It's Called Love

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Summary:Takes place after Sydney goes to see Michael in Mexico City, Michael didn't get shot, Sydney is pregnant.
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"So did it go okay?" asked Sydney as her fiance Michael Vaughn hopped back into the car. "Yeah, were supposed to meet him at the Beach Cafe tomorrow morning at 10:00 to go over the rest of the mission." he answered back. "Another mission? I came to Mexico City to bring you back! We can't go rogue, Director Chase won't be happy!" yelled Sydney. "Come on Syd, it's just another mission, besides, if we want to get to Prophet Five we have to figure this out! Please." "Okay, but if this mission doesn't work out we're going back to Los Angeles bringing it to APO."
Back at the hotel, Michael and Sydney lay in bed, his hand gently placed over her stomach, along with hers overtop. They watched TV and talked about wedding plans, deciding that it would probably be better to have all their friends to celebrate together." What about Mathew?" Vaughn asked Sydney. "What?" she replied. "For the baby, if we have a boy, do you like Mathew?" Sydney thought for a moment and answered back, " Actually, I like Mathew, it sounds perfect." "Good, so for a boy, it will be Mathew." Vaughn was pleased with the answer he had recieved from Sydney. Just then they heard a knock at the door. "Did you call room service Sydney?"asked Vaughn."No, I didn't,I wonder who it is."
Okay, here it is, the second chapter. It's not very long but it's a start. I may not reply for a few days but it's not my fault, blame school!!

"Dad! What are you doing here?" Sydney asked as she opened the hotel room door. "I came to see if you had found Agent Vaughn, the CIA is very concerned with where he is, if they find out what he's been doing they will put him in jail. Without trial." Jack answered sternly, as to give Vaughn a warning before he came in. "Oh, well I found him, come in." Jack entered the room adn ahead stood Vaughn, looking, well, scared. Vaughn had always hated talking to Jack, and now, he had hurt his daughter and had been lying to everyone in the CIA about what he had been doing for most of the time he had worked there." Well, Agent Vaughn, you sure have proved yourself unworthy of marrying my daughter, and if she wasn't here now, I would arrest you myself!" Vaughn could tell that he was mad and this wouldn't go over very well. "If it wasn't for YOUR wife this wouldn't have ever happened, and for that I shouldn't be listening to a f***ing word your about to say!!" Vaughn yelled back. "Agent Vaughn! You have alot of nerve standing up to me, and now that I think of it I should arrest you!!" "Dad no! You can't arrest him, he hasn't done anything wrong!!" Sydney yelled, mad at her father for thinking such things. Jack immediatly tried to put the handcuffs on Vaughn, but Vaughn wasn't going down without a fight. There was punching and kicking and Sydney tried to break it up but they just wouldn't stop fighting. Finally Sydney had enough and brought up the nerve to yell something she should've said on the flight back." Dad you can't arrest him!! I'm pregnant!!" Jack held a punch and just stared at Vaughn for what seemed like an eternaty, finally, the silence was broken...
Sorry this took so long guys! School got in the way. So here it is, the third chapter. Enjoy!!!

Michael Vaughn woke up on a cold stone floor. He had a huge headache and couldn't remember anything after Jack bursting in the door at his hotel room. Well this certainly wasn't a hotel room. He studied his surroundings as well as he could in the ever dimming light. There wasn't much except for some lumpy thing in the corner.What was it anyways? He attempted to get up and walk over to it but found that his feet were bound. But he didn't need to go over because at that moment the lump groaned and turned over only to reveal that the lump in the corner was Jack Bristow. Great, just the person to be in jail with. Your Father-in-law to be. Jack opened his eyes and groaned again.
"Oh God,not you". Yepp, it was Jack.
"Why the hell did you poison me!!!"screamed Jack.Poison??Michael was confused. He couldn't even remember Jack saying anything after he opened the door how could he have poisoned him??
"And you got my daughter pregnant you freak of nature!!"
"Poison??"puzzled Michael
"Oh don't play games with me Vaughn. You know what you did. I bet you're getting alot of money for this."
"Pregnant?? Sydney never told you she was pregnant.."
At this point Michael was very confused."She screamed at me that she was pregnant...are you deaf or something?" said Jack."After you and I had that fight"
"Fight? Poison? Pregnant?" Michael questionned. At this point Jack had begun to realize that something was wrong. Someone was trying to get to him and he had a hunch at who it was. Someone had been listening to their conversation at the grate outside the door and this person had finally decided to show themselves.
"Hello Jack"