Japanese Movie Theater Using PS3 To Play Movie [Japan]


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Japanese Movie Theater Using PS3 To Play Movie [Japan]

Kotaku said:

There have been reports from Sendai, Japan that a theater showing horror anime Kara no Kyoukai - The Garden of Sinners has been using a PS3 to project the film.

In the theater, folks claim to have seen things like messages to charge the USB controller pop up on the screen.

According to one site, the Blu-ray version of the film is being screened, but Wired Vision confirmed this with the film's distributor and Sony subsidiary Aniplex that a data file of the movie is running off of a PS3. The film is in full HD, and there is apparently no noticeable difference between it playing from the PS3's hard drive and a digital projector hard drive.

This theater in Sendai is not alone in using the PS3's hard drive for this flick - though, many on the Japanese internet seem to think this is rather cheap on the part of the cinemas. But a hard drive is a hard drive. It's the quality of the digital projector that folks should be more concerned about.

Kara no Kyoukai ("Boundary of Emptiness") follows Mikiya as a series of strange, violent deaths begin occurring in his town.

劇場版「空の境界」は本当にPS3を使って上映していたようです [はちま起稿]


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Is the PS3 capable of 1080p output? For some smaller theaters using cheaper digital setups, the PS3 with Blu-ray might result in even better quality of showings.