It Was For The Best - Part 2


Mar 18, 2006
Aalborg, Denmark.
Time to start the sequel and to find out what has happened to the people of It Was For The Best - Part 1.

Title: It Was For The Best - Part 2

Rating: Not quite sure, but there won't be any smut. Nothing detailed. It'll probably be much like the first story.

Spoiler: New characters will appear, and someone will die.

Summary: The story takes place about 4 years and 4 months after It Was For The Best ended. I know that with Sydney's two missing years, there's often been a question what year we're in, maybe mostly on the show. Well, I didn't really do too well in that area. I just went with the year the show ended, which was in 2006. The King of Thailand’s 60th anniversary of his accession to the throne that Sergei went to take pictures of for a week, was an actual event. It took place in the middle of June 2006. But I know that if Sydney disappeared in 2003 when season 2 ended, then It Was For The Best couldn't have ended in September 2006. However, what year we're in is not that important. The months are important. It Was For The Best - Part 2 starts in January and will probably end on New Year's Eve the same year. Considering Jack and Irina renewed their vows in September, 4 years and 4 months later means that It Was For The Best - Part 2 starts in January with the triplets turning 8 years old in February. I hope all of this makes sense.

Disclaimer: I don't own Alias. It belongs to JJ Abrams, Bad Robot Production, and ABC.

Chapter 1
Jack got up after having just been knocked down. He barely caught his footing before Irina came charging at him again. She swung her fist at him at his face, but he managed to get his face out of the way, grabbing her wrist, turning her away from him and pushing her roughly away.

The minute she turned back around towards him, he came charging at her. He swung his arm towards her, but she caught it holding on to it. He tried kicking her in her ribs, but she was quick on her feet and kicked at his other leg, so that he fell. However, he yanked at his hand, which she was still holding onto, and they both ended up falling down.

She got up first and intended to kick him in the face. But Jack caught her foot right before it made contact with his face, twisted it a bit around and pushed Irina away, which caused her to fall back down again. He got back up and was ready for her next attack.

Irina got up quickly. She eyed Jack for two seconds before she drew her knife that she’d been hiding behind her back. Jack saw her pull out the knife and stared her down even colder than before. They walked around seizing each other up, seeing who would charge first, who would get an opening.

She lunged, the knife at Jack. She lunged, it from side to side, and finally saw an opening and went straight to his heart. He almost didn’t catch her wrist in time. They wrestled with the knife from side to side, and Irina managed to push Jack up against a wall. He had a hard time fighting her off, and the knife was only a few millimeters from his throat. He finally got a better hold, and managed to get it far away from his face and any other parts of his body. He kicked at her legs, which made her footing a little uneasy. That helped him to get away from the wall and push them further away. They were still wrestling with the knife, but Jack succeeded in getting it out her hands and it went flying through the air landing far away from them.

Irina then tried to sweep Jack’s leg away from underneath of him, but he was quicker and swept her legs away from underneath of her. She was caught off guard and landed on the ground on her back. He quickly got on top of her and pinned her down with his body. She tried to struggle out of his hold on her, but she couldn’t. He held on to her too strongly, and she had no way of escaping.

They locked eyes, staring each other down, and if looks could kill, they would both be dead right now.

Jun 19, 2006
First to reply!!!! :cool: I'm so happy that you started the sequel!!! and by the way no I refuse to believe that they are really fighthing..they are training or trying out a new form of foreplay :P you wouldn't do that to us now would you :unsure:


Aug 10, 2005
Hi! You're back from vacation. Hope it was a fun one.

Hmmm -- Irina & Jack -- fighting already.

What could that be about?


Jun 11, 2007
Copenhagen, Denmark
Yeah the sequel is here :woot:

But, but but....I don't believe this situation to be true...I think it's taken out of context - I think they are instructing new agents in the art of kicking ass :boxing:
I hope that's the case or else I'm really lost :unsure:
But I'm glad that this is the 1st chapter...that means there will be plenty of chapters to sort this situation out.

Thanks for the PM, I look forward to the next


Aug 3, 2005
Yay! You're back. :woot: And that was one of a hell great opening story. :jump:

I think they're just sparring, aren't they? :unsure:

Thanks for the PM. :thumbup:
Jan 16, 2006
What the hell is going on, please tell me they are in training or something???? This chapt scared the felgercarb outta me. :LOL: An please let the someone that dies be


Mar 18, 2006
Aalborg, Denmark.
This is not an update, but I just wanted to let you know that you won't be getting an update tomorrow. I'm going out of town. I'll be back again some time Sunday afternoon, so I won't be gone for long. Chapter 2 is done, but I don't know if I'll be posting it Sunday. I haven't written anything other than chapter 2, and I have no time to write anything tomorrow. So in order to get a little more written, I'm thinking of not posting chapter 2 until Monday. This time I can pretty much promise that you won't be getting a daily update. I know that I could then post chapter 2 on Sunday, get started on chapter 3 and just post that whenever that's done. But just to get a little head start on chapter 3, I might not post chapter 2 until Monday. Since I might not be posting chapter 2 until Monday, I thought I'd leave you a little something from chapter 2:
Ha ha made you look. Like I'm really going to give anything away. I didn't do it with the first story, so I'm definitely not going to do with the second story either. You just have to wait until I post chapter 2.
Have a great weekend.


Jun 11, 2007
Copenhagen, Denmark
Mette you're teasing.....That's not funny <_<

But I can understand you wanting to get a head start on the chapters, not the teasing - but the waiting to post ^_^

Thanks for the heads up, I'll look forward to Monday


Aug 19, 2006
What a great supprise get back from my trip to find the sequel. I am really looking foward to Monday. I am really currious about that fight.


Mar 18, 2006
Aalborg, Denmark.
It Was For The Best - Part 2. The next chapter is here. Thank you all for reading and for your comments. It means a lot.

Sydney Derevko Bristow: I'm happy about starting the sequel too. They're really fighting. They always give it their all when they're fighting like this. It's not foreplay. I stand by what I write, regardless of how other people feel about it. :LOL:

AliasMuse: I had a great time thank you. They've been fighting like this for nearly four years. Read to find out. :LOL:

Dlenafan: The situation is true. They're not instructing new students. Things will be clear already in this chapter.

nicewoman: Glad you think so. Thank you. Time will tell.

Irina_Derevko_Bristow: You have to read to find out what's going on. :LOL: - glad I could scare you. Sorry to disappoint you, but the person who'll die won't be Chase.

sleepy1t: You'll learn about the fight in this chapter.

Chapter 2
Five seconds later their lips found each other and they kissed passionately and deeply. Jack loosened his grip on Irina and moved his hands allover her body. She moved her hands allover his body too. They kissed for a long time before they needed air. Once their lips parted and they’d had time to catch their breaths slightly, they started laughing. Irina slapped Jack playfully on his chest.

“Jack, you cheater.” He cocked an eyebrow at her and she rolled her eyes at him. “I meant the fighting, not the kissing.” He grinned and was about to kiss her again, when she stopped him, cocking an eyebrow at him. “You better not be practicing the kissing.” He laughed and so did she.

