I've been living in a science fiction for 10 years


...well, ever since virtual reality was invented.
I am a 3D-VR artist who creates and shows his SF CGI 3D worlds and characters just for fun.
In other words, here's always a free 3D CGI immersive virtual reality ride for anyone who wants one.
I tend to enjoy my own custom work more than Second Life-- tell me what you think!

It's at x-robotica.ca
My YouTube channel is CJMcKinlay
A friendly review of my sf life's work is at X3D

;) X-Robot

PS. MSIE compatible.

No booze, no chicks, and no dopes in here!

as it should be.

anyways, computers dont handle booze too well and there is way too many chicks on there its just if they are real is the question and dope is for dopes and leaves a nasty film on screen.