (Amy Irving) and a
    cliffhanger that Abrams will only describe as “the one I've been waiting
    to do all year.” Sark: David Anders. Haladki: Joey Slotnick.

    From Souris at VartanHo.com - http://VartanHo.com
    Original from Forums4Fans
    It has been confirmed that these 3 things will happen in the finale.
    Laura Bristow shows up. Syd gets shot. And Laura tells Jack Sydney isn't
    his daughter.

    Want more? Visit:

    2: Last Episode: Rendezvous

    Rendezvous summary (exclusive to AllAlias.com)

    NOTE: I was in to much shock to take extremely detailed notes. Sorry!

    Also, I believe I spelled some things incorrectly. Sorry about this,

    Quotes & Notes
    · “Hey. Miss me?” - Sydney
    · “For the record, I did miss you.” - Dixon
    · “To be clear, my employer hardly tells anything” - Sark
    · “You will lead me to Kasinau. Understood?” - Sloane.
    · “Where?” - Jack
    · “Paris.” - Will
    · “I’m gonna be this close to him, and no one wants me to get him into
    · “Who the hell are you people?” - Will
    · “How could you bring him into this?” - Sydney
    · “What you have to
    · “Sydney, I don’t love you because of what you do, or what you don’t
    do. I just love you.” - Will
    · “Please tell me you’re not feeling any sympathy to Arvin Sloane” -
    · “I go home and look desperately and look for a tiny moment where I can
    tell anyone the truth about anything” - Sydney


    Last week on Alias, Will went to Jack to say that he knows about Jack.

    Sydney is trying to make a deal and switch the potions. Dixon shows up.
    She is in disguise, however. Michael drops a bomb at Dixon. Sydney
    couldn’t make the switch, so Sark has the real ampule. Sark runs, and
    Sydney chases her. Dixon catches Sydney-in-disguise. Dixon kicks Dixon’s
    butt, but he retaliates. Michael gets Sark. Dixon corners Syndey, but
    Michael saves her. Michael finds that Sark has escaped.

    LOS ANGELES - Jack says to tell deap throat (the person speaking to
    will) “you know about the circumference”. Will asks what this means,
    Jack doesn’t tell him

    LONDON - there is an Alliance meeting. Sloane is there, and he asks for
    Emily’s savior. He says that he will resign if they kill his wife. They
    start the war against Kasinau. They say that if he can bring them
    substantial intel, they won’t kill his wife.

    At SD 6, Sydney and Dixon talks. Dixon seems suspicious. He sees she is
    hurt a little, just like the woman he apprehended in Danpasar.

    Back at Sydney’s / Francie’s house, Jack comes to “drive her to work”.
    He tells her he is disappointed. He say’s Sloane doesn’t trust him much.
    She tells him that he doesn’t even know that SD 6 has Sark.

    At SD 6, Sloane talks to Sark. It is a seemingly normal interrogation.
    Sark requests wine.

    At the apartment, Will, Francie, and Sydney talk. Will isn’t paying to
    attention. Deap throat gives Will instructions to meet.

    At the CIA, Weiss informs Vartan that he saved his butt. Weiss complains
    about Vartan’s “crush”.

    Back at SD 6 and Sloane and Sark, they are talking over wine. He says
    that his employer hardly tells him everything. Sloane tells him that he
    must lead him to Kasinau. At a mission briefing, Sydney is present. She
    gets frustrated that they aren’t going to be trying to get Kasinau, but
    to get information.

    Will and Jack meet. Jack says he will be blindfolded. Will says he knows
    that that feels like, and gives Jack a look. He says he is supposed to
    meet deap throat (or a contact) in Paris.

    At the Sydney / Michael meeting, Sydney comes in surprised that no one
    wants Kasanau in custody. Vartan acts very impersonal.

    PARIS - Dixon and Sydney are trying to get into a party. The guards find
    the disguised devices, but let them in.

    Jack give a liquid to counteract a truth serum. Sodium Pentathol.

    Sark gives Kasanau the ampule. SD 6 is monitoring Sark closely. Sydney
    is a singer (with red hair!). Her hands go around everyone at Sark’s
    table. Dixon gets the heartbeat.

    Someone picks up Will. Dixon goes into the safe, and Sydney sees Will!
    She has to run. Will is in a room. They give a truth sureum. Sydney
    storms in the room and saves Will. He looks up and sees her, screams.
    Sydney asks Will how he got there. Will sees Sydney shooting. Sydney
    does some kick-but action, saves Will. Jack meets them and makes them
    get in.

