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Sep 19, 2005
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hi yah...i thought i give you all an update...all your questions will be answered soon so bare with me :) :D

Chapter 7 “meet Mr Weiss”

re cap

he knew that he would find the one for him until today he thought it was his girlfriend but meeting Sydney changed everything in just one day, he could not imagine life without her smile, her warmness and her kindness but all he did know was that he was doomed

end recap

Sydney sat at the table waiting for Michael to come over with the coffee, she was so lost in thought about Will, Francy and how they would take it that she worked for the CIA but she thought it was for the best if she told them she got the job working at LAPD which she told them she had been training for

broken from her thoughts as her cell phone rang, she reached her hand in her pocket pulled her cell out it was her mother

“hi mum” she smiled

“hi” she sighed down the phone

“what's up” she asked

“I just miss you sweetheart that's all” hurt reflected in her voice

her eyes welled up but she refused to cry again today

“I miss you too, I swear I will come and see you soon”

“ok Syd I love you” Irina said with a sniffle

“love you too” she ran her hand through her hair

then she was cut off by “I’m sorry but you have no more calling time” she knew it wasn't her cell must have been her mother’s

she closed her cell and pushed it back into her pocket as she saw Vaughn approaching with a tray in his hands

“I’m sorry it took so long” he said with a some what angry look on his face, he sat down, putting the tray down to reveal cookies and their coffees

“it's ok” she beamed as she grabbed her coffee off the tray and took a long sip, she screwed her face up

“Hot!, Hot!, Hot!,” she shouted

“yes you are” Vaughn whispered

“what?” she asked then stuck out her tongue and began to wave her hand over it trying cool it down

“water, do you need some water?” he hoped she hadn’t heard him but she did

“no I’m ok now” she smiled and put her tongue back in her mouth

Vaughn took his cup of coffee off the tray along with the cookies and put the tray on the floor underneath the table

they sat in silence for a good few minutes until she couldn't take it no more

“so when do I start work?” she asked trying to get make conversation

“ you start tomorrow” he took a sip of his coffee as did Syd

“because your new you will do a lot of office work, then you will be back up on missions and then after time it will be just you and me in the field”

“ok looking forward to it”

a tall man entered the cafeteria he had black messy hair he looked like he like his cakes. He had a black suit on with a brown tie with brown shoes

he began to walk slowly towards Syd and Vaughn with a huge smile on his face

“hey man” he smiled as he approached them

“OMG they let you out” Vaughn got up and gave him a huge hug being careful of his left part of his back

“why didn't you call me” as he let go of the man and gestured that he sit down next to him

“well I wanted to surprise you” he then looked over to find Sydney smiling like fool

“and who is this?” he said as he sat down slowly next to Vaughn holding his back

“Sydney Bristow this Eric Weiss, Eric Weiss, Sydney Bristow”

“nice to meet you” Weiss extended his arm to shake her hand, Weiss screwed up his face as he lent forward

“you to” she beamed and she moved her hand and placed it back on her cup of coffee, she knew something was up he looked like he was in pain when he moved

“so what going on here?” Weiss asked

“nothing we were just going over Syd's first day tomorrow” he informed him

“so are you two like partners?” Weiss asked

“yeah we are” Syd blurted

“man it's so good to see you” Vaughn smiled

“where have you been?” Syd asked unsure of who Weiss was or where he had been

“I was in hospital for 2 months” he explained

Syd face fell and the pity showed in their eyes

''I got shot in the back” he smiled like it was no big deal

“ohhhh I’m sorry”

''don't be I’m ok now” Weiss smiled which made her feel better for bringing it up

“moving on, so they have got you working already?” Vaughn asked as he finished the last of his coffee

''no they just wanted me to come in and give a statement about what happened” he looked over at Sydney

“I got shoot on a mission with Vaughn” he informed

“ok” she could tell Eric and Michael were close by the way they talked to each other, like best friends

“so when do you start?” Syd asked trying to befriend Weiss

“six days, after I have my stitches taken out”

Vaughn shuddered because he had been shot before he knew what it felt like, the worst of Syd pain was breaking her leg

