:cool: In ADT, Jack says, "Of course, Kendall would have me court-martialed for this."

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I'm not sure...while it seems that he should be...and Vaughan and Syd should both be under suspicion for their apparent disloyalty to the CIA (and, oh yeah...probably Weiss too), the CIA doesn't have the time or resources to let 4 of their (arguably I suppose) best agents moulder in jail while Irina, Sloane, Sark and Freplica walk free. Maybe kendall has a heart/human side after all!
I'm doubting that they'll court-martial him, but he could be put under some serious investigation that would hinder him from being any major help to any mission.
:cool: He could also not show up. He could (1) GO after Irina, Sloane and Sark or (2) he could wait for Irina to signal that all was going well and their plan was working. :Ph34r:

Of course we all know...nothing is as it seems. ;)
Darn writers. :rolleyes:
Well, he must be let out long enough to be involved some way because they showed him with a headset on in the promo.
Ah but we know the promos are "nothing is as it seems."
So perhaps the headset means he's the back up for Sydney? OR
He's in contact with the CIA immediately after Irina disappears, telling them he's going after her?
Theories abound!
I'm just saying that it's hard for him to be in custody and on the job in some capacity simultaneously. Although he could be in trouble.
Maybe he didn't really remove the tracker? (Okay stupid) Like in Buffy when the doctor guy was removing the chip from Spike's brain and it was just a penny (season 5 Buffy).
:rolleyes: Now fans did we forget the last time he was betrayed. He spent six months in prison! Gee whiz, and this time supposedly he let her GO on her own, taking out the tracker! I think they might be a little put out by that! If he's still on the job, he's on it with Sydney and Vaughn OR the writers did it again, fooled us all with the darn promo. :angry:
Yes, we did forget the last time he was betrayed. When was that? I'm guessing the writers fooled us again...But still, if he was talking on the headset, then he wouldn't be in that much trouble. WAIT!! I didn't see the promos, so I don't know what the background looks like, but what if Jack was talking on the headphones right after the CIA found out Irina took off with the book (so before he got back and was punished)? Did it look like he was still in the van or something?
I think he'll just get a slap on the wrist. A "That was stupid" from Kendall, some "What were you thinking?" from Vaughn, and some restrictions
I don't think he'll get that from Vaughn because I think Vaughn is pretty much afraid of him.... :confused: Just my impression. I'm pretty much thinking the same thing with Kendall, nothing to severe.
either he isn't going to get in trouble cause irina is good, or she is caught
or they are too caught up in getting sloane that they won't have time to punish jack...
She's the anti-heroine in this family spy drama; she's got too much baggage from the past to be totally good. Did you see the way she took care of three men in less than 5 seconds! Wow. SHe's good and dangerous!!
That's why I love her!! You wouldn't think she was so dangerous but, wait!! 5 seconds later, 3 dead guys!! Watch out!! Such a mysterious and comlicated character, Lena plays her so well.
lenafan said:
(2 he could wait for Irina to signal that all was going well and their plan was working. :Ph34r:
I like that Idea that him and Irina are working together that would be so kool I would love to see them working as a team