“Don’t worry sweetheart. I don’t want to be kissing anyone other than you.” They laughed and kissed again. Several moments later they needed air again. “I might’ve been cheating with practicing a little fighting on the side, but what about you? Since when are we allowed to use props?” He looked in the direction of the toy plastic knife, she’d used.

“When we agreed to work out together like this, we never said that we were not allowed to use props. Besides, after defense training and sparring with each other for nearly four years, I thought we needed to add something new. And although I know you’re perfectly capable of fighting off someone with a real knife, I didn’t want anything to go wrong, which is why I used a toy.” They laughed and continued kissing.

Jack moved his hands underneath Irina’s shirt and she started pulling at his shirt too. But she stopped when she heard the doorbell. She tried to get up, but couldn’t move because Jack was still on top of her. He started trailing kisses down her neck.

“There’s no need to answer the door. It’s no one we know.”

“Jack, the only people, who come to our house, are our family and friends. It has to be some of them.”

“Some times we also get salesmen, trying to sell us some useless felgercarb. Now would you rather listen to what they have to offer, or do you want to hear what I have to offer? I’m telling you it’s a salesman.” She moaned in pleasure as he found a sensitive spot on her neck. The doorbell rang again.

“You. Always you. But you might be wrong. At least check the security monitor. I don’t want to have missed someone, if it’s someone in the family, who’s here.” Jack groaned and reluctantly got up off Irina.

They were in the basement, where they’d turned one of the rooms into a gym and another one into a space where they could spar with each other and do defense training. In many of the rooms throughout the house, they had installed security monitors, and the house outside had several security cameras. That had been installed when they bought the house, though they had never had any trouble with thieves or anything like that. But with Sloane on the loose, they could never be too careful. Some places in the house, like the kitchen, the security monitor was hidden well away, whereas in the living room and in the office the security cameras were hooked up to the TVs.

Jack turned on the security monitor and switched it to the channel that would show the front door. He sighed deeply when he saw the people who had come for a visit. He turned to Irina. “It’s our son-in-law and our granddaughter. Irina smiled widely and got up off the floor. She walked over and glanced briefly at the screen, before looking at Jack, who smiled at her a little apologetically. She smiled back and gave him a quick kiss.

“You can pay me back for doubting me later.” She wiggled her eyes at him and pinched his butt before heading up the stairs. Jack rubbed his butt a little, thinking of how much he was looking forward to paying Irina back. He looked back at the monitor.

“Well, better go and see what you want.”

Irina opened the door and smiled broadly at her family standing at the door. She opened her arms and her granddaughter ran over to her grandmother’s waiting arms.

“Becky.” She gave her granddaughter a tight hug and a kiss, and then picked her up.

“Hi grandma.”

“Hey, what about me? Don’t I get a welcome like that?” Irina and Becky turned to Becky’s dad. Then Becky turned to her grandmother.

“Daddy’s silly.” Irina laughed.

“Your daddy’s always silly.” She turned to Becky’s dad. “Come on in Eric.” Eric walked in just as Jack walked into the hall.

“Grandpa.” Becky reached out for her grandfather, and Irina put her down. She ran over to Jack, who picked her up, and Irina gave Eric a hug.

Nadia and Eric got married in August the following year after Jack and Irina renewed their vows. The year after that Becky was born, and a few months ago their son David was born. Nadia had lived with her parents for a few weeks after they returned from their honeymoon. She’d enjoyed not living on her own, so when Eric had asked her to move in with him, she’d accepted. A few months before their own wedding they’d moved into a house. They were both still working at APO, but hardly ever went out on dangerous missions anymore.

Jack was still the director of APO and Irina worked there too. She also taught her cipher text to CIA agents at CIA headquarters, and helped in teaching other things. She was happy that the CIA had told her to do this, as it brought back happy memories of her days as a teacher, and she thoroughly enjoyed teaching again. Though at times she came home and told Jack how incompetent her students were. Neither Jack nor Irina went out on too many dangerous missions anymore.

Eric noticed that Jack and Irina were a little sweaty. He smirked at both at them. “Did Becky and I interrupt something?” Jack rolled his eyes at him, gave his granddaughter a kiss, and sat her down.

“Sweetheart, why don’t you go into the kitchen? You can take out the cookies in the bottom drawer.”

“Okay, grandpa.” They all watched as Becky ran for the kitchen. Eric grinned at Jack.

“Jack, you’re actually going to tell me something that my daughter can’t hear?” Jack glared at Eric.

“No, I’m not, but I don’t think it’s proper for my granddaughter to hear you imply what you’re implying. Or for her to listen, to your teasing.” Eric laughed, and Irina laughed a little too, shaking her head.

“You didn’t interrupt anything Eric. Jack and I were just working out. We were practicing defense training with each other.” Eric nodded.

“Who won?” Jack smiled a little triumphantly.

“I did.” Irina rolled her eyes at him, and shot him a look. “I had been practicing.” Eric hadn’t noticed the look Irina had given Jack.

“Why do you say it like there’s something wrong with practicing? Irina was practicing with Nadia and Sydney yesterday. Nadia told me that Irina needed to get in some extra practice before going up against you.” Jack gaped at Irina. She had tried to stop Eric from going any further, but he hadn’t noticed her until it was too late. “Oops. I guess, I wasn’t supposed to tell you that.” Jack crossed his arms and cocked an eyebrow at Irina. She gave him an innocent look, but when that didn’t help, she held up her hands in surrender.

“Okay, okay. So I cheated too. I’ll pay you back later.” Jack immediately smiled at her. She smiled back and wiggled her eyes a little at him. Eric noticed the heated looks they exchanged. While he didn’t mind teasing them about their love life, he was quite uncomfortable when he was the only one around them and they looked at each other like they were doing now.

“And I’m paying right now. If you’ll excuse me, I’ll just go and see what my daughter is up to.” Jack and Irina kept looking hungrily at each other for a while after Eric had left. Their hungry smiles eventually turned into warm smiles. Irina walked passed Jack on her way to the kitchen. However, she didn’t get far. Jack gently grabbed her arm, pulled her to him and kissed her passionately. They smiled at each other when they pulled apart.

“I look forward to us paying each other back later.” They both grinned a little.

“Me too.” They gave each other a soft kiss before heading off to the kitchen.

When they got to the kitchen Eric was pouring Becky a glass of juice. Jack went to the cabinet and got out two glasses, while Irina sat down next to Becky.

“So what brings you by?”

“Becky and I are on our way to the store, and just before we left Sydney called. When she found out that we were on our way to the store, she asked if I would mind dropping by your house to pick up that cookbook you borrowed, since I was out driving anyway. She needs it for tonight.”

“Let me just get it for you.” She got up from her seat, got the cookbook and handed it to Eric. “Did they have a nice time in New York?”

“Yes, from what I could gather they did. I didn’t talk much with her, but I know that they have plenty of new pictures of T.J. that she’ll be showing tonight.” Irina smiled and nodded, and Jack smiled too.

