Jen Garner at 2005 Golden Globe Awards

I saw Jen on the NBC red carpet show talking to Nancy O'Dell at 7:36 to 7:38 pm Eastern time.

She looked great, but I couldn't see too much of what she was wearing as she was shot from the bust to her head. Jen wasn't wearing pushup padding like she usually does. :(

It was great to see Jennifer present the Best Supporting Actress in a Televison Program and Best Supporting Actor in a Television Program with Mark Wahlberg. Her red gown looked great. :cool:

Update: Mariska Hargitay just beat Jennifer for Best actress in a Television Series - Drama. I'm so bummed out. :down:
But they showed that Jen was supportive for Mariska and they showed her three times during Mariska's speech.
Jennifer looked beautiful tonight at the Golden Globes. She always looks classy. It's too bad she didn't win this evening, but she has said the honor is in being nominated.
i'm bummed that she didn't win, but i gotta say that since someone had to win, i'm glad it was mariska hargitay. i personally LOVE SVU and i'm glad it got a little recognition.
I was bummed about Jen not winning to she deserved it but there's always next year.

She looked beautiful and yea she was sitting next to J.J.

Here's a pic for those who missed it :)

I thought for sure she would win, seeing as this was the same color red she wore when she won the frist time. But, alas, no victory. I'm really glad Mariska Hargitay won though, she seems really nice, and she's a great actress. Her acceptance speech was nice too.

Jen's hair looked great, but I don't really like that little thingy in the front, but I think that that is just me.
Like the dress, not sure about the hair!!

As much as she's probably had a sh%tty weekend re Elektra, I don't think this will affect her too much workwise. She paid her dues to Fox by making the movie in the first place and by the sounds of it she wasn't that keen to do it but had little choice because of the contract.

Now she can concentrate on shooting the rest of this season of Alias and then hopefully have a much more relaxing time shooting Catch & Release (would love to know more about that movie and who her co-stars will be). Hopefully C&R will do well and if Alias doesn't get a 5th season she can fit in other non-action movies. I'd like to see her going for the roles that Hilary Swank seems to get. More importantly take a well-earned vacation and get to do some of the traveling she's wanted to do for a long time.
I was so glad to see Jen present those awards (wasn't expecting it). She has so much class, especially when they kept panning to her during MH's speech. I know the HFP likes to spread the awards around, that's probably why Jen has never be a repeat winner, although she certainly deserves to be.

I wasn't even watching Alias when she won the first time, so it's too bad that we haven't been able to see her win and give the speech we've all have been waiting to hear.
Yeah, I don't think that they like to repeat winners very often, but she should win again soon. Yeah actually, E!Online gave the Jen the award for "Go ahead and give her an award" or something like that, basically saying she was all smiles throughout MH's speech, and that that was very classy.
she was sooooo pretty! i was mad she didn't win, but we did see a lot of her! (red carpet, presenting, and then during the award)

i heard someone talking about her dress and they said the "handkerchief thing in front" made it look like she was hiding something...but personally, i thought it was kinda cool!

i didn't really like that pin in her hair, though...not quite sure why...

axj said:
if Alias doesn't get a 5th season...

WHAT!? of COURSE it will don't talk like that!

rileylovesalias said:
  I loved the dress, I was yelling at the screen, but she arched her back? Did anyone else notice the arching? Or is it just me.

i did! sorta...i saw her getting interviewed and i thought i saw her hand on her back or something...i couldn't tell cuz it was off screen...