It's Just One Moment


Sep 8, 2003
Title: It's Just One Moment
Author: Jenn
Rating: PG/PG13
Summary: Takes place after "The Two" .... sorry i just HAD to get the angst out!!!!!!

I don't know yet if i'm going to continue this~ let me know!
Lyrics: Walk On- U2
Suggested Soundtrack: Walk On- U2

It's Just One Moment

It's just one moment.

One moment of letting go.

One moment of forgetting where you are... who you are... who you've lost.

All it takes is that one slip in composure, that tiny lapse of judgement... that one moment where you let yourself go.

And then you can't stop it, can't stop the torrent of remembering, the memories, the anguish... the disbelief in the words that you KNOW are not coming out of his mouth even as they are...

... you can hear the voice in your head break, the lyrics of a hundred different songs running through your head, each one talking about heartbreak in their melodious voices, reaching you, touching your soul even as you know that these singers don't know what they're singing about...

...that there is no possible way that anyone else has felt this pain that you feel now... this feeling that devours you, eat you alive until you begin to find solace in it.

Because it tells you that you can still feel.

And love
Is not the easy thing
The only baggage
That you can bring
Not the easy thing
The only baggage you can bring
Is all that you can't leave behind

And you begin to cry even though you've promise yourself that you wouldn't.

Promised that last time was the last time.

Told yourself that you couldn't bear to lay in the dark, clutching your pillow and wishing that it was another body, hiding under the blankets, hugging yourself in the desperate hope that you would wake up to someone else's arms around you...

But you can't.

You can't stop the hot liquid sorrow from sliding down your cheeks, can't stop the slight clenching of your jaw as you work to keep the sobs inside.

Feel your eyes flooding as memory after memory flood your system, fill your head.

"I got you a Christmas present."

Because despite everything that he hasn't done....

... there's so much more that he has.

"My guardian angel."

The laughter, the smiles, the love that still weighs heavy on your heart overshadows the hate and the anger and the utter hopelessness that encase you. Keeps your heart alive.

Even if you don't feel like you have one anymore.

"So I did it."

"Did what?"

"Booked the hotel."

You laugh, shock, surprise, doubt, joy coursing through your veins. "You did not."

"Yes I did. Three nights starting tonight."

Oh God. Three nights. He's a genius.

"You're a genius."

There it is... that dimpled grin that lights up his eyes and your very soul.

"Thank you."

He gave up.

"What it comes down to is faith."

He lied.

"Don't use that rational defense with me, Vaughn. You and I breathe madness every day of our lives. So don't use logic with me.

How am I?


Choking up.

"I'm ripped apart... not because i lost you... but... because... if it had been the other way around, I would have waited. I would have found out the truth."

Can't speak.

Throat closing.

Pain everywhere, covering everything.

"And that just shows me... what an absolute waste it would have been."

But he saved you.

He helped you.

He listened to you.

he was everything to you.

And now he's not.

And if the darkness is to keep us apart
And if the daylight feels like it's a long way off
And if your glass heart should crack
And for a second you turn back
Oh no, be strong

And so you sit there shaking on the floor of your new apartment.

You can smell the sickeningly fresh paint coming from the walls.

You can feel the prickly carpet under you.

And you can feel how utterly alone you are.

And you cry.

And know in your heart that nobody understands.

"You can come to me for anything."

Because the one person who would
"Are you romantically interested in anyone right now?
the one person who did
"Wife? What wife? I have no wife."
doesn't want to anymore.

"You got married."

"I did."

And it hurts like hell.


Sep 8, 2003
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:( so sad. I'm loving all your angst. it's actually really refreshing reading something so sad compared to all the fluffiness around this board ;) (not saying that the fluff is bad but... ya you get what i mean ;) )
--mandy :angelic:
Mar 11, 2003
That was really beautiful!
It was such a sad story :(
But I loved every bit of it! ;)
Can you please send me a pm when you continue this?I mean if you're planning on posting more that it! :)


Sep 8, 2003
thank you all so much :shamefullyembarrased:

it actually *is* a one parter but i'm glad you enjoyed it enough to be willing to read more :LOL:

mandy: there's too much fluff in this board??? :blink: lol, at the other board where i post (sd-1) it's just angst-ville! If you look at my fic-links (in my sig) nearly every single one is angsty... maybe i'll post a couple more here to balance things out ;)




Sep 8, 2003

thanks you guys,

it's nominated for the fanfiction contest (V) for best angst so if it makes it (crosses fingers) please vote :shamefullyembarrased:

:( i only posted one parters over here... sorry :(

i'll post a few more (more one parters) before i start to bring over my heavy duty fics :-D


Mar 12, 2003
That was good hetlthy does of angst! Cos you know what they say too much fluff makes your teeth rot..or something like that...good luck with the fanfic comp too!
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