Rachel had stayed for a few months at APO after Jack and Irina’s wedding. She and Will hadn’t dated much before Jack and Irina’s wedding, but had done after. Since it was safe for him to live under his real name, he had gotten a job at a newspaper in New York. Rachel had then decided to leave APO, like she’d thought of after Mongolia, and had moved to New York with Will, where she got a job at the CIA office. They had gotten married a few years later and during the summer the last year, their first child was born. A son named Thomas Jonathan Tippin, who mostly went by the name T.J. Jack and Irina had been in New York on business around the time he was born, and they had stayed with Rachel and Will. Irina had still been at the CIA office, while Jack had finished earlier and gone back to Rachel and Will’s place. The baby wasn’t due for another month, but when Rachel went into labor unexpectedly and there was no time to get her to the hospital, Jack had delivered their son in their kitchen. Because of Jack’s help in bringing their son to the world and for everything else he’d ever done for them, they gave their son the middle name Jonathan in honor of Jack.

“I can’t wait to see them. I can only imagine he’s grown quite a bit since the last time we saw him.” Eric nodded.

“So, where are the triplets?” Jack finished his juice and put his glass on the table.

“At a birthday party for one of their classmates.” Eric nodded.

“Right, they told me that they other day.”

“We’ll be picking them up on our way to Sydney’s.”

“Speaking of picking up, we should probably get going. We have a lot of things to get at the store.” Eric turned to his daughter. “Sweetie, are you done with your cookie and juice?” Becky smiled with her chocolate covered mouth.

“Yes, daddy.” They all laughed at the sight of her.

“Well, let’s just get you cleaned up first, and then we can be on our way.” He walked over and picked her up, took her to the sink and cleaned her up. He gave her a kiss and walked over to Jack and Irina with her on his arm. “Say goodbye to grandma and grandpa.” Jack and Irina both gave her a kiss.

“We’ll see you tonight sweetheart.”

“Say hi to your mother and brother for us.” She nodded and giggled when Jack tickled her a little. Eric smiled at Jack and Irina.

“We’ll see ourselves out. Thanks for the cookies and juice. See you all tonight.”

“Bye Eric.” Both Jack and Irina waved at Eric and Becky as they watched them leave the kitchen. Jack put away the juice and cookies, and when they heard the front door close, Irina walked over to Jack, and stood right in front of him when he closed the fridge. She looked at him hungrily.

“I’d like to collect my payment now.” Jack gave her the same look she was giving him.

“I will gladly pay. Since we have the house to ourselves, is there any specific place in the house, where you’d like to receive your payment?” Irina looked at the fridge. Jack followed her gaze and smiled when he saw that she was looking at the fridge. “I take it, you have the fridge in mind?” She nodded.

“We have the house to ourselves, so I think the fridge is a very good idea. No one will come home at any moment, and I promise if the doorbell rings again we won’t answer it.” He nodded.

“Since you’ve made your choice, may I then suggest that we remove our clothes and not waste anymore time?” Irina licked her lips.

“Absolutely.” They both laughed while they helped remove each others clothes.

Later in the evening the doorbell rang at Sydney and Vaughn’s house. Vaughn went to answer the door carrying his son Nicholas, who was only a few months old. Sydney and Vaughn had gotten married in December the same year that Jack and Irina renewed their vows. They had moved into a house the following spring and later Isabelle had a sister, Sarah, who would be turning three later this year. Their brother had then joined the family last year. Like Nadia and Eric, Sydney and Vaughn were still working at APO, but were no longer going on too many dangerous missions. Vaughn opened the door and smiled at Marshall, Carrie, and their children.

“Hi. Come on in.”

Marshall and Carrie were still working at APO too. They now had four children. Other than Mitchell, they had a son named Matthew, who would be turning four later in the year, and twin girls, Chloe and Gracie, who would be turning two later in the year.

“Hi Vaughn.”

“Hi uncle Vaughn.” They took off their coats and were all about to walk into the living room, when the doorbell rang again.

“I’ll just get that, and you can just continue on into the living room.” They nodded and left while Vaughn opened the door. “Hi Kendall. Come on in.” Kendall walked in.

“Hi Vaughn. Hi Nicholas.” Kendall grabbed Nicholas’ small hand with two fingers and gently shook it. That earned him a small smile from Nicholas. When Kendall put his jacket away Maddie got out of the bathroom.

“Hi uncle Kendall.” They smiled at each other.

“Hi Maddie. How was the birthday party?”

“It was great. We had lots of fun.”

“That’s nice.” They all walked into the living room and joined the others.

Just like Mitchell had called Jack uncle years ago, the rest of Marshall and Carrie’s children were also calling Jack uncle now, and calling Irina aunt. They also called Vaughn, Eric, Dixon, Kendall, and Sergei uncle, whereas they called Sydney and Nadia aunt. Other than Eric being their uncle Sydney and Vaughn’s children, except for Nicholas, also called Dixon, Marshall, Sergei, Kendall, and Will uncle, and although Nadia was their aunt they also called Carrie and Rachel aunt. When Nicholas would be old enough to talk he’d be calling the same people aunt and uncle. Becky called Vaughn, Dixon, Marshall, Kendall, and Sergei uncle, while she called Sydney and Carrie aunt. When David was old enough to talk, he too would call the same people aunt and uncle. Other than calling Sergei uncle, the triplets also called Dixon, Marshall, and Kendall uncle, and they called Carrie aunt. Katya was also called aunt but only by the triplets. Just for laughs Eric sometimes called Kendall uncle too.

Kendall greeted everyone, and Sydney walked in from the kitchen. “We ran out of time and didn’t have time to set the table. Do any of you mind doing that?” Jack got up.

“I’ll do it sweetheart.” Jack walked off towards the dining room.

“I’ll help.” Kendall gave Sydney a smile and walked towards the dining room too. Jack was getting the plates out and Kendall started taking out the glasses.

“Kayta will be coming to APO in a few days.” Kendall rolled his eyes.

“Any idea what kind of mood she’ll be in this time?” Jack laughed a little. Although he and Katya got along just fine, and that it wasn’t a problem that she stayed with him and Irina whenever she was in town, he was still glad that she was mainly Kendall’s responsibility with everything work related. He got a kick out of seeing how much Katya could annoy Kendall. She got along perfectly with everyone at APO and never really annoyed any of the others, but she loved annoying Kendall. She loved pushing his buttons.

“No I don’t. I didn’t talk to her myself. Devlin called yesterday and told me she’d be coming. I don’t even think Irina’s spoken to her within the last couple of weeks. But I’m sure she’ll be in her usually delightful mood.”

“Delightful? Katya is anything but delightful. Had I known how she’d act, I would never have agreed to be her contact person. I would’ve stuck her with Marcus.” Jack laughed. “You’re enjoying it too much seeing her annoy me.”

“Yes, I am.” They looked at each other and Kendall laughed too shaking his head. There was a time when Jack would’ve never thought that he and Kendall would be close friends or even merely friends. But their relationship had gotten strong and they were now more like brothers than friends. They also both had a stronger relationship with Dixon, and the three of them worked together excellently as the bosses of APO. Everyone else got on great with Kendall too. All together everyone was closer to each other than they’d been four years ago.