“Vaughn is there anything else I need to do before I go home?” she asked as

she finished the last bit of her coffee, she reached down on the table to pick up a cookie to find them gone somehow while they were talking

she looked up and saw Weiss shoving the last one into his mouth

“no just make sure you get in about 9am” he smiled

“ok I will do” she stood up shook Weiss’ hand again and also Vaughn's, she turned and walked to the door which she had entered in, Vaughn couldn't help but watch her leave

Vaughn turned his head to find Weiss smiling at him

“what?” Vaughn asked

“you know what” Weiss gave his a playfully push, Weiss knew Vaughn better then he knew himself

“I don't know what your talking about” Vaughn said trying to keep a straight face, but Weiss just looked at him, Vaughn looked down to his hands and then back up to Eric and smiled shyly

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Apr 6, 2003
“Hot!, Hot!, Hot!,” she shouted

“yes you are” Vaughn whispered

“what?” she asked then stuck out her tongue and began to wave her hand over it trying cool it down

“water, do you need some water?” he hoped she hadn’t heard him but she did

“I don't know what your talking about” Vaughn said trying to keep a straight face, but Weiss just looked at him, Vaughn looked down to his hands and then back up to Eric and smiled shyly
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Sep 19, 2005
cold old england
hi yah all :):) im so sorry for taking so long to update......but in updating now and hopefully soon!!! :) :)

ok if you are and s/v shipper you are going to hate me. :) but i don't care hehehe ok i do care lol let me know what you think (y)

Chapter 8 “life at home”

re cap

“I don't know what your talking about” Vaughn said trying to keep a straight
face, but Weiss just looked at him, Vaughn looked down to his hands and then
back up to Eric and smiled shyly

end recap

As Syd left the cafeteria she couldn't help but smile, she could feel Vaughn
watching her leave, by the way he made her feel, she knew this would not go
away, or would it? .

As Syd came to the car park she pulled her keys out of her pocket and placed
them in her car door, she started the engine and began to drive home

she couldn't help but think about her life,why do the people I love leave

why is my dad away a lot?

i wonder why mum didn't want me to got Russia with her?

Why is there a missing part in my sister's file?

Syd finally arrived home, she couldn't wait to have a shower and chill out
with her friends

Syd opened her front door to find Francey cooking in the kitchen

“hey” Syd smiled as she put her keys on the table next to the door

“hi yah” Fracey said as she rushed over to give her a hug

Fran let go of her and looked straight at her face

“have you been crying?” she asked looking very worried

“yeah” she said as she took her jacket off

“why?” Fran was now really concerned because she knew Syd never cried unless
it was big

Syd moved over to sit on the couch as did Fran

“I got the job” she smiled trying to change the subject

“ohhh congrats” Fran said as she grabbed Syd's hand and squeezed it with joy

“yeah after all the training, I finally got it” Syd beamed

“I'm really happy for you” Fran's smile turned into a concerned frown

“you still haven't answered my question”

“yeah” Syd said as she looked on top of the TV set to see a photo of her
and her sister dressed up in fake police uniforms, holding fake guns with
chocolate all over their faces which made Syd smile for a brief second

a tear escaped from Syd's eyes

“I had like a test, and they found something wrong” Syd explained in the best
way she could without reveling too much

“what do you mean something wrong?” Fran stressed moving closer to Syd

“it's hard to explain, but anyway they sent me to see a shrink” Syd smiled
at the thought, Fran smiled too

“I was telling her about Nadia”

“ohhh ok, I'm sorry Syd” Fran reached over and gave her a heart filled hug

“it's ok, I think it was a good thing to talk to someone” she said as she let
go of Fran

“you can talk to me Syd, I knew her too”

“I know I can” Syd looked over to the window ledge to find another picture
of just her sister this time, the last picture taken of her before she died

depression filled the air as Fran looked over too.

“I miss her much. she was my little sister, I was suppose to look
after her” Syd said as she looked around to face Fran to find the same hurt
in her eyes

“Syd there was nothing you could have done, even if there was, you were just a
kid yourself ” Fran said as she tried to reassure her

suddenly the front door swung open, which made Syd and Fran jump

“hey whats going on?” Will asked as he saw the two girls with their hands
over their chests

“nothing you just scared us” Fran said as she got up and went to check on

“sorry” he looked at Syd

“it's ok” Syd smiled as she got up and moved closer to him

“so what you so happy about?” Syd asked

“I'm not happy” he smiled

“yeah you are your face is red and you have a huge grin on your face” Syd
smiled smugly as she poked him in the side