    Will gets a disguise. Jack explains the whole thing to Sydney. Sydney
    hugs Will, asks him to tell absolutely nobody about this. He agrees to.

    Sloane and Emily are talking on the phone. An Alliance member calls and
    says that Emily will be spared.

    Dixon is asleep. In his dream, he gets a flashback. Dixon asks how
    Sydney’s arm was hurt. Sydney makes up a lie. Dixon is a little

    Sydney says that Sark must have tipped Kas. off. Sloane says that he put
    a trakcing device in Sark’s wine.

    Michael and Sydney talk. Michael seems upset that Sydney may have a
    little sympathy for Slonae. She says that she doesn’t. Michael also says
    that Will may have to be brought in as a secret agent.

    Will is in an apartment. Sydney walks in. She says “I told you not to
    pursue this story”. She says that Danny was killed because he knew.
    Because she told him. Will promises not to tell anyone.

    Emily seems to be getting better.

    There is a team that is sent in to apprehend Sark and Kas.
    They find an empty medical area. Sark had a transfusion.

    Sark shows up where Will is kept, shoots everyone. He opens the door,
    and shoots Will.

    Ring - detects heartbeat signatures - transmits to Dixon’s cell phone
    Cell phone - Dixon uses to receive heartbeat signature and break into

    3: Alias wind against Smallville!

    (from EW.com)

    "We rate TV sweeps' hottest catfights. May sweeps are here again, and
    the nets are wooing advertisers with their best shows and brightest
    stars. EW.com tells you who wins and who loses by Ken Tucker & Bruce


    We say No contest: Sydney Bristow kicks Superboy's butt. Scientific
    studies have shown that people's pulse rates drop while watching TV, but
    not so with ABC's supercharged spy show. Hell, the sight of Jennifer
    Garner alone could induce palpitations. Not to mention the fact that
    ''Alias'' boasts one of TV's best supporting casts, including the
    Emmy-worthy Victor Garber and Ron Rifkin. ''Smallville,'' on the other
    hand, has turned into a real snooze-inducer. The initial scripts were
    witty, but the show's strict ''no tights, no flights'' policy has kept
    it grounded in soggy, ''Dawson's Creek''-style teen angst. It's a bird,
    it's a plane, it's a bore!
    Winner ''Alias'' "
    4: This summer..

    Don't think we're not goning to update just because Alias isn't on.
    Quite the opposite! We'll have tons of news, improved the site, add
    interactive features, and talk about what Alias cast members are doing
    during the break in filming of Alias.

    So keep checking AllAlias.com this summer!

    5: Quote of the week
    OK, I am not a Sydney/Will shipper, but still, I think this is a great
    “Sydney, I don’t love you because of what you do, or what you don’t do.
    I just love you.” - Will

    6: Jennifer Garner on Letterman
    Quotes & Notes
    · Jennifer Garner first on list of guests
    · Music was “who are you?”
    · “The show is very cool” –Jennifer Garner
    · “The show is about a girl who is a double agent” – Jennifer Garner
    · “Stay with me. It’s good. We got it” – Jennifer Garner
    · “She pretends to be a bad guy but really is good” – Jennifer Garner
    · “…is this very handsome actor named Michael Vartan”
    · “…the writers room seemed empty”
    · “I don’t think I’ve ever sat as close to someone who smelled so good”
    – Letterman
    · “ooh there is a cliffhanger” – Jennifer Garner
    · “ohh its killing me. I want to tell you stuff” - Jennifer Garner

    7: Come join others in chat!

    Come join in this very active chat room! The problem is getting there!

    You can find instructions here:

    I believe the next chat is Wedesday, May 7th, 7 PM EST

    8: Affiliates

    The Alias Revolution (<http://www.geocities.com/invisible_playerette/> )
    - a great general site
    Alias HQ ( <http://geocities.com/alais_tv/> ) - a new site with great
    Alias Junkie ( http://www.geocities.com/aliasjunkie ) - a great general
    fan site
    Alias The Alias Addiction (
    <http://usa.internations.net/hollywood/alias/> ) - another new site with
    good content & layout
    Spy Games ( http://SpyGames.cjb.net ) - currently down, changing URL
    Files and records - currently changing hands, link back up soon

    9: Final thoughts

    Well, that’s it for this edition. Please remember to vote for us (see
    below) and visit often!

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