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It Runs IN the Family

Discussion in 'Movies' started by nance, Apr 26, 2003.

  1. nance

    nance TUMS

    Apr 18, 2003
    hmm... this movie seems really good! the whole douglas family is in it! anyone else wanna see it?
  2. lenkid

    lenkid Rocket Ranger

    Jan 11, 2003
    Fullerton, California
    Yeah, from the previews I've seen, it actually looks pretty good. I think my mom and I might go see it soon.
  3. Sarahmañana

    Sarahmañana Rocket Ranger

    Apr 26, 2003
    yeah i think it looks like it will be good. the previews are funny. i like the one when they are on the boat fishing and he loses the fish and his dad says "smuck" i dunno why...but i think that parts funny
  4. clarissima

    clarissima Rocket Ranger

    Jan 8, 2003
    I love Kirk, ever since Spartacus.

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