Collectibles I've got some Dilithium Crystals

Scifi Sunday

Tony - Scifi Sunday
They look a bit like some bath salts thrown in a tube
But they have a COA from Chris Doohan
So they probably are a load of bath salts?
cool though?



Code Monkey
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Cool, and with the COA from Doohan it is likely something I would have picked up also for my collection as a novelty item.

Have you tried powering any warp drives with them yet? :P

Starbeast from Planet X

Benevolent Galaxy Being
"They taste like burning".

Just kidding. I always laugh at early movies or TV shows when they show people taste testing something unknown. Eek, no thanks.

Heres an example of a homemade Dilithium container. Looks like the person used it as a tree ornament.