“ok, ok I have a date” he informed

Syd face fell as if she had just heard the worst news in her life

“ have a date?” she stuttered

“yeah” Will noticed Syd's face fall which made him look away from her

“nice going......and heres me thinking that you where gay” Fran shouted from
the kitchen

which made them all laugh, Syd snapped out of the day dream she was having

“I'm really happy for you Will” she gave him a small hug

“thanks Syd, means a lot” he said as he patted her on the back and forced
himself to break the embrace after he let go he shed his jacket

she hated the fact that her friend had a date, she didn't
know why but it made her jealous, not the fact that she didn't had a date but
because it was Will, her Will, and this Jenny chick couldn't have him

“dinners ready” Francey yelled and emerged from the kitchen and placed 2
plates on the table

Will, Francy and Syd sat down at the table and began to eat the meal Fran had
cooked, by the time they had finished it was late, they all said their good
nights and Syd went to bed

About 20 minutes later Syd was reading a book in bed when there was a light tap on her door
that made her look up

“come in” she answered

the door opened and Will stepped into her room and closed the door

“hey, whats up?” she asked closing the book and sitting up more

he walked over towards the bed and sat down at the bottom of her feet

“I just wanted to thank you, for letting me stay here” he smiled

she sat up full so she was facing him and took his hand

“it's ok, your welcome” she beamed

“after Lisa died I never thought I would get back on track, with my drinking
and anger, after a year at the hospital, I had time to think” Will's sad
expression turned into a smile with that he turned round to look Syd in the face

“I have been living here for a month now, I have job, I have my life back”

he rubbed his hands together as if what he said next would make him enjoy the
reaction from Syd

“and I also have a date with a beautiful woman” he said as his face turned
bright red

“yeah about that, she's far to young for you” she blurted

“she's about 2 years younger than me” he laughed

“well I just think she's not good enough for you” she turned her head breaking
their gaze

“anyway I'm taking anything I can get, I need to move on Syd” he stated

“ok, so I haven't had much time to talk to you with the training and all” she
sighed and looked back at him

“I can't ask you in front of Fran because she doesn't know, but what was it
like in that hospital?”

“I don't know I was ill for the first week, you know getting the alcohol out
of my system was the hardest”

“well you got through it, and we have the old Will back” she said pointing to
a picture of her, Will and Francey on her night stand which was next to the
dimly lit lamp(the only source of light in the room)

“I had a lot of time to think in there, marrying Lisa would have been wrong”

“why?” she asked in shock he seemed to really love her

“because I...I I never loved her with my whole heart” he stressed and looked
down to his hands which were on his lap, he moved a little closer to Syd

“why not?”

“the day you picked me up from the hospital” he was now rubbing his hands

“the first time I saw you in a year”

“ Will, if we were allowed to visit we would have.....” she explained but he
cut her off

“shut up Syd” he whispered with a deep breath

“ok” she knew what he wanted to say but was she ready to hear it yet? she
didn't know. normally she would make up something to get out the room but
this time she stayed, she wanted to see what would happen.

“when I saw you by the car with that cute little smile you only show to
me, it hit me, you are the reason I live, you are the reason I wake up every
day, you are the one I think about all the time” he turned to face Syd his
eyes were full of tears but he never let them fall

she went to answer him but he held his hand up as if to say he had not
finished, her hands were shaking she thought that her heart would explode
if he carried on .this feeling scared her more than anything

“like I said marrying Lisa would have been wrong, because my heart was gone
a long time before I met her” he took his hands and placed them on her face
which made the tears that he had been gathering up fall

“I.....I........” she stuttered but before she could get the words out Will's lips came crashing down on hers, the shock of it all made her jump but after a split second of worrying what this would do to their friendship she began kissing him back

her hands moved around his neck and she pulled him backwards so she was now lying down, he was now literally on top of her, his hand's moved from her face and began to drifted up her top. She very quickly pulled his jumper over his head.....he pulled away, while she did this

“I love you Syd” he said breathlessly

“I love you too” on saying that she pulled him back down on top of her, there was no way Will was leaving her room tonight.

Fran was in the kitchen getting a drink, she was half a sleep, she looked over
at Syd's door when she was walking back to her room, there was a little
light from underneath she sighed as the light went off

“working late again” she whispered to herself and closed her bedroom door

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