Romance It Had to Be You (2000)



Title: It Had to Be You

Tagline: Love is what happens when you're busy making other plans.

Genre: Comedy, Romance

Director: Steven Feder

Cast: Natasha Henstridge, Michael Vartan, Olivia d'Abo, Joelle Carter, Emmy Rossum, Frankie Muniz, Michael Rispoli

Release: 2000-01-01

Runtime: 90

Plot: Two strangers meet and fall in love during the weekend that they are planning their respective weddings.
It Had to Be You (2000)

Has any body seen it yet? Its got Michael Vartan in it so i thought i'd check it out.
whats it about?
It seemed kind of's a romantic comedy. Michael meets this girl, and they are both engaged to other people. Then I don't know what happens.
yeah, i saw it. it is kind of a boring movie. but come has michael vartan. i had to rent it. and watch it 3 times..i cna't help it. i m hopelessly obsessed with him (and alias). but anyway. it is about this guy (charlie)and he is a struggling writer. he used to be a negotiator type cop..but he lost a jumper and quit. so he's trying to wirte this book. he's also engaged and his fiance is some big business perosn. so he has to go plan things for the mariage and the wedding. so he goes and meets this woman who is also planning her wedding. so the two of them start planning together. i won't tell you anymore cuz i don't wanna spoil it if you do see it. but that is the gist of the movie.
so agrese..only reason to watch it.. but omg not as bad as "sand" i don't know what mv was thinking when he made that movie... but i think all actors make mistakes in the beinning of their career...
i didn't like the movie i htought it was goin to be cuter and better. .and i especially hated his greasy hair at the end!! ewwww, it did not look good on him
for me, the only good thing about that movie was that MV was in it! LoL, i found it to be very boring and dull...but that's just my opinion :smiley:
I thought it was ok - probably just because it had MV in it though..... I mean really - I can't watch anything with him in it and hate it !! Overall it was a little dull at times - but very cute.
I just watched It Had to Be You with micheal vartan :love: in it and it was the cutest movie ever!! I loved it and especially with vartan in it! He's soooo hot! Lemme know if you've seen it and if you liked it or not.
I'm with you Twinzz I am a sucker for romances I loved the movie I just bought the DVD (but it was scratched GRRRR) and I very dissapointed cause on the back it sais cast and crew interviews but thier weren't any
MV is very hot in it too:smiley:
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