The only one, no one was really getting along with, was Chase. She and Dixon were still together, and had been living together for the past three years. However, she still hadn’t come around regarding Irina. She was giving her the same treatment that she’d given her when Irina got her pardoning agreement. Everyone tried to be civil towards Chase whenever Dixon was around, but they were all not quite as friendly towards her when he was not around. Except for Irina. She had never been unfriendly towards Chase, because she didn’t want to make things worse between them, or have Chase give her a reprimand. The last thing was however, probably a little impossible, since Jack was the director of APO, and Devlin was on Irina’s side. But Irina also didn’t want to say anything to Chase out of respect for Dixon, who she knew probably didn’t have it easy, because he could never really choose sides. He couldn’t very well go against the woman he loved, but at the same time, he also knew that his girlfriend was being too hard on his friend. So he tried to stay as neutral as possible, and everyone else kept their calm towards Chase whenever they were around her and Dixon.

Jack and Kendall continued setting the table when Vaughn walked in with the salad. “Anything else you need our help with after Jack and I are done setting the table?” Vaughn shook his head.

“No, Sydney and I got the food under control, and it’s nearly done.” They both nodded at Vaughn.

“We’re almost done here, so should we just go back to the living room when the table is set?”

“Yeah, do that. Dinner is almost ready, but it’ll still be another ten minutes.”

“Okay, we’ll do that.” Vaughn gave them a smile and headed back to the kitchen. Jack and Kendall finished setting the table and got back to the living room. Irina was now holding Nicholas. About ten minutes later Sydney, Vaughn, their children, Nadia, Eric, their children, Jack, Irina, the triplets, Sergei, Marshall, Carrie, their children, Dixon, and Kendall all sat down to eat.

They had a wonderful evening together and Sydney and Vaughn talked about their trip to New York and showed off pictures of Will, Rachel, and T.J. Mostly of T.J. though. The children had looked at the pictures, but had then played in another room in the house. They all had a strong relationship with each other. Ethan and Marshall had gotten on perfectly since they’d met each other, and were best friends. Jack was now closer with Marshall and Carrie than he’d ever expected to be. They’d all gotten closer when they’d worked together to bring down Rambaldi, and with Marshall’s help in getting Irina the pardoning agreement. But with their children bonding and becoming so close friends, Jack, Irina, Marshall, and Carrie had gotten a lot closer too. Isabelle, Sarah, and Becky never called the triplets aunt and uncle since they were so close in age. They were more like really close cousins, because they saw each other all the time. Although the triplets often spent a lot of time with their nieces and nephews, they also spent some alone time with their sisters. It was important for all five of them to spent time alone with each other, since there was such a huge gap in their ages.

Later everyone went home. Jack and Irina tucked in the triplets in their beds when they got home. They no longer shared a room, but each had their own room. They still had their playroom. They also no longer came into Jack and Irina’s bedroom to snuggle early in the morning. Usually only on Christmas morning did they snuggle with their parents, and once in a while when there was a bad thunderstorm. Though, Jack and Irina continued locking the door every night.

Christmas was spent at Jack and Irina’s cabin in Canada. They’d bought the cabin before their first Christmas together. The triplets had gotten used to having snow for Christmas in Russia, and were a bit sad that they wouldn’t have that in LA. They hadn’t complained, but Jack and Irina had picked up on them being a little sad at the prospect of not having snow on Christmas. So when they’d been in Canada to visit the gravesites of Jack’s mother, aunt, and grandfather, they’d seen postings about cabins being for sale various places in the area. They’d looked them over and had found the perfect cabin. It was quite huge, located right beside a lake. But with their huge family, and with their friends, whom they also considered to be family, the cabin didn’t really seem to be too big to them. They also let their family and friends borrow it whenever they wanted to, as it was also a great place to be in the summer or any time of the year.

Jack and Irina went to bed after they’d tucked in the triplets. They were brushing their teeth in the bathroom. “I told Kendall that Katya is coming in a few days.” Irina looked at Jack and shook her head at him, when she saw the grin that was plastered on his face.

“Jack, that wasn’t nice of you. You just told him that to tease him.”

“No, I didn’t.” He protested, through his laughter. “It would’ve been worse, if I had sprung the news on him five minutes before she came to APO. And I didn’t tease him about it.”

“But now you have a few days to enjoy seeing him annoyed with him knowing that she’s coming.” Jack looked at her for a few seconds, then laughed a little and nodded.

“Well, yeah.” She shook her head at him, but laughed too. “Maybe you’re right. Maybe I should’ve waited until a few minutes before she arrived to tell him. But at least now he’s not caught off guard. He has time to prepare himself for her remarks.” They both laughed.

“Well, at least we’re in for a few days of fun at the office. I do feel bad for Kendall that she annoys him so much, and that he’s constantly on the receiving end. But I have to admit, it’s fun to watch.” He swatted her playfully on her arm.

“See, you’re just as bad as I am. And you give me a hard time about it.” She swatted him back playfully.

“I wasn’t really giving you a hard time. But unlike you, I don’t tease Kendall about it.” They laughed again and he swatted her butt playfully.

“Time for bed wife, and time for me to collect my payment. You own me for this morning.” She cocked an eyebrow at him and looked at him amused.

“I thought I paid you back this morning or in the afternoon.” He smiled at her shaking his head.

“No, I only paid you back. I never said I collected my payment. Every time might not have been you collecting your payment, but I know for a fact that I haven’t collected my payment yet.” She looked at him with desire in her eyes.

“Well, in that case I’d be more than happy to pay you back.” She held out her hand to him. He grabbed it pulling her close and kissed her passionately. When their lips parted they smiled at each other, turned off the lights in the bathroom, and headed for the bed.



Jun 11, 2007
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Awww one big happy family :sigh:
Makes me nervous for the future, with Sloan on the loose...

And I knew they could not be fighting for real, they were only practising.
But you had me really nervous there for a bit, but that's only a compliment, you're a good suspence writer.

Thanks for the PM, look forward to the next
Jun 19, 2006
Wow you sure are a fan of big families..but who isn't :) Yay for the Bristow clan!! :P I just loved this update...everybody's so happy and peaceful and everything is in place...Reading this chapter made me relax after a busy day and put a smile on my face. thank you.


Aug 3, 2005
Ha! I knew it, they're just sparring. :cool:

Wow, they have a lovely big family now. And I can't wait to see Katya and her delightful moods. :laughbounce:
Jan 16, 2006
Damn their family got big. :LOL: I just know something bad is gonna happen since you kept writing," So and so doesn't go out on too many dangerous missions anymore." :LOL: The triplets were really quiet in this chapter are we gonna see more of their personality in this story? An sloane better not mess with the kids. I'm telling you kendall and katya are gonna hook


Aug 19, 2006
I was glad to see the update, Between work and my sugar problems I have felt much like anything but sleeping. They were just sparring. I was hopping that was all that was. Katya coming in to the APO that should be interesting.


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It Was For The Best - Part 2.

