I've Dug some out!


An Old Friend


An Old Friend
Finished "A Matter for Men" Started "A day for Damnation"

David Gerrold's "The War Against The Chtorr-Invasion"

Watched AvP yesterday---Awesome! Left room for a sequal as usual.


Creative Writer
passed a charity shop yesterday having a sale on all books at £0.50 sterling. miraculously someone had dropped off a dozen scifi books that the staff had put on the shelves, i sorted out 8 that i hadn't read or didn't like the sound of and think i have enough to read for the next week or two for just over half the cost of a single paperback retail here! (£7 now!)


An Old Friend
I dug some more out...

Enchanted Forest Chronicles-Patricia C. Wrede (4 in 1)

  • Dealing With Dragons
  • Searching For Dragons
  • Calling On Dragons
  • Talking To Dragons
The DragonRiders of Pern- Anne McCaffrey (3 in 1)

  • DragonFlight
  • DragonQuest
  • The White Dragon
Season Of The SpellSong- Alan Dean Foster (3 in 1)

  • SpellSinger
  • The Hour Of The Gate
  • The Day Of The Dissonance
The Pit Dragon Trilogy- Jane Yolen (3 in 1)

  • Dragon's Blood
  • Heart's Blood
  • A Sending Of Dragons
The New Hugo Winners Volume 2- Presented by Isaac Asimov
The Sword Of Bedwyr- R.A. Salvatore (The Crimson Shadow Series)
The Dragon And The Fair Maid Of Kent- Gordon R. Dickson
Winter's Heart- Robert Jordan (Wheel of Time Series)
Dragons Of Autumn Twilight- Margaret Weis & Tracy Hickman (DragonLance Chronicles)

There's more up there still...

is it just me or is robert jordan getting to be a bit long winded with his books? I stopped buying his books- but only until he finishes the wheel of time books. I started this series back in7th grade and i graduated in 97' and i'm still waiting to read the whole series from start to finish.:puzzled: