I've gone to New York!

This is just to say goodbye to you all because i'm going to New York in 5 hours!!! i'll be away from a computer for 2 weeks and i'll miss you all sooo much. I don't know what i'm gunna do without AA!!!
so yeah.. if anyone wants to, please email me or pm me or wateva... or post here! ;) (yeap i want a full thread by the time i'm back :P )

i miss you all loads and i'll think of you when i'm not here.

xxx helen xxx


:hug: :hug:
i know i just bye to you on msn sweetie but just so you know... i will miss you. and so will hannah. and send me a post card!!! (pwease? :angelic: ) i'll send you one! :smiley:

have a nice time hun.
:love: you!
heyyyyyyyy im back even tho i didnt actually say so urmmmmm 2 days ago wen i got in at 6 30 am........ actually 3 days ago now.
it was gooooooood i went new york then near boston. boiiiiiiiiiiiling hot. im glad i was missed by 10 ppl hehe... STEPHHHHHHHHH hehe. urmm yarrrrrrrrr OMG if u go to new york go to Macys... shop :: HUAGe . A BLOCK and likeeeeeeeee 11 stories or wateva but yar. heh and i saw the christmas advert get filmed... uhuh MY CLAME TO FAME OR NOT. well im off to Reading urmmmmmmmmm thursday after exam results to ciao agen. xx helen xx
Hey Helen, How are you? So New Yorks fantastic right? I loved it when I went earlier. Its a mad place. And I know what you mean about Macys, its huge and great. I think I spent near enough $600 in there. Let me know what happened? And I don't know if you know but Im off to New York in 6 days too for 4 months :woot:

Chat to you soon.



Bleeeerg...the good shopping isn't at Macy's. Depending on what you're looking for there are definitely better places to go. Though Herald Square is not a bad bet to get started if you're interested in Macy's, it's more convenient that getting bombarded with the downtown bustle…there’s a pretty good selection of stores there. Oh ignore me, I'm just a huge advocate of downtown.