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Chapter 3
A few days later Kendall was pacing around APO, looking at his watch every other second. Katya would be arriving soon and he wasn’t happy about it. Everyone had enjoyed seeing how Kendall had been a little annoyed the last few days, but they had also not teased him about it. Eric watched him and couldn’t help but laugh a little to himself. He poured himself a cop of coffee, and also poured one for Kendall. Kendall looked like he could use it. Kendall had his back turned to Eric when he walked over.

“You look nervous, uncle Kendall.” Kendall turned around and looked at Eric annoyed. “Ah. I guess you’re not really in the mood for jokes right now.” Kendall let out a held in breath.

“No, not really. I appreciate you trying to cheer me up, if that’s what you were doing. But I know that Katya will annoy me plenty, so I’d appreciate it, if you’d just lay off with the teasing.” Eric nodded and smiled.

“You got it. Here. Thought you could use a cup of coffee.” He handed Kendall the coffee, and he smiled back at Eric.

“Thanks. Yeah, I could actually use this.” They drank their coffee and didn’t speak for about a minute.

“Don’t let Katya get to so much. I know she has her moments, but she’s actually quite nice and sweet.” Kendall rolled his eyes.

“People keep telling me about her nice qualities, but I have yet to experience them. Yes, I’ll admit that I’ve seen her be nice to other people, but she’s never been nice to me.”

“She doesn’t exactly hate you.”

“You might be sure of that, but I’m not.” Eric laughed.

“Just give her a doze of her own medicine.”

“I try, but I’m never really successful. She throws remarks after remarks at me, and I hardly ever have a comeback.” Eric laughed a little as Kendall went on. “I always start off by being nice to her and smile at her, but she never shows me the same kindness. She smirks at me. Her little Derevko smirk. Her little Derevko, triumphant smirk.”

“Hey, careful now.” Kendall turned around and saw Irina coming up behind him. “I might be a Bristow, but I’m also still a Derevko.” She smiled at Kendall and he smiled back.

“But you don’t have that smirk. So maybe using Derevko is the wrong word. But it’s still a triumphant smirk.” Irina laughed a little.

“Do you want me to talk to my sister?” Kendall shook his head and smiled.

“Thanks, but no thanks. I’m a big boy. I can handle myself. Katya might annoy me like hell, but I’m not about to let someone else fight my battles for me.” Irina laughed a little and nodded.

“I respect that. I won’t say anything to her then.”

“Thank you. But if I wanted you to talk to her, I would’ve asked you years ago.” Irina and Eric laughed a little. Jack walked out from his office and joined them. He smiled at Kendall.

“Katya’s here and waiting for you.” Kendall took a deep breath and took another sip of his coffee.

“I better get going. No need to piss her off by keeping her waiting.” They all laughed a little and watched Kendall walk away.

“Show time.” Irina and Eric looked at Jack. Eric laughed and Irina hit Jack playfully on the arm, shaking her head, but she laughed too.

Kendall saw Katya waiting for him with one guard at the entrance to APO. He smiled at her. “Hello Katya. Good to see you again.” She looked at him annoyed as he signed her in.

“This is really getting old and ridiculous. I’ve been working for the CIA for more than four years, and I’ve never done anything to harm the CIA. I’ve done my job to perfection, so I don’t see why you still have to sign me in or be my contact person. I should be able to just walk in to APO, and I shouldn’t have other people sign me in whenever I’m in Washington, at other CIA offices, or abroad.” Kendall took a deep breath and smiled at her.

“Yes, you do excellent work for the CIA, but it’s still part of your pardoning agreement that someone has to sign you in.” She gave him a stern look.

“Do something about it. It’s a disgrace that someone still has to sign me in, and it’s a lack of trust.”

“I can’t do anything about it. If I could, I would.”

“Of course you can do something about it. You can talk to Devlin and have that part of my agreement changed. I’m sure there are plenty of people, who can speak on my behalf.”

“Your agreement was for five years. You’ll be free to leave the CIA in December of this year. If you’ve been able to stand it for this long, I’m sure you’re capable of being able to stand it for the rest of the year.” She looked at him even more sternly than before.

“It’s a mystery to me, why someone as incompetent as you, ever became part of the CIA. I just told you that it’s getting old and ridiculous that someone has to sign me in. Obviously that means that I haven’t been thrilled about this for years. And don’t be a smart ass. Of course I’m capable of being able to stand it. I don’t complain about things, I deal with them.” Kendall was getting annoyed with her and was about to speak, but Katya kept talking. “Why couldn’t Marcus have been my contact person? At least he’s smart and nice, and he would’ve talked to Devlin years ago, and had it arranged so that no one would have to sign me in anywhere. But no, I get stuck with a moron like you, completely useless and lacking manners.”

“Now hang on. I’m a very nice person. Everyone else thinks so. It’s just you, who can’t see that or won’t see that. I always start out by being nice to you, but you’re never nice to me.”

“God, you’re such a whiny little girl.” Kendall gaped at her. “And you think too highly of yourself. It’s really an unattractive quality, but giving the way that you look, it suits you just fine.” He looked at her annoyed. She smirked back at him. “Now since you’ve signed me in, I’m going to walk in and get started on work. Staring at your face is quite boring.” Kendall was about to say something, but never got the chance as Katya just walked away from him at a quick pace.

The guard, who’d been standing with them, was still there and grinned a little. Kendall looked at him angrily. “If you know what’s good for you, you’ll wipe that grin off your face right now.” The guard swallowed and wiped the grin off immediately.

“Yes sir.” Kendall turned on his heels and walked away.

Katya had just put her coat away when Dixon walked passed her. Kendall reached Katya at the same time. “Hi Katya. Nice to see you again.” Katya smiled warmly at Dixon, and spoke to him with the same warmth.

“Hello Marcus. It’s nice to see you too. How are the children?” He smiled back at her.

“Just fine, thank you.”

“And yourself?”

“Can’t complain. And you?”

“Fine, thank you. I can’t really complain either.” Kendall got even more annoyed with how kind Katya was towards Dixon. “So, is everyone else around?” Dixon nodded.

“Yeah, they’re all around. I’m pretty sure they’re all somewhere near your desk. Why don’t we go and see?”

“Yes, let’s.” Kendall walked behind them, shaking his head a little to himself. Irina spotted them as they came walking and smiled at her sister.

“Hi Katya.” Katya smiled back and when they reached each other they hugged.

“Hi Irina.” Like Dixon had said, everyone had gathered around Katya’s desk. Sydney, Nadia, and Eric all gave Katya a hug too, while Jack, Vaughn, Marshall, and Carrie smiled and nodded at her.

“So, what have you been up to lately? It’s been awhile since we’ve heard from you.” Katya shrugged.

“This and that. Traveling mostly, out seeing the world. I needed to relax, before I had to deal with work and all the unpleasantness it involves.” She shot Kendall a look and he gave her an annoyed look in return. Everyone else tried not to laugh. Jack swallowed a laugh.

“Why don’t you tell us about all of it at dinner tonight. I’m assuming you don’t have any plans.”

“You assume correctly. I plan on spending the evening with the triplets.” Jack nodded.

“They’ll be happy to see you again. You have some urgent work to attend to, so I suggest we all get back to work. Everything that you need to work on is right here on your desk. The number one priority is at the top of the pile.” Katya nodded and smiled at Jack.

“I’ll get on it right away.”

“You want a cup of coffee?” Katya smiled at Irina.

“Yes, thank you.” Irina went to get Katya a cup of coffee, and everyone else went back to work. Jack and Dixon walked to Jack’s office.

“It looks like Katya got to Kendall already.”

“Well, it usually doesn’t take that long.” They both laughed a little. “He didn’t look too pleased when I met Katya. In a way I feel bad for Kendall, but in another way it’s quite entertaining to watch him get so annoyed with her.” They laughed some more.

“Yeah, I agree with you. Luckily for him, he only have to put up with it once is a while. It would be worse if Katya worked here all the time.”

“But it would be so much more fun for us.” They both laughed harder at that.

A few hours later Kendall walked over to Katya. He had promised himself that he would be polite towards her, despite how she’d acted towards him earlier. He stood in front of her desk and spoke kindly. “Katya are you done with the analysis that was on the top of the pile?” She didn’t answer him, or even acknowledge his presence. He tried again, still speaking kindly. “Katya, the analysis that was on the top of the pile, are you done with it?” She still didn’t respond. Now he got annoyed. “Katya, the analysis?” She held up her coffee mug without looking at him.

“Get me a cup of coffee.” He gaped at her.

“What? No. I’m not your servant. Now the analysis. I need it. Are you done with it?” She waved her coffee mug at him and he got even more frustrated with her. “I need the analysis for a call I need to make to Washington. The sooner the phone conversation is over with the better, but I need to have made the call before 4.00. p.m. Do you have the analysis finished or not?” She looked at her watch.

“It’s only 1.00. You have plenty of time.”

“Damn it Katya.” He was getting more and more annoyed with her.

“Get me a cup of coffee, and I’ll let you know if I’m done with the analysis or not when you bring me my coffee.” Kendall rubbed his head in frustration and then started to go through everything on Katya’s desk. Now she got angry. “What do you think you’re doing? I’m working. You’re messing everything up.” He found the file he was looking for and looked it over.

“If you had just giving me this when I asked for it, I wouldn’t have had to go through everything myself. Or you could’ve just said you were done with it and pointed to where I could find it, and I could’ve gotten it myself.” She looked at him sternly.

“Clean up the mess you made.” He looked back at her angrily.

“I already told you, I’m not your servant. You brought this upon yourself.” She cocked an eyebrow at him.

“You should really be careful.” She held onto her coffee mug tightly. “If something heavy was to fall on your bald head, a bump would be very visible, and you would look worse than you already do.”

“You’re not allowed to thrown anything at me. If you harm anyone, you’ll be violating your pardoning agreement, and it would be my right to throw you in jail, if you violate your agreement.” She looked at him in mock shock and spoke the same way.

“You had a comeback. I’m shocked.” She smirked at him. “You must feel like such a man right now instead of the whining little girl you always act like.” He was still angry.

“Get back to work.” With that he walked away from Katya’s desk and she laughed to herself.

In the late afternoon Jack, Irina, and Katya went home. Jack parked the car and he and Irina walked towards the front door. Katya got out of her own car, opened the trunk and started walking. “Jack, my luggage.” Jack looked over his shoulder, but then kept walking.

“Get it yourself. This is not a hotel, and I’m not a bellboy or any other kind of servant.” She stopped, crossed her arms and cocked an eyebrow at him.

“The polite thing to do is for you to take my luggage up to my room. You can’t very well expect me to carry it myself.” He stopped and turned around to look at her.

“Yes, maybe it would be. But whenever you live here, this house becomes partly your home too, and here we do things ourselves. You know that.” He then smirked at her. “And if you don’t feel like carrying your luggage up the stairs, you should’ve arrived to LA on your broomstick. That way you could’ve just flown upstairs with your luggage.” She smirked back.

“How could I do that, when you still haven’t returned it.” Irina shook her head at them laughing.

“You two are behaving like such children.” Jack pointed at Katya.

“She started it.” Katya stuck her tongue out at Jack, and all three of them laughed.

“Fine if you won’t get my luggage, I’ll get Sergei to do it.” Irina shook her head.

“No Katya. You’re getting the luggage yourself.”

“Irina, did you ever think that maybe Sergei wants to help me with my luggage?” Irina shook her head laughing, and walked towards the front door.

“I know for a fact that he wouldn’t. Just grab the luggage yourself. It’s not that hard.” Jack still looked at Katya and shot her another smirk.

“I hope you packed light.” He then walked towards the house laughing, and saw that Irina was still shaking her head. Katya laughed too shaking her head and got the luggage herself.

“We’re home.” Irina called out to the triplets and Sergei when she walked in.

“In the living room.” Irina walked into the living room with Jack following closely behind. They both went around and gave the triplets a kiss.

“Did you have a nice day at school?” The triplets all nodded.

“Yes, daddy.” Maddie gave Jack a kiss in return.

“And did you do your homework?” Caitie smiled broadly at her mother.

“Of course mommy.” Irina smiled warmly at Caitie.

“I thought so. You can show daddy and me later.” Ethan looked at his parents.

“Where’s aunt Katya?” Just then Katya walked in.

“Right here. Your father didn’t want to help me with my luggage.” Jack rolled his eyes.

“But you’re perfectly capable of taking care of yourself, aunt Katya. And women are just as capable as men in doing most things, so daddy shouldn’t have to help you with your luggage. I thought you had your pride?” Katya gaped at Maddie, while everyone laughed. Jack clasped his hands together and kissed Maddie’s head.

“That’s my girl.” Katya crossed her arms and cocked an eyebrow.

“What about every time your father holds out the car door for your mother, holds out the chair for her, and helps her with other things? Shouldn’t she do that all by herself?” Ethan smiled.

“Daddy does all that because he’s in love with mommy. He’s being romantic.” Jack smiled warmly at his son.

“And that’s my boy.” Katya rolled her eyes and then looked at Caitie.

“What about you? Do you have something to add?” Caitie smiled.

“No, but I agree with everything my sister and brother said.” Everyone laughed.

“And that’s my girl too.” Jack smiled warmly at Caitie too. Katya smiled at the triplets.

“Well, are the three of you going to give me a hug or not?” The triplets got up off their seats and went to Katya to hug her. Sergei went up from his seat too and went to hug his cousin.

“Hi Katya. Good to see you again.” She smiled back at Sergei.

“You too, Sergei.”

They all had a pleasant evening together and Katya talked about her travels through Europe. She’d brought the triplets some presents, which they spent a lot of time looking at. Later in the evening after the triplets were in bed, Jack was in the kitchen when Katya walked in.

“Jack do you have a garbage bag?” He looked at her curiously.

“Yeah, why?”

“No reason. I just need one.” Jack nodded and went to get her one. “Thank you.”

“If you need to take out some trash, just say the word. I’d be more than happy to throw you out with the garbage.” He smirked and her she smirked back.

“You wouldn’t be strong enough to carry me.”

“Now couldn’t that also mean that you’ve gained weight rather than it being an attack on my strength?” Jack laughed, while Katya looked at him sternly.

