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Issue 9

Discussion in 'The Alias Newsletter' started by Azhria Lilu, Dec 7, 2002.

  1. Azhria Lilu

    Azhria Lilu Rocket Ranger

    Nov 18, 2002
    Derbyshire, UK
    This is an overview of the episode, and quotes. The reason is that I
    have some more exams this week :( .

    Anyway, if you have not seen the episode I suggest that you do NOT read
    the following, as it will ruin the episode for you.

    Almost Thirty Years

    Quotes & Notes
    · “I was told you to keep you alive, but not comfortable” – Sark
    · “Hello” – BITEME guy
    · “I know her well enough to know that she tries to fix things”
    · “Trust is a tricky thing” – Weiss
    · “You had a cavity” – BITEME guy
    · “If your doing what I think your doing, I’m in. If you need me” –
    · “Vaughn, it’s bigger than I thought”.
    · “Thank you” – Will
    · “I have waited almost thirty years” - Voice


    In the last few weeks of Alias, it is revealed that Sloane knows the
    truth about SD 6, and Will found out the truth about SD 6. Sark shot
    him, and Will was brought to a room and chained up. Sark asks Will what
    the circumference is. Will says he doesn’t know. The “BITEME guy” comes
    in and says “hello”.


    At the apartment, Sydney and Francie are talking. Francie wants to open
    a restraunt. Sark calls Sydney, and tells her that she has 48 hours to
    give him the Ampule, or Will dies. At the pier, Jack and Sydney talk.
    Jack looks into getting the page and the ampule. Sydney has to not tell
    Vaughn about this.

    At the garage, Sydney does a great job of lying to Vaughn, but he sense
    things. At the CIA, Michael tells Weiss that he senses Sydney isn’t
    telling her everything.

    At a beach house, Arvin and Emily talk. He tells her the truth about SD
    6. She looks unbelieving. She shakes. We don’t hear everything he says.

    Sydney and Jack talk. He gives her a tool to track Sloane’s speech. Jack
    will reorder the phonemes so that it is the right password. Sydney goes
    into Sloane’s office. She tries to gather words. She gathers the right
    phonemes, leaves the office, and smiles at Dixon. Will is getting
    drilled. The BITEME guy said that he had a cavity

    An Alliance member comes to talk to Sloane. Sloane wants to bring in
    Emily, and that he wants to be a high-ranking officer. The Alliance
    member tells him that he can become high-ranking officer if he kills his

    At a beachfront (near the facility that Page 47 is in that is surrounded
    by water), Sydney gets into a suit, and goes into the water, but Dixon
    followed her. Sydney went into a scuba suit, dove into the water, and
    opened a underwater gate.

    At the CIA, Vauhgn is in a meeting. Weiss reported that Vaughn was
    suspicious of Sydney. Sydney breaks into a lab. She enters the right
    phonemes, enters the lab, and gets the page. Jack breaks into a

    Sydney got out of the water, and Dixon is there. He asks her who he is
    working for. Sydney tells her to believe in her. Dixon asks for a better
    reason. Dixon turned away.

    Jack calls the CIA. He says that he is doing what they were afraid of,
    but they will get the ampule back, in addition to Page 47.

    Back with Will, he has lost a tooth. Or maybe more than that! There is
    blood all over his chin. Will is crying.

    At the paper, the reporter that Will gave the story in case anything
    happened to him wanted to print the story.

    Sydney and Jack put some of the ampule on the page. Jack beats up
    Scumball. He sprays something on him. Scumball admits he is the mole.
    Jack pulls the trigger.

    At the train station, Michael finds Sydney (secretly). He came to stop
    Sydney from giving the page to save Will’s life. Michael talks about his
    father’s diary.

    In an airplane, Vaughn, Sydney, and Jack are there. Back with Will, he
    is prepared for exchange, but he fights back. He succeeds for a little
    while, but not long.

    Sloane puts a poison in Emily’s wine. She says that she forgives him for
    being who he is.

    In TAIPAI, Michael and Sydney (with Blue hair) are at a party. Jack is
    at a pier for the exchange with Sark. They make the exchange. Will hugs
    Jack, says “thank you”. At the party, Sydney and Michael are hard at
    work. She does a lot of super-fast super-kick-butt action. In room 47,
    there is a huge red ball. It is really huge. She says “Vaughn, it’s
    bigger than I thought”. The connection with Vaughn is lost.

    Some guards see Sydney. She sets an explosive, and runs awat from the
    explosion. The big ball, which is now water, puts out the explosion, and
    floods the hallway. A safety door closes, but Michael doesn’t get
    through. Sydney frantically tries to break down the door. A guard shoots

    Sydney is in a room, chained down. Kas. comes in. She says she has
    questions for him. He says to ask her boss. Sydney is shocked, as he
    thought The Man was the boss. He says yes, The Man is the boss, but that
    he is not the boss. Then, a figure comes in. Laura Bristow’s (I think)
    voice then says “I have waited almost Thirty Years…”

    OK, folks, it will be a very long summer.

    Also, please remember that AllAlias.com will still be updating this
    summer. In fact, we'll be adding & improving a lot of the site!

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