“I’ll have you know that I’m in the best shape of my life. I have not gained weight.”

“Maybe because of your old age, you’re retaining more water in your body.”

“I’m not old or retaining water in my body.” Jack shook his head laughing.

“Whatever Katya.”

“I’m not.” He laughed more.

“You just keep telling yourself that. I’m going to bed. Goodnight.” He walked out of the kitchen and headed upstairs. A few seconds later Irina walked into the kitchen.

“I’m going to bed. Goodnight Katya.”

“Yes, goodnight.” Irina looked at Katya a little more closely and then looked at her amused.

“Did Jack say something that annoyed you?” Katya looked at Irina and Irina could tell that Jack had. She started to laugh.

“It’s not funny. He called me an old, wrinkled, big, fat whale.” Irina laughed harder at that.

“Now you’re exaggerating.”

“Hardly.” Irina walked over to Katya, gave her a hug and a kiss on the cheek.

“Good to have you here again.” They smiled at each other. “And if you can dish it out, you should be able to take it.”

“Typical of you to side with your husband.”

“I know.” She gave Katya another kiss on the cheek and started leaving. She waved her hand in the air. “Goodnight Shamu.” She could hear that Katya gaped and she laughed at that.

The next day Kendall had waited at the entrance at APO for Jack, Irina, and Katya. He knew they’d be arriving at the same time, and thought that he might as well be there to sign Katya in when they arrived. Jack and Irina had smiled at him and greeted him. He’d shown them the same kindness and had also been friendly towards Katya. She on the other hand had not said a word to Kendall, or given him the time of day.

A little while later Katya walked over to Kendall. She had a present for him. “Here.” He looked at her curiously.

“What’s this?” She rolled her eyes at him.

“For someone in intelligence, you really aren’t that intelligent at all. They should have you clean the toilets in this place, and not have you be, an assistant director.” He looked at her annoyed. “It’s a garbage bag.”

“I can see that perfectly well. What am I supposed to do with it?”

“Put it over your big ugly head, so that I don’t have to look at it.” Kendall gaped at her for a second before he put the bag back in her hand.

“Stop acting like a child and get back to work.” She looked at him in mock compassion.

“Did I hurt your feelings? Are you about to cry?” He groaned.

“Stop it and get back to work.” He left pissed off at her. Katya laughed to herself.

Katya had stayed for a few days working at APO. She’d been able to annoy Kendall plenty every day. Everyone had enjoyed seeing Kendall so pissed off with Katya, and Vaughn and Eric had also teased Kendall a little, which didn’t make things better for Kendall. While Katya wasn’t at APO, she’d spent time with the family, who’d all enjoyed having her around. She was now heading for London to do some work.

The day after Katya left, Irina went into Jack’s office at APO. He was at the secret CIA operations facility with Dixon, and she was heading to headquarters to teach in a few minutes, so she just wanted to leave Jack a note. She’d often left him a note on his computer, whenever he was not in his office. The note would be hidden by the screensaver and Jack would see it the next time he’d use the computer, which he always did. She sometimes just left him a sweet little note, but other times she also left him notes that were for his eyes only. This was one of those notes that was, for his eyes only. She had started to write about how wonderful he’d been last night and how he’d made her feel, when all of a sudden she was interrupted.

“What do you think you’re doing?” Irina looked up and saw an angry Chase looking at her. “Back away from the computer. Now.” Irina held up her hands and pushed the chair back. “What are you doing on Director Bristow’s computer?”

“I was just leaving Jack a note.” Irina spoke calmly and kindly. But Chase was furious.

“You can do that with a pen and paper.”

“I could, but the note is for his eyes only.” Chase walked closer to the computer.

“Oh is it now? Well, let’s just see about that, and if you’re in fact even writing a note to Director Bristow.” Irina moved a little closer to the computer.

“I don’t think that’s such a good idea.”

“I said back away from the computer.” Irina held her hands up again, and pushed the chair back again. Chase started to read the note. Her eyes grew wide and her jaw dropped. She only read a little bit of the note and then turned her head away, looking even more angrily at Irina. “This is a place of business and this is a government computer. It’s not your own personal diary.”

“I know. As I was saying, I just wanted to leave a note for Jack, which was for his eyes only. That’s why I’m writing it on the computer.”

“You have no business being on his computer.”

“What’s going on here?” Irina and Chase looked and saw that Kendall had just stepped into Jack’s office, closing the door behind him.

“Agent Bristow, is using Director Bristow’s computer.” Kendall shrugged.

“So?” Chase looked at him angrily too.

“She shouldn’t be allowed anywhere near his computer.” Kendall glared at Chase.

“Irina has the same level of security that all the high level agents here have. Including Jack. She got that clearance a year after she joined the CIA. And she got that clearance, because the CIA knows, she can be trusted and she’s proven to be one of the greatest agents this company has ever had.”

“Not everyone is the CIA thinks so.”

“No, clearly not.” Kendall and Chase kept looking angrily at each other, while Irina watched quietly. “She works with Jack in his office all the time, and he hasn’t got anything on his computer that she’s not allowed to see. She has free access to everything, so if she wanted to do something corrupt, she could do it from her own computer. It’s about time you realize that she’s one of the good guys. I thought that you’d be smarter, and have realized this years ago. But apparently you’re not that smart.” Chase gaped a little at Kendall and then looked at him even colder.

“Do I need to remind you that you’re talking to a Director of the CIA?” Kendall shot right back at her, and was angrier than before.

“Do I need to remind you that I get along better with Devlin than you do? Do you really want to be reprimanded by him again?”

“Do not threaten me.”

“Do not harass one of my agents. And it’s not a threat.”

“You should have more control over your agents. She’s writing a personal note to Director Bristow on his computer and during work hours.” Kendall rolled his eyes at Chase.

“He’s her husband. It’s normal for spouses to leave notes for each other. With the line of work that we do and deal with on a daily basis, even if we’re just working here in the office, we need a sense of normalcy. And she’s entitled to a break. So leaving Jack a note is not interfering with her work. If you want to be hard on Irina for leaving a personal note for Jack, you should be hard on every married couple in this place, because they all leave notes for their spouses. Even Jack. And Jack, Marcus, and I have perfect control over our agents and of this place.” They kept looking angrily at each other, and none of them spoke for a while. “Was there something in particular you wanted?”

“I came here to drop off some work for you, Jack, and Marcus to look at.” She waved the folder she had in her hand a little.

“Then I suggest you give it to me, and then leave so that we can get back to work. Irina has to leave for headquarters to teach in a few minutes, and I doubt you want to interfere with her doing her job.” Chase stood looking at Kendall for a few seconds. She then turned to glare coldly at Irina, who looked at her apologetically. She looked back at Kendall and gave him the folder.

“Don’t think I’ll forget this conversation.” Kendall smirked a little at Chase.

“I certainly hope you don’t.” Chase left Jack’s office angrily and Kendall and Irina watched her leave APO. Kendall rubbed his head with his hand and shook his head. “I just had to deal with one nutcase for a few days. I didn’t think I’d have to deal with another nutcase so soon after.” Irina laughed. Kendall looked at her and laughed too. Irina smiled warmly at Kendall.

“Thank you for the laugh and for sticking up for me.” He returned the smile.

“Don’t mention it. I’m just so tired of the way Chase treats you. You’d think that after more than four years, she would’ve come around.” Irina nodded.

“Yeah, I’d certainly like that. But I doubt she ever will think of me any differently.” Irina smiled at Kendall a little sadly.

“Well, we can always hope that she’ll one day come to her senses.” They shared a smile. Kendall looked at his watch. “It’s nearly time for you to leave, so I’ll leave you to finish your note. See you tomorrow.”

“Bye Kendall.”

Two hours later Jack and Dixon returned to APO. Jack went to his office and sat down to work on his computer. He saw the note from Irina and started to read it. His face turned a little red as he read on.

“Quite a note, huh?” Jack looked up and saw Kendall standing with a grin on his face. He looked at him a little horrified.

“You read it?” Kendall laughed.

“No, of course not. I don’t want to know what you two write to each other. The color on your face gave you away.” Jack smiled a little embarrassed. Kendall looked out at the others and when he couldn’t see Dixon anywhere, he walked into Jack’s office closing the door behind him and took a seat. “But I also know about the note, because Chase stopped by when Irina was writing it to you.” Jack’s expression turned mad.

“I take it she gave Irina a hard time?” Kendall nodded.

“Yeah. She walked into your office as Irina was typing on your computer, and she was less than thrilled with Irina for using your computer. I think Chase read some of the note.” Jack stared a little wide eyed and then got madder.

“When is she going to stop thinking that Irina is up to something? Irina has done nothing but excellent work for the CIA since she joined. She’s helped prevent a lot of bad things from happening, and her teachings have proved to be life saving for agents. Chase has been at Sydney’s house for dinner a few times with Marcus, and I know that Isabelle and Sarah have talked about Irina, and how much they love her. She’s seen Irina on a few occasions with the triplets, her grandchildren, and Marshall and Carrie’s children. She should know by now that Irina is not up to anything.” Kendall nodded.

“If it helps, I didn’t let Chase off easily.” Kendall smiled and Jack smiled back at him.

“Thank you.”

“No need to thank me. Jack can I ask you a question?” Jack nodded.

“Yes, of course.”

“Why doesn’t Irina ever stand up for herself when it comes to Chase? I mean I know she doesn’t want to hurt Marcus. The rest of us don’t want to hurt Marcus either, but we still talk back to Chase if she harasses Irina. But we only do that if Marcus is not around. Irina doesn’t even talk back to Chase when Marcus is no where around. I’ve just been curious about this for years, and should probably have asked about this sooner or asked Irina.”

“Irina doesn’t talk back to Chase, because she feels that she deserves Chase’s hatred.” Kendall looked at Jack oddly.

“What? Why does Irina think she deserves Chase’s hatred?”

“Because of all the bad things she’s ever done. Even though she never killed all those agents, that she helped end Rambaldi, and have done nothing but excellent work since she joined the CIA, she still feels guilty for the crimes she’s committed.”

“That’s ridiculous. Irina’s been through hell in her past. Her time in Kashmir turned her into crime, and it was not her fault that she was sent to Kashmir.” Jack shivered a little by the sound of Kashmir. He and Irina never talked about it, but he still vividly remembered the night she talked about it in Russia. Like the rest of the team had been informed about what had gone on in Irina’s life, Kendall had likewise been told about what had happened with Irina and what had led her to her path of crime and Rambaldi. “She was also put through hell by her own sister. She’s suffered enough, and she shouldn’t have to suffer anymore. She shouldn’t feel guilty anymore or let Chase get to her. She’s been forgiven by everyone within the CIA. The ones who doubted her in the beginning, now completely trust her.”

“I completely agree, and it’s not that it’s something she really thinks about. But she has a wonderful life now. She has her family back and doesn’t have to live in hiding anymore. A part of her feels that she shouldn’t have all of this, because of all she’s done. She’s forgiven herself for all she’s done, but still she feels guilty too. Chase’s hatred is a reminder of what she’s done, which is why she never talks back to her, because she feels like she deserves it.”

“Then it would be even better if Chase treated her as nicely as everyone else does.” Jack nodded.

“Yeah, I think it would, and Irina wants that too. I mean, I still think she’d feel guilty. But as I said it’s not something she thinks about that much. Though, it would definitely be better if Chase treated her better. For all of us. But I do know that Irina appreciates everyone who stands up for her. It has definitely helped her feel more accepted for who she was and for who she is.” Kendall smiled.

“I’m glad.” Jack smiled back. “Chase actually also brought some work over for the two of us and Marcus to look at. So if you have the time, I can get the folder and Marcus and the three of us can go over it now?” Jack nodded.

“Yes, I have the time.” Kendall got up from the chair.

“Great. I’ll just go and get the folder and Marcus. You want me to bring you back a cup of coffee?”

“Yes, thank you.” Kendall nodded and left Jack’s office.

In another part of the world another man sat down across from another man. One of them was drinking a glass of red wine, while the other who’d just arrived ordered a double scotch. “Nice to see you again.” He took a sip of his wine.

“You too.”

“I trust you weren’t followed?” The scotch drinking man looked at the wine drinking man a little angrily.

“You know I wasn’t. It’s an insult for you to say that to me.” The wine drinking man gave a nod to the scotch drinking man.

“I apologize, but you can never be too careful.” The scotch drinking man’s drink arrived and they waited for the waitress to be far enough away before they started talking again. “I trust you’ve thought about my offer?”

“Of course. Otherwise I wouldn’t be here.”

“Does that mean you want to destroy Jack and Irina?”

“Absolutely. Nothing would give me greater pleasure. But we are equal partners in this. You don’t control me or call the shots.”

“I won’t.” He took a sip of his wine. “I suggest we send some of your men and some of my men to LA, so that we can get to know Jack and Irina’s routines. It’s going to take a long time to plan the perfect way to destroy them.” The scotch drinking man nodded.

“I agree. Everything has to be perfect in order for us to be successful.” He raised his glass. “To our partnership, and to bringing down Jack and Irina ones and for all.” The other man raised his glass too.

“That’s definitely something worth drinking to.”

Jan 16, 2006
Has to be sark and sloane. Thats the one thing I don't like about your story that sark/irina are enemies. Sark would be on irina's side anyday over sloane. Can you tell I'm a sark fan?lol Loved the update, chase again is on my last nerves. Katya is sooooooooo mean to Kendall, I loved it. :LOL:


Jun 11, 2007
Copenhagen, Denmark
Ohh nooo, not bad guys :o
Sloan is the wine-drinking, right? - but the other, hmm, could it be Cuvee???

You've gotta love Katya, she needs her kicks, and now when she is a law-abiding citizen ;) - the only way for her to get them seems to be by harassing Kendal :P

I love personal notes, they are so nice to get....Chase must not ever have gotten any, since she went off on a rant like that - she is just jealoux :whistle:

Thanks for the PM, I look forward to the next.
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